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  1. No there really arent that many who have made a good name for themselves here. From looking through forums here I've found one more in Adelaide who seems worth a shot so I've booked in with him to see what he suggests.. will just have to see what happens! What are you going to do, have you spoken to your surgeon about it?
  2. Oh no Nadine, it's horrible isnt it. He is doing it free of charge.. I have to pay for the anesthetist but other than that he said I have to pay some hospital fees upfront but that I will get that back with Medicare. I'm reading through so many BA stories at the moment that I'm wishing I could afford to just fly to Sydney and get Dr Miroshnik onto this!
  3. Hi ladies, I've been a member for awhile but I am more of a reader than a sharer, however I am reaching out as I really, really need advice. I had my surgery about 18months ago now and I'm really unhappy with how my boobs have ended up. I have booked in to have a revision with my surgeon, and I am also going to have a consult with another surgeon or two to get more opinions. My right breast is sitting 1cm uncomfortably lower than my left, and my left one sits out 1cm. Sorry I know pics would make a lot more sense but I'm really self conscious about them In my revision my surgeon says he is going to bring my left breast in 1cm and my right breast up 1cm. My right breast dropped first and it has always sat lower, I hoped that my left one would catch up with massage and pushing it down but it never did. My main concern is the right one, and my scars under the breast are quite uneven which makes me think that moving my right breast up 1cm will definitely make my boobs more even and get my confidence back. I cant go bra-free cause you can clearly see one boob sits lower My surgeon tried to talk me out of the surgery several times. He says I should be happy with how they look which absolutely baffled me as in his photos you can definitely see what I'm talking about, and he says he cant promise that the right one wont just drop back to where it is now. My question to you all is - did you wear a post-op garment to hold your boobs in place and if so or if not, what are your thoughts on them? My surgeon did not offer one to me, he doesn't believe in them so I am really worried that this is why I've ended up this way. My right side is my dominant side and I have read that this can result in that side dropping more but 1cm is a huge difference when its your boobs! Please share your thoughts.. happy to upload pics if that helps?
  4. Hi ladies, I really need advice. I had my first BA just over 12 months ago. One was quick to drop and the other was stiff and sitting higher. To this day, that is still the case. I had check ups with my surgeon every 3 months and it did improve little by little by each appointment. He was happy with the results and did say that there could be a minor sign of CC in one..I am worried that I definately do still have CC, and I'm really unhappy with the difference in where they are sitting. If i put a finger underneath each breast there is a fingers difference in where they sit which is visible if I wear a top with no bra. Has anyone else had this problem and had a revision? If so I really would appreciate hearing your story and whether a revision fixed it. I know CC is unpredictable but I am tossing up as to whether I should be grateful for how they are and not risk a revision incase the outcome is worse.... or if it is worthwhile getting a revision done for a potentially better outcome. I am concerned about the cost as my original BA was just over 10k so I am even contemplating going overseas for a revision.. Thanks in advance for your help and support
  5. missblonde


    Hi Ladies.. its been awhile since I've posted anything.. i'm about 7 months post op now and have been having 3 monthly check ups with my surgeon as one of my boobs was taking awhile to settle in. It's much better now however its always been firmed than the other one. The other one is completely soft but this one is hard and I can feel the implant underneath and in my arm pit whereas I cant feel this on the other side. My last visit, my surgeon said that I had some minor CC however it would go away within a year.. but I have pain in this breast every now and then.. and i'm not really seeing any softening so i'm getting worried. Are there any ladies that have had CC and either had it go away on its own or had to go in for revisions please share their experiences with me? xx
  6. Thanks heaps for that, I'll definitely look into it!!
  7. Hi ladies, Just wondering if anyone would know if it is safe to continue with IPL treatments after having a breast aug? I usually get my underarms lasered and have already had two treatments since the surgery and it only just occured to me! I have a couple noticeable (to me anyway) hairs around my nipples aswell that i wanted to get laser treatment on and asked my doctor if it would be okay to get this done but they have no clue. Just wondering if any of you ladies have looked into this at all?
  8. Oh god I am soooo over it.. just want them to be the same! Really hope both of ours sort themselves out!!
  9. Thanks Georgia that makes me feel better! Mine are textured. I'll definitely start doing that then. Its so annoying, I feel like its pretty noticeable so I have to be wary of what tops I wear out.. sucks!
  10. Hey ladies, just need some advice.. I'm currently 7 weeks post op and I'm still having trouble with one boob not catching up with the other.. my right one seems to have dropped and fluffed and I'm really happy with it! But my left one is tight and hasnt dropped which makes it look smaller compared to the other .. this to me is quite noticeable both nude and in some clothes! I saw my surgeon about it today and he did say it can fix itself in time, but if it doesnt then surgery will be my only option.. however I know it sometimes takes months for them to even up.. I just want to know if anyone else has had the same issue and if they did anything that helped? Would pushing it down and massaging it help it to drop and fluff? Or do I just need to let it happen itself?
  11. Yeah just that one does it.. I have been taking my temperature because I scared myself into thinking I had an infection not long ago but all is well there. Ohh okay, nah i can't feel any fluid at all.. phew! Youve put my mind at ease, thanks so much! xx
  12. I'm not sure if its carrying fluid but sometimes it does feel a little hotter and my skin goes a bit pink
  13. Thats very true.. hadnt thought of it that way - thanks for that!! I had a check up at 2 weeks and let him know and he said it was fine.. he's on holidays for 4 weeks now so my next check up is mid September I will definitely wear my support bra now though! Yeah post surgery my left boob had slightly more tissue than the other but I feel like this is more than that.. I dunno, hopefully it sorts itself out soon! Ohhh I had no idea what fluffing meant, that makes sense! Cant freaking wait til they fluff and drop now yay! xx
  14. If you want to tone up then every meal should have some protein, some healthy carbs and some fruit/veggies. So if you dont eat anything that has protein in it naturally for brekky, I'd incorporate protein powder there somehow. Then for lunch and dinner it'd be kinda weird to have protein powder involved so I use it in my snacks eg, mixing it with greek yogurt and cut up fruit, or using it in muffin/pancake/brownie mix. There is no better time of day to have it. Basically use it where you lack natural protein sources in your meals. However, apparently for best results you should have it as a shake with water asap after doing weights too, but I've never done that and still have achieved great results. Although it also depends what type of protein you get, I dont wanna confuse you but there are a few types - Whey protein, Casein and blends which are a blend of whey and casein. Whey is the more common one which you should have during the day as it is quickly released to your muscles etc whereas casein you should have at night as it is a slow release protein powder. Casein is made with dairy properties so I find that one is used better in baking, whey protein makes anything you bake fairly dry. Hope that hasnt confused you and answers your question!
  15. I have the gold standard whey in choc mint and it tastes amazing! If youre worried about taste, maybe buy from bestpricednutrition.com - its an american website, they dont have every single brand of protein powder but they have most and its soooo much cheaper. Like gold standard whey and myofusion are about $35 (havent found any sites that will do it less than $60 that are australia based), shipping for one is like $5 to Australia.. it does take about 2-3 weeks but its a safe/cheap option if youre trying a flavour that youre not sure about I get almost everything from that site cause its so cheap!
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