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  1. heya Anyone been through cocoon medical spa in Bali? Their prices for botox, fillers and fat blasting procedures are bit cheaper but not too much. Emails and website looks very professional. Cheers
  2. I want to add also that that page is not mine, not my book not my anything. I got shut down on a fb forum by a lady cause she said I was a jealous girl who wanted to steal her before and afters and sell them for the book. The book is not about fake boobs, its about small ones lol. so im just showing the page so maybe one girl who might think that her boy might love her more cause of her boobs to maybe just hold off till its what YOU want not to make others happy. I do not think any different of surgery I reckon big boobs look awesome! I just cant go through with it myself just to model its not worth it to me. So please don't cut me down cause of this, I didn't join to research and steal stories as ive just been accused of!!! it makes me laugh that someone in 1 minute of me posting a goodbye message on a forum can just jump to that conclusion and say that I was never actually going to get surgery and that I was doing research the whole time. PFFT give me a f*cking break. I have 2 jobs and a partner and 2 dogs, aint no body got time fo dat!!! so love to all you ladies that I got to know I hope all your boobies D&F awesomely and if u choose to not have surgery that's okay too. be happy guys x
  3. Hey ladies, Just wanted to write a little goodbye post. I've realised that getting implants is not for me. I've decided to focus more on my health and fitness and learning to love the skin im in. I was so consumed with getting breast implants I just thought itd make everything perfect I looked at fake boobs everyday, screenshotting and saving boobs that I liked.. But its not going to make things perfect and I needed to realise that my life is pretty perfect right now. Ive always wanted to be a model but always let my lack of boobs stop me. But now im thinking FUDGE it. There is this group called the Itty Bitty Titty Committee and they were scouting for models with small breasts to empower women and to further be published in a book about our struggles and what we love about our small boobs. I have done the photoshoots and to be 100% honest it made me feel so amazing. to see that I looked that good without having bigger breasts made me almost cry. Ive been on a high since and have now got 3 more shoots booked for this month. I reckon you should check out the page. its just a small group of perth girls trying to let people know that we can be just as beautiful. If your confused about whether to do it or not, I reckon take a look and you might just get that reality check that might tell you I need big boobies, or you don't. I don't judge either way! Check it out. http://www.facebook.com/ibtc.official.Australia
  4. Lol kiddi thts good for u hahaha Um yeah like from inside like a period:/
  5. Hi ladies. This is prob a bit too much info but I've gotten great info about other stuff on here n wondering if anyone can shed some light. Everytime I have sex with my partner I bleed like that night and the next day. I'm on the pill and usually just skip my period but still let myself get one every couple months. I read a few bad things online about bleeding after sex and wanted to know if anyone has had it cause now I'm really worried. My partner of 3 years is my first aswell so no STD or anything. I'm booked for docs tomoro but it's been happening for about 2 months. Any advice is helpful Thanks ladies
  6. ohhhh ive never heard this before! coolll so if im 163cm, 50kgs and 8b now maybe 8dd is too much for my frame :\ eeep that's 3 sizes up :\
  7. Can I send u a fr would love to see ur result n follow ur recovery x
  8. hey blondie maybe you should create the group cause you've actually had yours done? id feel a bit awkward managing a group if I never ended up getting them done
  9. heyy putting it out there, is there a group on facebook for girls that have had surgery with the cosmetic institute?? im on the Thailand surgery forum but would love to chat to some ladies who have gone through TCI
  10. that's awesome to hear that the smaller your band size id the less cc u need to get to a D cup!! I wear an 8b now woo id like to be a full D but am quite small looking haha so wouldn't wanna be over the top - glad to hear ur happy with Dr tang, I want to book with him too
  11. where do I find the actual challenge to read up and sign up??
  12. holy **** the pill!! really ?? ive been on it for almost 7 years!! fuuudge.we used to do it all the time but now hardly nothing. I sometimes feel that would be the reason our relationship would end.. but were coming up to 3 years now - very comfortable now. im def keen on sex health clinic!! I might try that actually. this isgoing to be a DEF TMI moment but when you guys say u aren't in the mood, does it take like forever to get things going 'down there' I feel like half a woman cause its just not happening down there anymore FML
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