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  1. As the girls above said, if you wake up with drains don't stress - they are a good thing. I had my drains for 5 days. I had a big teary on the third day when I was leaving the hospital and my surgeon said I had to keep them for another two days. But they're really not that bad.
  2. I could be way off, but when I quit smoking this happened to me... It's common to get sick after you quit smoking. Stay away from antibiotics, that will give them more of a reason to cancel your surgery. As JJ said, green smoothies, green smooothies! Add some fresh garlic to the ingredients JJ said, you don't even taste it. I add pineapple as well. Good luck x
  3. When it feels right to you. We're all different. Some girls could have started boxing again at 3 months, but I definitely could not have. And probably still couldn't at nearly 4 months. It's probably best to see your surgeon before you start if you're unsure.
  4. I had my drains in for 5 days Rachel. It sucks big time I know, but it will work out best for you that way. On day 3 to be told I had to wait another 2 days I burst into tears, I feel you girl
  5. Yeah I had the implants at the same time, so I am not too sure how it would have looked without the lift and if it made much of a difference. Like Tarz, I had a real issue with stitches spitting. I think if this (and the infection) didn't happen, I'd have beautiful invisible matching scars. But as Tarz said, only my fiancé sees them!
  6. To be completely honest I am not sure if I REALLY needed one. I always thought I did and my surgeon told me I did. However I see some girls on here with much "saggier" (for lack of a better word) boobs than me and they got away with just getting larger implants. I think it's a case by case but other than my scarring I am really happy with my boobs.
  7. I had a Benelli Lift, I don't really have an opinion on it. My left scar is completely invisible and has been since 3 weeks post op. My right side ended up with a very bad infection and I now have awful scarring which makes my areola look twice the size. Other than this I am completely happy with it. I lost complete feeling and at 3 and a half months post op I only have a tiny bit of feeling back. However I am happy with this as I previously had over sensitive nipples. If you have any specific questions please feel free to add me/ask.
  8. jessiee

    Oh no!!

    Hi Tarz, I had the same thing happen 3 times after they appeared to be fully healed. If any redness or heat begins go straight to the hospital. If you're worried go to the docs. I did the first time and they basically said it was nothing. So after that I just cleaned it throroughly with betadine and popped some nursing pads in my bra until it healed. Should be nothing to worry about though
  9. As the others have said, don't go by cup size. I am a 10G (spilling out a bit) but I honestly think I look about a DD.
  10. Whether or not you're supposed to massage isn't the question, it's do YOU massage your implants? I will start off by regretfully saying no I don't and when I remember it's usually once every few days. But as I was advised not to massage while I had my infection/separated wound, which lasted almost 2 months, it's hard to now remember to do so. Would love to hear honest feedback on whether or not you personally massage. No nastiness please, we all know the possible risks from not massaging.
  11. Thank you Danielle! I will have to have a look x
  12. I'll be following this one KristyKiana, I noticed the same thing happening and last night I noticed it has become a lot worse! I hope we are both in the clear and are just worrying for no reason. x
  13. Ohh Grippster, you're not making it easy haha. I reallllyy wanted to go to Hawaii but as I said just didn't want to be restricted. A girl at work married and honeymooned there. What do you do for work?! I want a job!
  14. Oh woops! Sorry hun I didn't even notice it said "since" (Plus I have been MIA for a while). Had too much boobie greed and disappeared haha. Thank you though, you've been a big help in motivating me to chase my travelling dream soon!
  15. Ooh that sounds delicious! I love fresh fruity mocktails. I look forward to going there when I am of age to not have restrictions! We would love to travel the world and will hopefully get to see as much as we can before we start a family . Less than a month until you have your new boobs! How exciting!
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