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  1. hey friends! it's been quiet a long time since i've used the forum but just an update: I am officially one year post op from my augmentation at TCI and can't be happier! The good news is, I have recently been named a top 10 finalist for Miss Inked Australia 2015 and need YOUR help! My boob job has given me enough confidence to reach for my dreams and take up modelling, and this stepping stone will hopefully be the first of many accomplishments. To win, all I need is a heap of likes/comments and shares of my facebook photo on the Inked Australia magazine website. It would mean so much if all you lovely ladies could help out with me reaching my goal! Thank you in advance, here is the link. It literally takes two seconds! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152319605839234&set=a.10152319605279234.1073741827.360547924233&type=3&permPage=1 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152319605839234&set=a.10152319605279234.1073741827.360547924233&type=3&permPage=1 love to all!
  2. Hi there I have sent you a FR as I would like to see & hear from you about your experience. I am hoping to get from a B to a D and I see you went to a DD it would be great to see your pics. Cheers! :-)

  3. I am yet to try anything but have been interested for a while too. I have heard fantastic reviews and seen great results from nite white and I think ill be trying that out soon I'd love to complete my new look with a nice set of pearly whites! Good luck
  4. yeah i definitely don't look big at all. My friends barely think I'm a C/D with clothes. Also playboy bra sizes are smaller than normal which is why I'm a bigger size..even the lady at BnT's said that. Don't stress, my boobs really don't look that big although I did measure a DD in my complete comfort bra I think 330 will be perfect on you
  5. Hi I had my BA just over a month ago at TCI with Dr Ali. I originally wanted Dr Tang because of all the great reviews I had heard but Dr Ali had the date I wanted free so I went with her. I am 100% happy with my decision and my outcome and since having my BA there are a lot more reviews on the forum about her and even Dr Val. I stayed at the Meriton which was super convenient because of the discount rates and the fact it is literally around the corner from TCI. It was a really really nice apartment too, my boyfriend stayed with me and it was very comfortable good luck with everything
  6. I got 330cc with Dr Ali feel free to friend request me and check out my photos..it might help you decide I am extremely happy with them and TCI are lovely. Good luck with surgery!
  7. I went to bras n things today to get a nice playboy bra. I got a complete comfort bra when I was 2 weeks post op in a 10DD. My playboy bra today was a 10E and the lady said I have to take the padding out because otherwise I would need a 10F! whaaaaat! anyway in conclusion if I were you I'd do what I did...get measured once for the comfort bra and then when you are ready to get a underwire bra get measured a second time and then you should be right...that's my opinion anyway. I'm only less than 2 months so in another few months I might need measuring again, who knows!!
  8. I have been I posted a thred on my surgery experience which was July 2nd. Feel free to friend request me and check my photos I had a great experience with Dr Ali and TCI x
  9. I was given the all clear at my 1 week post op appointment to wear another wire free bra and I got the complete comfort bra. I still sleep in my post op bra though but tend to wear the comfort bra during the day. I got sized a 10DD at 1 week and it still fits fine today
  10. I caught the train. It was definitely the cheaper option
  11. Woohoo! Hope everything went well girls can't wait to see the outcomes! Rest up
  12. Just wishing you the best of luck. It may seem hard now but you have 100% done the right thing and will be loving your new body in just a few more weeks/months! Don't worry about what everyone thinks (I myself have only told a few friends, my boyf and my mum/dad) but yo have full support from us all on the forum chin up! It will all work itself out xx
  13. Thanks for this! Definitely be purchasing some bikinis!
  14. Don't worry girl! Like everyone said, they will change dramatically. I thought I was petite but wow your stats are amazing! I only got 330cc's and I'm a 10DD at the moment so you will be big, don't worry. I got XHP and they were cone shaped too but I'm starting to drop and there is a dramatic difference. You still have a long way to go so just take it easy and take photos from day to day so you can see the changes good luck!
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