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    BA & areola lift
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    Dr Preeyapas-Bangkok 8th september 2011
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    H-163cm, weight-59kg, clothing size 8, bra size: pre10c,post 10F

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  1. SO sorry to hear you are experiencing this beka! I had the early stages of cc and was able to correct it with massage...and LOTS of it! I needed to be really firm & do it every single chance I got. Now I do have smooth implants and from what I believed I didn't think you had to massage textured...BUT if your surgeon is suggesting massage then do it! Did he not inform you of how you should perform the movements? With smooth I have been very firm with my thumbs mainly and applying pressure while circling and for the first few weeks I would concentrate alot on my tender spot in my right breast(which is where I believed the issue to be). I would also push the implants up really firmly,to each side,into my chest and then swirl them around in the pockets..but again-not sure you can do this method with textured?! After a couple of weeks I felt like the scar tissue had been broken up as the pain discipated & the breast seemed much softer and looked more like the left one. I'm still paranoid now a few months on so I will always massage! Good luck hun & let us know how you go. xx
  2. I also used Dr Preeyaphas through Bangkok Makeovers. Highly recommended!
  3. Hi LOStinJAPAN :-) welcome! many ladies actually do have private albums viewable to those who they have specifically 'friended', however many prefer the requested friend to have made some contribution to the forum through posting etc & also like to see some information on their profile about themselves & what procedure etc they are intending to have. If it's overseas you are planning to go for your surgery, I agree with the above post in that it would be a great idea to browse through the overseas surgery section and research surgeons! Within those threads you should be able to pinpoint those who have used that particular surgeon, and by doing further searches you should find a great deal of information & testimonials. Many ladies like to write a post-op thread for otehr ladies to read their personal accounts of their experience. Good luck. xx
  4. I had an areola lift & implants 11 months ago ladies. scarring is very minimal- in fact you're lucky to be having the reduced incisions & scarring from thus option compared with a larger lift. Puckering is almost certainly an issue in the earlier weeks/months but i agree...it does get better & smooth out. Mrs D- the best advice i could offer is to not rush your recovery by doing too much too soon! Make sure you let the surgical tape fall off in it's own to reduce scarring & massage ALOT! once the tape falls off, bio oil is fantastic to help massage & also improves skin condition & minimises scarring. Also wear a very supportive bra always! & take aboard every piece of advice your surgeon offers. Good luck with your surgeries & i'm happy for you to view my album if you send me a friend request. xx
  5. I had pre-existing stretch marks but I also agree they look better now that they are filled out! I think when the skin is loose it makes stretch marks look far worse.
  6. No worries.dual placement can often be referred to as under the muscle but is infact partially under.they basically place the top quadrant of the implant under the pec muscle leaving the bottom free.it gives a more natural look & is usually recommended for those with minimal body fat to their upper body as it is a great method to prevent visibilty around the chest if implant edges.
  7. I had a lift with my ba plus went under the muscle with 425ccs. for me the pain was pretty bad for the first week and then fir another week afterwards i was very uncomfortable.xx
  8. Hey ladies :-) I know that by now a couple of you are aware that i had my surgery with dr p & went through bangkok makeovers & couldn't recommend them highly enou.... but i just wanted to put it out there for any other ladies considering them to send me a friend request & a little message about yourself if you'd like to view my album. Btw- dr p only offers round smooth implants with dual plane placement from what i've learnt.xx
  9. Hey ladies! I'm very active in the gym.i train 4-6 days per week doing a combo of cardio & strength training.i was an empty c- d cup prior to surgery & at first was feeling like i needed to be cautious with going to big as i didn't want them getting in the way.once i began trying sizes at consult though i keep going bigger until i decided on 425cc which had amped them up to an f cup! I don't have any problem with them at all! I strap them up with a good sports bra & super tight sports crop before i train & they barely move! Now- i gradually eased my way back into running from around week 6 & from about week 4 i was doing light cardio on my exercise bike.in regards to my weight training, i began with light weights for lower body from week 4 & gradually added in some arms & shoulders by around week 8.back came around week 10. Since my op i have refrained from directly targeting my pecs & instead rely on using them secondarily when targeting other areas. The bottom line is that you need to listen to YOUR body, ease back in slowly & if something hurts then leave it for a while. xx
  10. I couldn't recommend them highly enough!A1!!i had the procedure you are looking at getting 10 months ago. i've accepted your friend request Maddi if you want to check out my album.xx
  11. wooohooo!!! congrats! I went with Dr P & Bangkok Makeovers 1 year ago on september 8th :-) I had an areola lift with implants. I was told during my online consult that I would more than likely need a lift but once I got there and had consult I was told it wouldn't be necessary. I opted to go with one anyway to prolong the life of my boobs & decrease sagging. I was a large c-small d pre-op,had 425cc implants,and came out an F cup.Sounds HUGE but seriously they aren't and I would even like to go bigger. I highly recommend BM & Dr P! you seriously would find it hard to find better. I went alone and although it was extremely scary being away from home in a foreign country I was well taken care of. I stayed in the BM apartments which made my aftercare so much easier plus the bonus was that I felt very safe amoungst other women having or had surgery.I met some lovely ladies who I spent alot of time with shopping etc and I am still in contact with. I wouldn't hesitate in going back alone! feel free to send me a friend request if you'd like to view my before & after album. xx
  12. As everyone else has said-you are certainly NOT too old for a BA! With procedures such as lifts, BA & lift,facelifts,tummy tucks etc-I think the vast majority of women contemplating & having plastic surgery would be over 30? Just go for it if it is what you feel will make you happy! I've just turned 40 and had a BA & lift last year while 39 and let me tell you-that was only the beginning! I plan on adding some lipo, perhaps a TT & I know one day I will want a facelift and BA revision. We really do owe it to ourselves you know? especially after bearing children. :-)
  13. Congratulations goldygirl and thank-you so much for sharing! I love hearing so many positive experiences. (btw girls, spam has been dealt with )
  14. woohooo great to hear you are happy sarah! and welcome to the boobie club ;-) I can't wait to see your pics. It's absolutely understandable that you had a poor nights sleep. If you need some stronger painkillers or even sleeping pills you should definitely go for it. I needed STRONG painkillers plus the sleeping pills for at least the first week as I was in excruciating pain. Who was your surgeon?
  15. Hey fellow yummy mummies! I HAD my BA & areola lift last september after breastfeeding 5 babies in the space of 15 years,gaining weight and then embarking on a massive weightloss/fitness journey to reclaim my bod...and I'm SO so glad that I went ahead with it. Since puberty I was always well endowed with D cup being the smallest and after gaining weight & breastfeeding increasing to as large as a G cup! As you'd imagine, once I got to my ideal weight(& having lost almost 20kg) my breast were the smallest(C cup) and saggiest they had ever been...so I was getting them back damn it! haha.. I think us mums deserve a little something back after sharing our bodies with our babies...just to feel a little sexier again if nothing else. Way too many mums resign themselves to the belief that post babies we can no longer be sexy or look good. Anyway...enough of my ramble-I'd like to say congrats to you all and good luck for your upcoming surgeries! :-)
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