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  1. I had mine done in Melbourne through ARC plastic surgery (Dean Trotter) and it was in your price range with an overnight stay. I'm very happy with my results and post op care. My only regret is not doing it sooner.
  2. I have similar stats to you - 161cm, 54kg, BWD of 12cm and I got 400cc but different placement and implant. Just to give you an idea I am now a 10E so I think you will definitely get to a D-DD. I wouldn't be too hung up on the bra size as everyone gets different results with the same size implant. If you want the DD I would go for the 445cc
  3. I have never used the numbing cream. There are more sensitive areas than others but you do get used to it. Gabby1 I am in Melbourne and I go to Hairfree. They have specials on at the moment for Braz and underarms for $59 which is a good price, when I first started I paid $99 for Braz only.
  4. I am so glad I had laser done. I started Brazilian and underarms over 12 months ago and I have nothing left. I am now about to start on my legs. Be warned once you start it's highly addictive!! The Fox I think it's a lot quicker than waxing and I personally don't think it hurts as much either.
  5. Oh yay were back. Must get my head around the new format now
  6. No Problem, Thank you for the message. FR accepted :)

  7. I am the same height and weight as you and I got 400s mod plus and I am now a 10E/F depending on the bra but they definitely don't look that big. My BWD is 12cm and I started with an A cup.
  8. She was way out of line. Obviously her advice regarding getting another surgeon to fix them was rubbish. Clearly she is not knowledgeable regarding the process. I'm sorry she upset you and rightly so but please know that she is definitely the minority here. Time is your friend and at the end of the day your decisions are your own and it's nobody elses business where you go, who you choose, how much you pay etc. Chin up lovely lady xx
  9. 3 weeks will go really quick and once you do have them you won't even care about having to wait a bit longer. Good things come to those who wait
  10. I don't usually comment on threads that get heated but CityGal your comments were very nasty and not called for. MrsH you are only 6 weeks post op so I think you need to give yourself a chance for them to drop. I certainly would not be seeking someone to "fix" them at this early stage as mine took longer than 6 weeks to drop. Feel free to send me a FR if you want to look at my pics. Don't listen to the negative rubbish and give yourself time.
  11. I'd love to hear how you go Verucha
  12. No Problem . They don't use wire in them but boning instead which seems to be more flexible. Here's a little bit of info on them from the BNT site Exclusively pioneered by Curvessence at Bras N Things, the bra features a revolutionary new 3D rib replacing the traditional 2D metal wire. The ultimate in comfort, the ribs 3D shape allows it to be worn without placing stress or tension on the body. The rib is embedded into the foam cup pad for truly smooth comfort with no uncomfortable wire channels digging in at the underbust.
  13. ARC is where I had my BA and had a really good experience. I must admit I hadn't read up on Dr Maria but it's nice to know she comes recommended from your botox rep Donatella. I was thinking of getting botox myself for my forehead. Thank you
  14. We have some really good plastic surgeons in Melbourne some have already been mentioned. You have to weigh up what is right for you. I looked at going interstate but personally for me I preferred to stay closer to home for post op care. Dean Trotter did mine and I love my results.
  15. My favourite bra would have to be BnT curvessence. They are so comfortable. They had a promotion a while ago where they guaranteed it was the most comfortable bra or you could return it for a refund and buy it back for $1. Heaps of people took advantage of the offer but I couldn't bring myself to do it as it really is the best bra I own. http://www.brasnthings.com/curvessence/curvessence-bras
  16. Thanks Kiki. I'm so happy with the end result. Glad to hear your revision went well :D

  17. Wow Kiki I just had a look at your revision photos and they look great. I hadn't been on for a while so I'm catching up on everyone's new photos :-)

  18. I think this question was meant for me I'm going really well. They have settled nicely. I still can't stop looking at them and am totally shocked when I see my before pictures. I have to pinch myself. Like you my only regret is not doing it sooner. I have bought heaps of new clothes and bras of course lol. How is everything going with you?
  19. I haven't been on the forum for a while and just went to check out your pics and WOW!! what a huge difference. They look amazing
  20. I think you may be over thinking it. Surgeons charge what they want depending on how much money they want to make and this obviously varies between individuals. Melbourne is over priced for PS compared with other states but there are still some reasonably priced surgeons that are good at their job. I know if I wanted to go have mine done at another hospital besides Northpark I needed to add another 2-3K because the other hospitals he works at don't offer packages.
  21. 10K for day surgery and 10.5K if you want to stay overnight at Northpark private. I don't know the price at the other hospitals he operates at because he does packages at Northpark.I didn't have four consults, I was happy with Dean so I cancelled my other appointments.
  22. I'm sorry to hear about the job. Keep going and you've done the right thing by seeking feedback to improve for next time. It shows your keen and that may make them consider you for future positions or if the person who did get the job pulls out. Sometimes this does happen.
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