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  1. Hey Lexx, I'm going to Val as well in March. Love to follow your progress :-)

  2. Hi there, just getting in touch as I saw you went through dr val recently. I am booked in for November, so was just wondering how you found him / the surgery etc. I sent you a FR if you are happy to share photos. Thanks :)

  3. elle_

    Your boobs look fab babe! Reassuring me about my choice of 400. I'm exact same stats as you so hope they come out as juicy as yours xx

  4. Probably today! But I have eased up on the pain meds considerably, just been taking regular nurofens today instead of the hard stuff. Every other day I took the panadeine fortes or endones religiously and had really minimal pain. Today its just the incisions hurting but not too badly at all. The worst part is just being so tired all the time and not being able to get a decent sleep, I usually sleep on my stomach so being on my back and all propped up is so unnatural to me:( Hows your recovery going so far?
  5. Wow yes yours has bruised up way more than mine ouch! I've been feeling good pain-wise luckily, today the incisions have been stinging a bit but thats about it! Was expecting soo much worse in the lead-up so I've been pleasantly surprised:)
  6. Ohh ok that's good to know then:) 420cc twins haha and only 2 days apart! I tried putting up some pics earlier but wouldn't work, I might try again now and we can compare:o
  7. Thanks girls:) yeh just the bruising, hadn't seen any for the first few days til right now so it caught me a bit by surprise. The blood is dry blood from day 1, they said that was normal and only should be concerned if new blood comes up!
  8. 4 days post op and just got out of the shower, incisions have been hurting mildly all day which I presume is normal, had a look and all red next to one of the dressings. Don't know if its normal bruising or means something's wrong? here are 2 pics:
  9. Hi lexx, Can I add you as a friend? im wanting to ook with TCI aswell xx

  10. Thanks girls I was sure Dr Val had said much sooner than what the nurse was telling me today! Just had a quick look and I'm so happy! They look way smaller in the bra I took it off and was shocked haha but in a good way;) i noticed a bit of blood on the tapes is this normal??
  11. Haha oh the amount of times I've done that on here!

  12. I know! And baths are not my thing just sitting there in dirty water ugh haha lucky i stocked up on the antibacterial wipes so I can at least wipe myself down and feel somewhat clean! Also any post-op girls how the hell did you get the texta marks off!
  13. elle_

    Ok - we already are friends --- d'uh!!!! (Ignore me - HAHA)

  14. elle_

    Hey hun, have sent a FR through as I am going under in 3 weeks and would love to follow your journey - I'm getting 400cc. x

  15. New sig now too so exciting:p
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