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  1. hi lily ( I have posted the below text in Undecided's wall too as I need opinions from girls with tear drop implants "...Sooo i went to a second PS today and he has told me I have breast tissue at all and teardrop under muscle would be the best. I am a bit spun out as the other guy, I have booked with, said" round, over the muscle (sub fascial but same diff) and you'll look great". This new guy is much more measured (he actually took heaps of measures) and said.." you are a good candidate for surgery, this is what I recommend, if you want something different I won't do it as it won't look right". i have to make a decision quickly as the earliest I can book is Aug 25th and that gives me just 6 weeks before flying to bali for a week hols without kids. arghhh....I think this guy might be right though!!! I feel the PS today was more correct in his assessment and certainly said what I had thought...that I had no tissue and I would have to go under the muscle. I don't know what to do now!