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  1. Thanks for your response. I was an empty A cup prior to implants so i am guessing i wont be as big as other girls that has something to work with in the first place. Just wondering if you massaged if so how long and how often?
  2. Hello Ladies, I have been reading some of the post from other women who have had breast implants up to approx 500cc i am interested in hearing from any women who may have larger implants than this and how they have settled etc. I have recently got 750cc round smooth under the muscle implants. I am hoping to be a dd or e cup when they drop and fluff. It appears that some women on the forum think that their implants have made them too large at 400cc i cant see how this would be too big but everyone is different, Look forward to hearing from you soon
  3. Hi, I have mainy heard good reviews regarding Dr T however i have read a couple of reviews from a few ladies who had bottoming out issues
  4. Hi Ladies, Just wndering if anyone has had Dr Trott for their breast aug? I would love to hear you thoughts or experiences Love Bridgie
  5. Hello, I hear you had your BA done by Dr Mayson. I have heard nothing but great reviews about him. Did you get the round or tear drop brazillians?
  6. Hi Ladies, I am considering the tear drop shaped implants brazillians because i like the look of them without the bra. I asm however concerned that they will not give me enough fullness to create clevage. For anyone out there who has tear drop implants please share you story with me
  7. Thankyou i will check it out. I would really love to hear how they went with him
  8. Hello, No sorry have not had anyone contact me with their experiences. Sorry babe hope you hear from someone soon
  9. Hello, Thanks for sharing your recommendation. I too have heard mixed reiews about Dr Tavakoli. Do you have any other recommendations i have recently looked at aDr Anoop Rastogi's website nice resluts have ya heard of him?
  10. Hello that is really great to hear he is one of the surgeons on my list of preferred surgeons to use. What did you have done as in shape and size? Did you tell you exactly what would suit your body etc?
  11. Mily, May i ask you who was your surgeon?
  12. Hi ladies, I keep hearing all about the PURE Brazillian implnats becomming more popular here in Australia. After reseaching them alot it is clear that they have a lower rate of capsular contration and the tear drop shaped ones are less likley to rotate as the polyurethane foam is textured and ahers more to the breast tissue. However what is worrying me is the The FDA, the North American Food and Drug Administration Agency, said “based on the very small quantities of TDA found in urine, the potential risk of cancer, if any, is probably negligible”. The FDA estimates that the excessive risk of cancer as a result of exposure to TDA is around one in a million in a woman’s lifetime. Here is some info from a surgeons website below I would love to hear from all the ladies who have had the brazillian implants in or considering it to here your views or perhaps the views of the surgeons when you wnet to the consult about it They were introduced in the 1970’s. They are covered with polyurethane foam. The incidence of capsular contraction is dramatically lower compared to either smooth or textured implants. The literature quotes just 1-2% with a 15 year follow up, down from 8-9% with other types of implants. Non polyurethane implants elicit a relatively short-lived, avascular and acellular inflammatory response. Collagen fibres are deposited in a parallel, linear array. As contraction occurs, the parallel orientation predisposes to linear contracture, resulting in spherical deformity and firmness of the implant. When polyurethane is implanted it causes an intense foreign body reaction with neo-vascularisation and infiltration of large numbers of histiocytes and foreign body giant cells. Collagen fibres are deposited in a configuration that mirrors the open cell architecture of the foam. This results in a unique sponge like scar tissue capsule. “This discovery perhaps explains the absence of capsular contraction amongst most polyurethane covered mammary implants”. (Brand. K. Gerard. Plastic Reconstr. Surg. 1984). This does occasionally cause an allergic skin rash (1-2%). It generally begins within 2 weeks of surgery and is characterised by diffuse erythematous (redness) rash and pruritis (itching) and subsides spontaneously within 2 – 4 weeks. It can be treated with anti-histamines. Rippling occurs mostly in the superior pole of the breasts and along the inferior edge. This has the same incidence in all implants. Ripples are the result of the combination of tight pouches with insufficient tissue cover. A sub-muscular plane may help prevent this phenomenon. The sub muscular plane is also used as it is thought to decrease the incidence of capsular contraction. A major benefit of polyurethane implants is being able to use the natural result of the sub glandular plane without the fear of increasing the rate of capsular contracture. This does therefore lead to a greater flexibility in the choices that can be made pre-operatively. All the other local complications are the same as smooth or textured implants i.e. •infection (less than 1%) •haematomas (0.9 – 2.3 %) •implant rupture (0.3 – 1.4%) There is less rotation as the porous implant surface sticks to the fibrotic capsule like Velcro. Polyurethane foam used as a coating undergoes gradual chemical degradation. Chemical analysis using gas chromatography has confirmed the presence of small amounts of 2, 4 – toluenediamine in the urine but it has not been detected in serum (blood). It is thought that the quantity released is not carcinogenic in humans (2,4-TDA is a known rodent carcinogen). The FDA, the North American Food and Drug Administration Agency, said “based on the very small quantities of TDA found in urine, the potential risk of cancer, if any, is probably negligible”. The FDA estimates that the excessive risk of cancer as a result of exposure to TDA is around one in a million in a woman’s lifetime. There is historical evidence to support the safety of polyurethane foam in medical devices. Polyurethanes have been implanted for decades in pacemaker connectors, haemodialysis tubing, percutaneous shunts, vascular patches and grafts. In conclusion, the capsular contraction rate after all types of breast surgery is lower with polyurethane foam covered implants. This benefit persists long term, at least ten years after implantation. “One particular feature is that the implant remains behind the breast and follows it in all its natural movements instead of displacing itself freely throughout the capsular space”. (Vasquez M.D. Pg 334) “There is nothing in the experimental literature to suggest that polyurethane foam, or its in vivo breakdown products, pose a threat to the health or safety of patients”. (Handel, N M.D. Pg 272) Sources 1.Brand, K.G. Polyurethane coated silicon implants and questions on capsular contraction. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 1984.) 2.Handel, N, M.D. Long term safety and efficiency of polyurethane foam covered breast implants. Aesth. Surg. 2006. 265 – 274) 3.Vàsquez, G, M.D. and Pellòn, A, M.D. Polyurethane Coated Silicon Gel Breast Implants used for 18 years. Aesth. Plast. Surg. 31: 330-336, 2007. 4.Forum on polyurethane mammary implants. Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society. July 30th & 31st,2007.
  13. Hello, Thanks for making your comments. He does look good i think the next step would be to have a consult
  14. Hi Ladies, Yes his work does look good thats for sure and i undersntad that i am no model either so his artistic images are gongi to look great on a 6 foot skinny model. I have also heard he does pure implants i think he does more tear drop than round but i have read on another forum or review a girl got round with him so i guess it depends. Its so bloody hard to chose cause i have just read on a site that the pure implants can cause cancer over time. Yes they do reduce capsular contraction but i dont want cancewr later on for the material that they made from grrrr so hard. Hopefull others will post
  15. Hi, He does sound good would want to be as he charges about 3 grand more than other surgeons. I wonder if he can charge that amount as he is so good and people are willing to pay it. Hopefully others will write comments. There ar other surgeons which are cheaper that do Pure implants as in Dr Fleming and Dr Ces. I am trying to work out what sets Dr Anoop apart form the others? Thats what i need to hear. Thanks babe for responce
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