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  1. Hi girls just wondering how you all went. I'm 6 months post op with furries and the last 2 weeks my right has started to feel odd. Ok and off stony pain and mild burny pain. If I lift my arm above my head my right implants feels like it's rubbimg on something, I can also feel the implant a lot more on that side.m to me they both move freely in pocket and bounce etc . There is no hardness or odd shapes or anything that looks like it could resemble double bubble or bottoming out But it's just weird. Not painful just strange. Like if you pull a BAndaid off slowly you can feel your skin peel from the sitkcyness . This is why it feels like if I move my implant around Ekk I have a checkup with dr end of April as I can't get in till then.
  2. The coating of the furries. Polyuruthen
  3. It feels like on and off stingy/burny aches. If I raise my arm up it feels like I have mondo cords again but less full Any idea?? So worried it's something like double bubble or bottoming out
  4. Ahhh of course jaddles... Does that give you more of a awareness of them ???
  5. I'm 6 months furries and they are super soft and believe where they will stay.
  6. Hi ladies.. Wow I have been MIA for ages.. Need to get on here more.. Well I do pop on a lot but haven't posted forever. So my question I'm 6 months post op and the last week I have felt my right feeling a tad od. Not like previously as in CC odd but more sensitive to movement. I feel like I notice the weird feeling I get if I raise my arms up above my head or do circular arm movements. The implants are soft and move very freely when I do this it just feels strange lol. Also when I bend over I can feel my implant near my incision more then left. And when I then stand up it sort of feels like a sticky feeling where my implant sagged with my breast .. Does that make sense lol Obviously Google as scared me and suggested double bubble or bottoming out but my girls are perfectly round, nipples centered and my incision in my crease. I do hAve my monthlys at moment so could that cause tenderness and soreness. None of the above hurts i have just started to feel it more often and didn't know if it is normal.
  7. I'm at noosa and looking for a strapless bikini but can't find one I'm needing a brabd that does DD/E cups but a size 8 or 10 back or without a clip. Any suggestions x
  8. Thanks ladies thanks Don. I knew you would have the facts lol xxx
  9. I still can't feel my nipple of the under part of my breast. I'm 10 weeks post op now I think is this due to have a revision 16 weeks adter initial surgery ?
  10. Did anyone watch that news topic the other week. My friend did and said it was more of a concern if u had normal textured implants and got CC which is me now I'm stressing lol
  11. I'm off to go bikini shopping with my lovely hanniepie in the next few weeks and wanting some advice on the brands of swimmers that would most suit my size boobs I have tried all the budget ones (Kmart big w target etc ) and they all don't fit haha.. I'm going to a harbour town on the GC which are all factory outlets so they have sunburn there and other shops to.. Thanks lovelys
  12. Big hugs hunny... The above are right and as I said when speaking to you I think he is either like that with you or he had a really bad day.. Both are no excuse though. He will never be friendly like dr M or Dr H as that's not his personality unfortunately but his comments were disgraceful IMO .. Document all conversations dates and times and go ahead and we will all be praying for a successful outcome He would have to have no brain for him to do anything wrong on purpose xoxo
  13. Is there anyway of speeding up the process of furries fluffing. I know u generally wear a strap to help them drop but would that have any effect on the fluffing bit ?? Left hasn't fluffed much yet and whilst im only 6 weeks post op I can help but stress lol I know I need to take a chill pill
  14. Oh thanks heaps aussiechic.. That makes me feel better
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