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  1. Thanks so much ladies, ill keep looking and I might go on TCI cancellation list. Thanks so much for replying, very helpful!,
  2. Hi ladies, The past two weeks I've been researching different possible surgeons in Sydney to perform my BA. I'm currently a 10D, really round and perky (people always ask if they are fake) but I'm going to go into an E or F cup depending on my frame and how they look. I wanted to book in with The Cosmetic Institute as their work looks amazing, great reviews and you can't beat their price. TCI are booked out till mid Jan which ill be on my honeymoon for a month. Does anyone have other recommendations for places that do equally great work and are similar in price? my second question was did you finance your surgery? I'm half thinking of doing that as it will be quicker to pay it off than it would be to save it - I'm great at paying things off fast but I can't save ...go figure lol. any help would be great, thanks so much everyone.
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