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Found 174 results

  1. Having my surgery on Monday at 7am with Dr James (Jim) Kenny. what to expect on op day? How should I be expecting to feel after surgery?
  2. Hi Beautiful Ladies i have been booked with Dr Tang 17th december and with the news coverage brings concerns i would love to hear results on Dr Tang cheers
  3. The below link was an eye opener for me in how unregulated the cosmetic industry is in Australia. I would encourage all to watch before making any decisions in your cosmetic procedures. Vanity is not worth your life http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/beautys-new-normal/10115838
  4. Hi guys! so TCI changes name due to legal action. ? Would you be canceling your appointments? I’m booked in next month for BA. Im worried, but I’ve also heard lots of great things about DR LEE. Has anybody had a BA with him ? If so, how was your overall experience? Thank you. Hoping to ease my mind ?❤️
  5. For those of you girls wanting to go to cosmetic evolution or any cosmetic surgeon you might want to read the below article.. An ad placed for breast augmentation in Brisbane for $5900.00 http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/beauty/cosmetic-surgery/the-dark-side-of-beauty-dodgy-medical-practitioners-calling-themselves-cosmetic-surgeons-are-butchering-young-female-patients/news-story/954a8551f1584be630eaccb47db681f2
  6. Hi Lovely ladies im looking at getting my boobs done in October with Dr Kenny at Cosmetic Evolution (previously TCI). Just wondering how you all went with him? Any feedback that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Tha ks in advance
  7. Hi all, I'm new here and hoping to get some feedback on sizes etc - because let's face it, this forum is the best. I have been searching everywhere for photos of people around my height and weight who have gotten implants as I am in W.A, getting mine done at Bondi TCI so my consult will be the day before surgery - not a lot of size thinking time and I'm a planning kinda girl. I'm 5"11 and 58kgs with a husband who is freaking out about me going too big (in other words he hears 350cc and goes whoah that's huge). I've been trying to placate him by showing him pictures but I can't find anyone around the same stats, so his thing is to then say - those wouldn't suit your frame. I want to go large C look, but I don't want to make the mistake of going too small because I'm worried about how they will sit on my frame and with my husband most likely recommending the smallest possible - I don't want any boob greed freak outs the day of surgery. If anyone can help me that would be so great! Any photos, recommendations, thoughts, advice would be very much appreciated!
  8. Hi everyone! This is my first post. I'd been reading a lot of helpful information on here and once I booked my BA decided to join. I have a BA booked for the 23rd of November wth Dr Kenny at TCI Southport. Consult is the 22nd of November and a Skype consult on the 7th of November. I've heard nothing but great things about him and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm not nervous about the surgery, but more if I'm making the right decision! I know I am, as I've been thinking about this for 4 years but I think it's natural for this to cross your mind? I'm currently a size 10-12B in bras. 57kg, 168cm in height. Dr Kenny has advised that I will either need a fuller profile in a round implant (which I'm opting for,) or I can go smaller in a tear drop implant. I'm thinking anywhere between 250-350cc EHP, but will obviously decide after talking to Dr Kenny. Just looking for ladies to share this journey with me, I think my partner is sick of me talking his ear off about it! Haha. Although he is very excited and supportive and will be travelling down to the Gold Coast with me! Thanks! ??
  9. Hi girls, Has anyone had a recent BA with Dr Tang or are a few years post op and can give me some feedback? I have booked in for a consult on the 8th June and surgery for the 14th July. Hoping to find out a little more about the whole surgery and if it TCI is still the place to go. Thanks
  10. Hi girls, I've just booked my BA with Dr. Kwok at the Cosmetic Institute for mid-July. I've seen pictures of his work and I am confident that I've made the right decision! I'm a little nervous at the moment because I'm still deciding if I want to go for a D or a DD cup (I'm barely an A cup at the moment!) . I'm travelling all the way from Melbourne and thought I'd better make the most of it. Anybody have any reviews on Dr. Kwok? From what I've seen so far, people have been generally very positive about him. I'm very new to all of this and would love any recommendations, tips or any bit of information that would make me less nervous!
  11. So after dreaming of BA for 10 years I finally had it on Tuesday 31st Jan with Dr Dash at TCI! My god... No sleep the night before, complete anxiety and nerves all morning and loads of questions running through my mind. Do I want this? What will I look like? What if I don't like them? Currently 4 days post op and feeling great! Really swollen, I wish it would go away! Going mad sleeping upright and itching like hell from the bandage tape! Stats: 62kgs | 178cm tall | 12.5cm BWD | 365cc unders I started out 10AA or smaller - completely flat chested with very little breast tissue. Anyone else had their BA recently!
  12. Hi, I am wanting a BA under 6k. I am a simple case, happy with my shape just want to go from an A cup to a C cup for wedding in October. I have seen good things about TCI. Anyone had surgery there please comment and tell me who your surgeon was! Thanks in advance! I am so excited for this journey!
  13. Hi Ladies, I am booked in with Dr Lee on February 20th and I'm getting pretty excited. I'm just tossing up sizes, I am currently a 8B and I'm quite a small person... Like I'm 22 and weigh 45kg.. so you can imagine. I have had my consult with Dr Lee and I cant decide what size I want. its a Toss up between 365cc & 385cc. I'm worried about if I go 365cc that they may be too small cause I know you can loose size after an amount of time or if I go 385cc and they are too big.. Both Dr lee and the girls at TCI say there is barely any difference in size and that if I'm worried about too small then pick 385cc... but I'm very tiny and I don't wanna look like an idiot if they're massive. also 385cc is the biggest Dr Lee will allow me to go, which also freaks me out about size. I have tried the bra on with implants in but its hard to judge Do you girls have any before and after photos with either 385cc or 365cc for me to see? If you are also a very little girl that would give me a better idea of if they will look too big. Thank you xx
  14. Okay, I recently went to the tci instagram that i follow and saw a woman with saggy breasts who received implants. My breast are somewhat similar but i was denied at both bondi and parra. any women out there who actually went into the tci centre for an assessment? I'm thinking of flying from perth to parra or bondi sometime. I want to see whether i can at tci, if not i'm thinking thailand as it's around 8,000 for both implants and a lift.
  15. Hi Ladies, am wanting breast implants for as cheap as possible on the gold coast. I have found The cosmetic institute & cosmedi tour & wondering who you would recommend? The prices arent too different & they are both on the gold coast. TCI I've read good things about but the surgeons as cosmetic surgeons & cosmedi tour seem to add on alot of extra charges but im willing to pay the extra for better. Wondering who everyone would go with? Thanks in advance
  16. Hi ladies, getting a ba is something ive been thinking about for a long time now and ive finally made the decision to do it! I was looking at the cosmetic institute originally because it had so many great reviews and the price was appealing (even with travelling from victoria), but since looking around this forum for the last few months ive seen quite a lot of unhappy customers. I obviously know the there is risks with any surgery no matter who does it... but it seems like there's a lot of women here who have had bad experiences a few months after getting it done and it has swayed me from tci. does anyone have any recommendations for melb surgeons?? thanks!
  17. Hi Ladies, was wondering what your opinions were on the TCI vs Breast Academy. Im really wanting breast implants & have found 2 places that do them in the suburb I live in, I've heard TCI are good and are $2000 cheaper but they are cosmetic surgeons, so im wondering is it worth paying the extra $2000 for the plastic surgeon or not? On a very tight budget and have a 9 month old so every dollar helps so wondering if I should just save my money or spend the extra for a way better result. Thank you
  18. Where are all the APRIL 2016 ladies ✌?️ finally booked for my new bobbies ?? I'm going with dr Tang tci (has since been changed to dr Kwok)?? need help on sizes!!! I'm currently a 10a 52kg 168cm .......thinking of 350-365cc hp ?
  19. Hey, So I going originally booked my BA with TCI. I then cancelled after reading many reviews and articles, I also found a plastic surgeon closer to home as I live in Melbourne. I just wanted to say that I read a lot of bad reviews on TCI but from a customer service point of view, for me they were fantastic in that aspect. They were great answering all of my million questions and were very reassuring. Even though they rightfully could of withheld my deposit, as soon as I explained why I was cancelling there was no issue. The lovely lady responded promptly, apologised for the negative reviews and gave me my refund. I can't speak for them on behalf of surgeries etc but they were really great with me for the brief moment I had with them. Having my surgery in 57 days at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery and I CANNOT WAIT!!! Im feeling so comfortable and confident about my surgeon choice and I am literally just counting down the days! xo
  20. Hi everyone, My twin sister and I got our surgery done together by Dr Tang on thursday 25th feb! At the Concord private hospital. Everything went smoothly thank god. We had our consults a day before with dr tang. Was exciting. I chose 295cc Moderate round textured implants . My aim was not massive boobs, just plump C cups. Dr tang was very sensible at the consultation. . On surgery day he was very energetic and bubbley! He took approx 45-55 mins on my surgery, our nurses said aparently he is one of the faster surgeons at TCI. A little few random facts i can think of that i want to share. At the hospital, we had this asian lady named Nicole for our nurse. She was absolutely HILERIOUS. if you get her you will fall in love ! She was so caring and comforting, and after surgery i had to ask her to please stop being so funny because i didnt want to laugh LOL. Ok another random thing i can think of, the second night post op was absolute HELL. my sister and i took 2 pandadine forte and 1 antibiotics at dinner which was approx 7pm. Then around 3.5 hrs later we took one endome each to put us to sleep. (Endome is a stronger pain killer that you only have if you require.) ... biggest mistake of our life. We were up every hour vommiting. I vomited 7 times, my sis 9 times. Please girls, be careful. Dont over do your meds. We got carried away. Vomitting 2 days after a BA doesnt feel slightly nice. It hurts, alot. I just want to warn yous dont over do pain killers. Ok so today, on a brighter note, we are 3 days post op. Today we got out of bed OURSELFS alone. Which hurt, but was a massive achievement. I cantwait untill i can sleep on my back again, my neck and back are in so much pain. I am a bit dopey at the moment, ive got heaps to tell yous but dont know where to start. Please ask me anything you want! I would love to help or explain any quires where i can. ?
  21. Hi everyone, I'm starting up my BA search, and although I am Melbourne based, due to costs and reviews, am highly considering TCI in Sydney. I'm hoping to have my surgery in winter, so that I get used to them and they settle before it's warm enough to have to wear t-shirts and singlets again! I was wondering if anyone has had any bad experiences at TCI, because it seems pretty positive so far, or if anyone has had a really great experience in Melbourne with a surgery that cost less than $10k. Thanks!
  22. Hi ladies I'm a Perth girl considering heading to Sydney for BA surgery with the cosmetic institute. I'm estimating my costs including accommodation and flights to be around 8k. Surgery here in Perth is very expensive, but if anyone has any insight on cheap surgery in Perth, that would be great. I'm not looking to get extremely large breast. I'm a very small frame and tall, I personally don't like the very fake look, so attempting to avoid that. I currently only have an 8a cup, and I'm not symmetrical. I'm looking for my end result to be a C cup. If any ladies who are happy to share before and after photos of small implants from TCI would be greatly appreciated. Or anyone in general who can recommended a great cheap surgeon who did a smaller BA. Thank you
  23. Hi girls, I had my BA 5 days ago. I got 295cc moderate round, im scared theyre too small and wont give me the middle clevege that i desired. I know theyre swallen and its early days but can anyone give me some feedback on what size they might end up becoming and if they will become more round and nicer?! (I am hoping to be a full C cup, pre op i was a 10A-B) Thanks so much. . So glad i can speak to ladies here! Pollo ☺
  24. Hey Guys! So I have finally gotten my partner to agree to the idea of getting my boobs done - I know that makes him sound like a pain but it's not about that. He wants me to be happy with myself and the thing I truly really dislike about myself is.. You guessed it! My boobs. Basically I want to go to TCI down at Southport and I have been following Dr Nguyen's work since... Well forever... My partner has a few questions (so do I) about the "sensitive issues" 1. What's the risk of loss of feeling in the nipples? 2. What's the risk of losing feeling in the breast tissue itself? He also wants to know do they mostly feel like the real deal? I've told him time and time again that they won't for a while but once they settle they should be squishy... Ish 3. If I go in with a 'size' in mind, will they do the best they can to get me what I want? 4. What's the difference between hp and xhp? I have (in my opinion) not much breast tissue underneath my boobs, so I'm desperate for under boob but my partner loves the side boob look as well. I want them to look mostly natural but don't mind if the look a little fake either... If that makes sense? I can also create cleavage with a bra later. But I'd like to be able to wear nothing and still have a killer set! Who am I kidding, anything that's not what I have now will be awesome! Sorry if if these questions have been asked a million and one times. I will be booking my consult in for hopefully Feb or March and need to decide whether to get pre or post wedding surgery! Any input would be greatly appreciated
  25. Hi ladies, I'm very new on this forum and have been browsing for a couple of days. I've seen and read a stack of threads about TCI (please excuse me for re-asking a question that's probably already been asked). But I'm trying to decide on weather to go ahead with surgery at TCI and would love to hear peoples views and experiences with any of the surgeons at the Bondi junction clinic... Any before and after photos would be really helpful along with any links on the clinic and surgeons. Thanks
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