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Found 46 results

  1. Hi there, I am looking at having my reduction done in Aus rather than in NZ (I got a quote for $19k from a surgeon here in Auckland!).I am interested in Dr Steve Mertens & Dr Andrew Broadhurst. Has anyone used either of these surgeons, or been given quotes for breast reduction surgery? Any feedback appreciated!
  2. Hi guys, I am looking for some recommendations to a plastic surgeon in Melbourne for a Breast Lift and Reduction. I was first interested in Dr. Tavkoli in Sydney but would need to stay 10-14days in Sydney after the surgery and that's just not practical for me as I have 2 young children All suggestions welcome Thanks Renee
  3. Hi everyone, I use to have very large natural 8F boobs. I stopped taking the pill, lost a bit of weight, and now have saggy, wide-set 8D-DD breasts (i.e. they're quite far apart on my chest). They look good in a bra, but as soon as they come out of a bra they drop considerably down and to the side. I still have quite a bit of tissue there, but it's not sitting as high or as close together as I would like. I've had three consultations with two surgeons in Melbourne. The first said I didn't need an augmentation, but a lift should do the trick. The second said a lift won't give me the look I want (which is fullness in the middle of my chest), and suggested a slight reduction in the breast tissue alongside a lift, plus an implant. I agree - I want the implant. However the whole thing seems incredibly complex, and there's a good chance it will need to be undertaken in two stages. So I'm wondering, has anyone here had this procedure? I really need advice from someone who has also gone through this kind of surgery. I would LOVE to know who your surgeon was, how you went about the surgery, and how much it cost. Thanks SO much!
  4. Curious to know what your thoughts are of Dr Ellis Choy, pictures would be great. I'm looking into tummy tuck, breast reduction, liposuction. Struggling with finding a surgeon ? it's starting to frustrate me and think negative about the whole thing. is it really worth it?
  5. Its was really perfect result gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Darin Muangthai (Specialist plastic sugeon at The SIB clinic, Thailand) I suffered from gynecomastic since i was young. I am always worried about it for long time as I am a real man but why did I have large breast like a woman like this. I told my friends about this and asked them if they have any idea to deal with it. And was so lucky that one of my friend was also faced with this problem like me and he suggested to go to do gynecomastia surgery. He told me he was done it already in Bangkok, Thailand with Dr.Darin at the SIB clinic and the result like his expected. After that, I was searching about the surgeon and clinic. I saw so many reviews of them. They do so many surgery services and also gynecomastia surgery. So, I started to contact them and then I planned to go to Thailand to do it. I have been to Thailand in June, 2nd and had consultation with the surgeon for free. The surgeon and staff was so kind, friendly and answer all of my question. After the consultation I decided to do it with them in June, 3rd. I am bit afraid of it but I have to do for myself. After the operation, I feel like I am a real man. The surgeon take those ugly breast out from me. I want to say thank you a lot for the surgeon and their team for helping me. It has been only 10 days and I can be new one with normal and natural breast as a man should be. Cheers! Ben.
  6. I've been reading through experiences and searching for doctor reviews but either cannot find any reviews on the doctors I'm considering or there's very little follow up after surgery - no doubt because everyone is so happy they're off having a ball with their new assets I live in Brisbane (closer to Ipswich), I'm 44, 5' tall and 65kg. Current breast size is 12G, or H, something quite ridiculous for my short frame. I've spoken to my GP and she was so thrilled with my plan to get a reduction she didn't even charge me for my consult! I've been researching doctors and my list to consider in order of preference are - Dr Scott Ingram and Dr Justin Perron; Dr Paul Belt; Dr Eddie Cheng' Dr Philip Richardson, Dr David Sharp and Dr Anthony Kane. I'm desperately trying to find photos of their reductions, and experiences but only having limited success and would LOVE it if anyone had any information to share with me at all. Thanks
  7. I am looking at having a breast reduction with Dr Mark Lee in West Perth. Anyone on here had this done with Dr. Lee? Wanting to know if anyone had issues with nipple sensation loss post surgery. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I'm just starting to investigate getting a breast reduction, and I've not long lived in Tasmania, so I'm not sure exactly how things work here. I would be having the BR for medical reasons (pain, mainly). I'm at a loss as to what it might cost me, as I don't have private health insurance. I have read so so many contradictory pieces, some of which say medicare will cover the entire price if it's done for medical reasons in the public system; others saying I could be out of pocket from $1000 anywhere up to about $4,500. I'm positive about all the rest of the surgery, but cost is the only thing that's concerning me, or will potentially prevent me going ahead with it. Has anyone had it done recently who can enlighten me? What did it cost you? Were wait times as horrendous as I imagine they'll be? ANY info AT ALL is super appreciated. TIA!
  9. Has anyone been to or know anything about Dr Robert Doyle on the Gold Coast? I have a referral from my doctor for a great reduction for him and I just wanted to know if he was any good. I had a consultation with Dr Luke Stradwick last year but could not afford the surgery then. Do I need another referral to return there? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, I'm a Perth girl, only 19 yo, in the process of trying to get a breast reduction from 18E/F to around a C cup. I have already got a referral from a GP and have seen Dr Mark Lee out in Subiaco about 2 weeks ago. I'm really pleased with his work and really want to go ahead with the surgery, but I've found the cost to be a bit more that I expected - as I saw from other forums that most women were only out of pocket approx. $2000 or so. I have Medibank private health insurance, and I've been told that some of the procedure and most of the hospital stay will be covered by medicare and my health care, but the cover was only roughly $1300 for the procedure/surgeons fees. I was also quoted $7000 for surgeons fees (before cover), $2300 for anesthetist and $1500 for hospital stay. I would just like to know from anyone who has gone through this, if these fees seem pretty standard to you and if the amount of cover provided seems right. I'm also confused at the waiting period, as I'm not sure if this would come under pre existing or not (with back pain and everything for years) as we had to change providers about 9 months ago with hassle from HIF. Alrighty then, thanks everyone! Emilija
  11. Hi everyone - any advice on reduction and lift with dr sheree moko seems to be very little on here. Have seen craig layt and sheree moko. Layt only thinks need a lift but moko happy to do both, only want a bit - to be perky "c"s not sloppy DDs ?. Moko cheaper but really just want to be confident both seem really nice upon meeting
  12. So it's official I've booked in with Dr Narupon in Phuket. I've done a lot of research on him and I like what I have seen so far. BUT PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH ME. I have gone through a company called Lotus medical international, and from my 1st initial enquiry they have been FANTASTIC. Grainne (my host) has answered every (and there has been a few) email I have sent quickly with very detailed information. She has given me all the contacts I need to have everything run smooth sailing from the flights to accommodation to contacting the Doc to even recommending where to get my post op garments. FANTASTIC is all I can say of my experience dealing with lotus. My surgery date is the 3rd of April, I'll be travelling with my husband (kid free) ? ill be getting a full tummy tuck, breast reduction, liposuction on some troubled spots and hopefully can squeeze in getting my upper eyelids in before I head home. He fly out on the 30th of March and back on the 18th of April (some free time before it all happens.) I'm so excited and counting down the days already it's been a long time coming. please feel free to share your stories and pics if your up to it ?
  13. Looking for all information in regards to getting a full tummy tuck, breast reduction, and liposuction on troubled areas preferably in Sydney but would consider interstate. I'm by far a small girl well height I am and I've been working so hard to get to a healthy weight but the areas left are so damn stubborn thanks to my dads awesome genes lol any by info would be helpful
  14. So I have finally booked in for my initial consult, (Tummy tuck, breast reduction, liposuction).I have done sooooo much research on dr Jeremy hunt and can't find any bad reviews, so I'm super keen his the right one (pending in my budget). I'm scared I'm going to be so nervous, scared ect and forget to ask important questions please help ?
  15. Hi ladies I'm currently researching surgeons for a breast reduction & lift, I've narrowed it down to 2. Dr Ian Timms and Dr Tony Connell, just curious as to if anyone here has had any experiences with the surgeons and if so what were your thoughts and recommendations? Thanks in advance
  16. Total newbie so any advice and guidance is appreciated. Background - two babies later, no plans for more, successful weight loss and healthy lifestyle in hand (just on the dreaded "last 5kg" journey), good decrease in body fat % and more muscle density! long history of IVF and big hormone/drug protocol that came with it saw my happy c-cup grow to monster dd/e cup which is enviable for most girls, but ridiculous on my small 5" frame. Regardless of weight and fat loss, my boobies have remained the same size and don't appear to be going anywhere soon. So my questions are: 1) Is a reduction from a D/DD/E cup to a B/small C even considered in plastic/cosmetic surgery or will I be laughed out of the consult room? I do have neck, shoulder and back pain which I think can be mostly attributed to carrying these girls on my small frame. What is the process for determining whether my boobs can be reduced on medical grounds? If so, what is the process? 2) Am I better looking at plastic surgery for an actual surgical reduction or is something like cold sculpture/liposculpture a better more feasible option? 3) Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery for a breast reduction? Pros and Cons of both? Downtime, costs, recovery, procedure details of both? 4) Which doctors in Perth would be able to do breast reduction and possibly a bit of lipo on hips, tummy, thighs, arms during the same surgery? I know Tony Connell only does boobs so is there a next best alternative in Perth that will do both in the one surgery? 5) What am I up for cost wise - everything included surgery, hospital, after care etc? We have PHI with BUPA. Thanks Ladies
  17. I'm looking to get a breast reduction in Vic, specifically Bendigo. Has anyone here had their op done in Bendigo by Dr Snell? Or had an appointment with him? I would love some reviews on him as I can't find any anywhere. He seems to be more into reconstructive surgery (accident victims) but surely this wouldn't mean he's terrible at BR's? I hope....
  18. Right now im a D-DD not much volume lost however will be getting a lift, aereola reduction and 100ccs removed from both breasts and was told I would end up as a C Cup before implants. I am having 330cc HP round textured silicone implants but was also told there would be 360cc ordered as well for the day(nov9th) starting to consider maybe going the 360 however not sure what i'll end up in terms of sizing or if anyone has post op pictures of similar stats they wouldnt mind sharing ? also im 158cm, 55-56kgs(More of a bodybuilding physique) ?
  19. So yesterday was the day! I had 660g from the left breast removed and 620 from the right and am already so happy with the results! still got the drains in and not enjoying that- am finding I have sharp pinchy pains where they're entered and can't wait to get them out. Swelling as started today, will see if I'm allowed to start icing. im surprised at how much mobility I have?! It's achy but I don't feel restricted in my arm movement at all, which considering what my surgeon told me I was expecting to be moving like a t-rex! Blood pressure is low- 91/40 which is even low for me so nearly passed out when I went to the bathroom. Anyone got any tips for recovery and how to speed it along? More than happy to stay another night in (they're looking at tomorrow morning for discharge) also how painful is it when they remove the drains?! Eek!
  20. Hi All, New member here. I had weight loss surgery way back in 2004, side effect of excessive loose skin. I did have a tummy tuck here in Australia in 2014, not entirely happy with the results and have some pouching. On my list of things I want to get fixed: revision of my tummy tuck and fix the pouchingBreast lift/reduction/implants to look like a full E cup, get rid of the side boob skinThigh lift to remove excessive skin2 dental implants I'm 5'11 so quite tall and have a large frame (I fluctuate between 91kg - 95kg). I have always had large boobs and after feeding two kids and loosing weight they are quite saggy, although currently my bras go from a 14 F-G to 16 E-F. So I am worried with the excess skin removed they may come down too small for my frame. From what I have read so far I need to be looking at cc instead of cup size, but struggling to find how I can translate that into something I can understand. I have sent off a few quote requests off to a few medical travel places to see what kind of costs I am looking at. Is it even possible to have so much surgery in one trip or should I break it up ? What are some of the common questions I should be asking, besides looking up a surgeons before and after pics. Is is better to take family member with you or go alone? Has anyone else had all of these done? I will keep reading through the forums to soak up all the information I can, Thanks in advance for your help on the next path of my journey. Bec
  21. Hi everyone! I am new to the forum, and I am so happy you all are here. I've already read through a lot of posts in the forum. I am getting a breast reduction in Canberra. I'm trying to decide between Tonks and Taylor. I know I need to see them both first, and I haven't, but you know how it is - I'm just trying to collect all the information that I can! My main worry is that my surgeon won't reduce my breasts enough. I don't want to pay $10k (after Medicare and PHI) to end up as a D cup. I have a physical injury in my neck and I am happy to have breasts that look too small on my frame - with my pain, for me, less really is more! I would really appreciate any thoughts on this. Thank you!
  22. I'm thinking of a small reduction - currently DD/E - down to a full B to be more in proportion to my small frame and hopefully ease some neck/back pain. I'm getting a little overwhelmed with surgery and incision options for this type of small reduction. Any ladies that have had this size reduction before, what type of surgery, incisions, drains or no drains, recovery etc did you do and would you have had requested anything be done differently if you could do it over again?
  23. hi does anyone know how do you make a complaint with a surgery gone bad in thailand? I want to share my experience with everyone so that they can learn from my mistake but also im hoping for some help. I heard Dr V was a very experienced surgeon and was able to read his CV etc before i saw him. I saw him and felt completely comfortable and decided to go ahead and book with him and the surgery was done later that night in Bangkoks international hospital which is very well known. I want to make it clear that I did not rush into this procedure and I had done a lot of research on this operation for 6months prior to even going to thailand . Little did I know that would be one of the biggest regrets of my life. I had a breast reduction from a large E cup and wanted to go to a D cup and no smaller. Dr. V PROMISED me that my breasts WOULD MOST DEFINITELY NOT BE REDUCED TO ANYTHING BELOW A D CUP. he gave me this assurance and then when the outcome was not a D cup but wat is now a B cup he has advised me that i can get breast implant surgery, which i was utterly offended and upset by. In my consult with him before the surgery i had mentioned that i did not like fake breasts, so why he would even suggest this is beyond me.- this i feel is negligent in his work on me, and he has disregarded my concerns by only offering a solution that costs more money and means more surgery of which i would not have needed if he had performed the surgury as he said he would . he did not address my concern at his mistake with the huge reduction he made even when i was in tears at my final check up 2 weeks after the original surgery. he promised me no less than a D cup and now i am a B cup. there is an immense difference between those two cup sizes as im sure all you woman on here know. There is no way they look remotly the same and the only way i can obtain that right now is with massivly padded bras. i have tried to no avail both with the company i signed up with to have the surgury and also the hospital. we have been going back and forth over emails for over 6 months and only last week was i told they were not going to offer me a refund or even a partial refund of my fee. I want to know what i can do now, ive looked all over the internet and cant find any information to assist me. I live in NZ and have seen a surgeon here about this issue. He has mentioned that i can get fat injections in my breast which is a "natural" way of making them larger since im not keen on having fake breasts after having the real deal all my life sigh. The cost to do this though is $8,000. has anyone has fat injections in thier breasts on here? He also pointed out that Dr V failed to reduce my tail of spence which runs along side your breast by your armpit, this has resulted in a unsightly fat pocket there that rolls over the top of my bra, on my size 10 -12 frame it looks really obvious and needs to have lipo on. One other thing is my breasts are not an even shape and also the scars are not really very good and his incisions look to have been rather crooked as though he does not have a skilled hand. I hope somone on here can offer me some advise.
  24. I'm currently a DD cup (or close to it) and would feel comfortable with a B cup on my small 5" frame. Sensible nutrition and exercise over the past 3.5 years has seen me become a little happier with my overall body but these boobies are not going down in size. I'm over the shoulder, neck and back aches let alone having to buy 10-12 size tops instead of an 8 just so my boobs don't bust out. With a reduction of only 2 cups or so, and I don't think a lift is essential (although it would be nice) what would be my best option: Surgical breast reduction; Lipo; or Vaser lipo Any other procedures? Any opinions from girls that have had any of these done with idea of who you saw, costs, procedure, recovery etc would be awesome. I'm in Perth. Thank you.
  25. HI everyone. Looking to get breast reduction surgery either in Townsville or Brisbane area. I have all the information for Townsville surgeons but I have no idea of good surgeons for the brisbane areas so figure I would turn to those who have had experiences. I don't know how to tell if they are good or not. And any information of rough costs would be greatly appreciated. I've started calling places for information but like I said I'd rather hear from people who have had it done or in the process and know of good surgeons! Thank you
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