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  1. Hi Guys, I'm planning on going to Thailand for Rhinoplasty and I'm hoping someone could give me a run through of their experience with Dr Montien? He seems to have no negative reviews and a lot of positive so I'm leaning towards him. I've seen a few posts with regards to going through tour groups but can anyone tell me if they've been direct? Without a tour company? Price differences maybe? I've been to Thailand on holiday a few times and I'm quite savvy with flights and accommodation and have a good handle on the atmosphere, how not to get ripped off by cab and tuk tuk drivers etc. so I'm confident enough to go it alone (unless someone wants to join me on this quiet adventure that I'm not telling most of my friends and family about? I'd welcome the company from a fellow silent surgery goer). My second child is only a few months old and my husband works in the mines and gets two weeks off so once I can time things at home right then I'm going over. To give you an idea, my last trip over was in Feb last year and I flew from the Gold Coast via Singapore to Bangkok return and paid $498AUD for flights and then $272 for 8 nights, 5 star accommodation in Ratchathewi and I'm not sure if going through a tour company would be the best value for money. Only issue is, I've never had surgery over there so it's new territory for me which is why I'm asking if anyone has been direct to Dr Montien or got direct quotes and tour quotes I could maybe compare with? I'm also planning on a tummy tuck and breast augmentation but I'm trying to be patient about that until my body settles from pregnancy - That and I don't want to have to recover from all three things at once as I imagine the rhinoplasty is gonna be a challenge all on its own. Any advice or experiences or quotes or comparisons would be so greatly appreciated! Cheers!
  2. 10 days post op from full abdominoplasty with lipo at Bumrungrad Hospital Thailand...with Dr Poomee... happy to post pics if requested. BTW: all is good, healing well...was back into the swing of things a wk later. K
  3. I will be going to Thailand in February next year and will be getting Rhinoplasty to remove a bump from my nose. I have contacted different hospitals, Yanhee with Dr. Thawatchi and Bumrungrad (no Doctor yet), has anyone had Rhinoplasty done in Thailand and can give feedback at those hospitals or recommend a hospital/Doctor.
  4. Hi gals! I'm 3 weeks post op from my breast augmentation and I am absolutely loving them. I wrote up a little blog post (let me continue to reiterate that I am not a doctor!) about the things I learned before and after my surgery. I've gotten some great feedback from friends, peers, and strangers about it who are thinking about getting theirs done so if you're curious- have a read! Cheers and enjoy! http://mischkebusiness.com/2014/10/21/the-boobs/#more-2938
  5. I will be going to Thailand in February next year and will be getting Rhinoplasty to remove a bump from my nose. I have contacted different hospitals, Yanhee with Dr. Thawatchi and Bumrungrad (no Doctor yet), has anyone had Rhinoplasty done in Thailand and can give feedback at those hospitals or recommend a hospital/Doctor.
  6. Hi girls I'm getting GPS insurance approx $520 AUD for my BL & BA in May. I'm curious: If I was unhappy with the results I.e: assymetry of the breasts or different sized nipples, would that be considered a fault of the surgeon and enough to be covered or would it be blamed on my own body's healing? Also- if I were to need revision (just being super paranoid due to some bad reviews of late but unable to cancel last minute as flights are paid) would the revision only be covered for that same surgeon to fix it or does insurance allow for you to have issues fixed in your own country? Thanks!
  7. Is Dr Teerasit conservative when it comes to final choice of implant size? I am 173cm tall and the curves minus the boobs. Just wondering what the ideal size would be to go as I was thinking 500cc plus?! from doing the rice test.. thoughts anyone?
  8. Hi all! I've finally booked my augmentation surgery with Dr. Poomee at Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok after seeing some brilliant results. Now that that's done...the nervousness sets in! I basically want to go with a full C and am told 300-325ccs will do the trick, I weigh about 52 kilos/114 lbs give or take and have a small rib cage- so don't want thing to look too unnatural. Does anyone have advice on incision area, recovery time and how to best heal, and techniques for the best "drop and fluff"? I'll have my boyfriend joining me for the surgery and will be staying in Bangkok for 4 days after before I fly back home but am filled with questions now! Any feedback would be much appreciated
  9. I rocked up early to Bumrungrad hospital at about 0930hr, went through admission, and got my name band complete with photo and scanner code (want them!). I had been kind of anticipating my first experience of a hospital admission so that I could better understand my patients, and that little paper ID was to me the sign that the experience had begun. I was then escorted up to my ward, introduced to the nurses/my nurse, taken to my room and given a quick tour including how to use the safe and encouragement to place all valuables in such. Then I had to undress (entirely - no knickers!) and was helped into a theatre gown. I was asked to remove all jewellery and not given any paper knickers or anything, which felt weird, but I assumed they would put a catheter in during the op and was glad I'd been to a waxing studio the day before. After that I waited in my hospital room with occasional nurses coming in to take vitals or insert cannulas and go over my paperwork and so forth until about 11:30 when they rocked up with the trolley bed to take me to theatre. I was wheeled (a more vulnerable sensation than I'd assumed) to the pre-op area where I went through the paperwork all over again with the anaesthetist, who asked if I wanted medaz. But I was pretty calm; I'd had time to do some deep breathing and get my head together, so to speak. So I declined. At some point in the midst of it all I was hooked up to an IV bag of normal saline, which felt cool (as in cold) but did not hurt. My surgeon, Dr Komwit, came to draw on me and reassure me; he's lovely, very supportive, likes to squeeze your shoulder and your hand and so forth in support -- it was very sweet. Some more mucking about with paperwork and the usual disposable hairnet and I was being wheeled down to the operating room. Everything looked modern and on par with the theatres I've worked in which was comforting. I wiggled across to the theatre table complete with crucifix-arms (lol) and my wrists were tied down. They maneuvered the gown off under the terry-cloth blanket/sheet, leaving me entirely naked apart from the blanket, and I wondered uneasily if I'd be awake for the catheter insertion, which I could have done without, quite frankly. I lay there watching the bustle around me and then the anaesthetists' face was over me saying he'd injected the propafol. I remember thinking "ok" and looking at the overhead lamps, then at the controlled bustle of medical personnel..... and then I was waking up in PACU. No counting down from ten like in the movies, or if there was then the drugs wiped it from my memory. That first awakening was nooot good. The pain was knifing through me in savage swathes, the worst I have ever had, so painful that I could not articulate, I could only say "ow ow" and started crying with a groggy kind of hyperventilation. I could not open my eyes properly, but I saw a nurse inject something into my IV line and then I was out again. From then on I would wake up at each set of vital obs or other intervention, incredibly groggy and fighting to open my eyes, but with nowhere near that level of pain. I tried to get an idea of date/time and the nurse said I was still in PACU, that I had been in theatre from 1:30pm to 7:30pm, an extra 1-2hours longer than originally anticipated by the surgeon. I had SCUDS on my legs and they were kind of nice, like a gentle massage; an interpretation which again contradicted what my own patients have complained about (lol). The nurse said it was my third bag of N/saline that was hanging (since that first bag commenced in pre-op), so I hadn't needed all that much. I also had a small bulb-like drain under each armpit which each held 100ml (from memory) and both needed emptying twice overnight, so at least 400ml of post-op bleeding removed. At some point I woke up back in my original room and was able to open my eyes enough to ask the nurse to take the camera from the safe and take some photos. By now I was desperately nauseous every time I woke up, and happy to slide back into sleep to avoid it. At about 11pm the nurses insisted I try to eat some of the evening meal, and I got through a little watermelon before vomiting up much more liquid than should have been in my stomach. They gave me more pills but the nausea never left, and each time I awoke I was on the verge of vomiting, and spent the night clutching emesis bags. They tried to give me kidney dishes but there was no way I was dealing with splashback issues and I insisted on bags. At each awakening I was asked if I needed to go to the loo, as despite my earlier suspicions I had not been catheterised (so why no undies???). At about 5am I decided I could do so without vomiting, and that was an experience to behold, with me lurching about the room like a drunk person. My legs felt like they might crumble at any moment and my left knee felt sore and swollen as if somebody had bashed something against it during the operation (assumedly accidentally). Without the nurse I would have ended up on the floor, because coordination was beyond me, though I did insist on privacy once I was seated and the legs weren't a factor. Quite enough people had seen me naked, thank you very much. They made me attempt the breakfast in the morning, and after a few bites of dry bread and some rockmelon I again vomited more than should have been there. But after that I started to feel better, reinforcing my stance that sometimes it's best to just let the patient vomit it up and get it out of their system. Dr Komwit came in at about 10:30 and was again very supportive and squeezing hands and asking how I was getting on. We did the big reveal and I tried not to panic, because I have done the research and I knew that the first few weeks/months they would look awful, but seeing it on yourself is a whole new ballgame. He reassured me and we went over some of the specifics. I had expected several yards of dressings and combines and such covering the wounds, but Dr Komwit had used surgical glue instead of stitches, so it was just a few gauze patches and the compression garment. So my carefully hoarded stash of dressings were now for naught. But on the upside, I could shower straight away and not wait the five to six days usually prescribed. The Dr removed the bulb drains beneath my arms, which were now draining negligible amounts. There was about 10cm of line coiled within me for each drain and the removal of such hurt significantly, but I now had new standards of pain after the post-op awakening. I was pronounced a success and he told me to take my time, to have some lunch and a shower before I left, which I think consternated the nurses who probably needed the bed free before then. I'd already read about the 11am discharge goal in the brochure. But up until the nausea settled after 9 I'd been certain I would need to pay for another night in the hospital, so I was happy to be allowed to take my time. I privately decided to base my decision on staying or discharging on whether I could shower alone, and therefore presumably do everything else independently. So I snuck into the shower, legs a little jellified but better than earlier, did what needed doing, and was not in any great danger of falling over. Thus I decided I was good to go. I had some of the lunch after my dose of anti-emetic, and was only mildly nauseous. So I paid for my discharge meds and got a taxi back to the hotel. After my first "aaaaah" screech going over a pothole (or whatever) my driver was very careful to negotiate the bumpy roads as gently as he could, and with some help from the hotel porter I was back safe and sound in my room within the hour, my pre-organised incline of pillows beckoning.
  10. Hi ladies! I've just joined after FINALLY deciding to take the plunge and get a plunge. I always wanted breasts, but when puberty hit ten years ago and I only got to a 32AA- I knew it wasn't going to happen. I'm planning out for several months but after doing some research- feel like I've found my doctor. If anyone has any words of advice or reviews on Dr. Poomee at Bumrungrad or Dr. Komwit Kaewchaijaroenkit- it would be much appreciated! I was initially only going to go for a small C, but the more I've read, the more women I've spoken to with the surgery, and the more photos I look at- I'm thinking more of a D? I don't exactly know how CCs correlate to cup size- but I believe that would be around 325-350ccs? Any advice would be helpful, this has always been in the back of my mind and I'm so excited- I just want to make sure I do this the right way with all the correct information and instructions! Thanks so much!
  11. So it was a while ago but these are my notes from the day of the breast reduction, after checking into Bumrungrad but before the surgery. I thought it would be easier to just transcribe rather than come up with a new take on it: ------------------------------------------------------------- I've been admitted, vitals taken (BP is up, normally perfect 120/70-80, now 144.....nervous much? lol), and taken to my room to put my stuff away and change into the operation gown. They made me take off my undies too and have not given me any disposable ones/anything to wear down there, which feels a bit vulnerable. The nurses are lovely, very calming, except they keep asking me where my family is, lol, and they don't seem that reassured when I tell them I'm a nurse and can cope (should I be offended, lol). But it's a different culture, family is very big here. Not that it isn't at home. They didn't have any regular single rooms left in my ward so I got upgraded to a suite or a fancier single room or whatever it is...... and it's even nicer than my hotel (much!). I don't normally have my head turned too easily and I certainly don't equate "posh" rooms with necessarily being a good hospital -- hell, I'm a nurse, I know more than most that the trimming is the least important part of a healthcare facility -- and am the first to denigrate some of the posts I've read which cite how easthetically pleasing a hospital was when describing how good a facility it was.... BUUUT it's difficult not to be impressed by this suite! I took heaps of photos and then realised I couldn't upload them without my SD thingie. So by the time I started taking photos with the laptop I was waaaaaay over it. But the bathroom is huuuge, the flat-screen tv is huuuge, there is a fridge and an oven-thing (WTF??), a kitchenette to go with it, a little alcove just for the nurses' handwashing station, and a sitting room with a bay window couch big enough for next-of-kin to sleep on. The bed is a Hill Rom (just like home!), there is oxygen and suction controls hidden behind a wall panel, there's an emergency button in reach and the usual nursing call button/television control, plus a normal tv remote, and a little control panel which controls all the lights and a/c and alarm clock and MY FAVOURITE: buttons to open and close the window shade! Love it! Want it! They use a Baxter IV machine as well but it's different to ours. And there's a cute little motivational whiteboard with "goal of the day" and "questions to ask my Dr" type headlines on the wall. I have also been cannulated, which doesn't hurt a bit. I;m actually loving the 'patient experience' aspects of this whole thing, which I think will add a new depth to my nursing practice as I'll have experienced it from the patient's perspective. And my ID band even has my photo and a barcode as well as the usual details we use back home......maybe for double-checking drugs, they scan the patient code before giving? I LOOOOVE the idea, we should totally do that, how could it not reduce medication errors and so forth! And we no doubt will...... in about 10 years. So I'm now just waiting for the anaesthesiologist and the orderlies with the transfer trolley to take me to theatre. Better prepare for them.
  12. (PART 2 of blog Bangkok Breast Reduction re: THE SURGEONS) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Consultation # 2: Dr Chartchai Rattanamahattana My second consultation was booked for the following day with Dr Chartchai Rattanamahattana at the Bumrungrad International Hospital. In all fairness the only reason he had been my second choice rather than my first was that Dr Suchart was the more well-known, with more favourable reviews posted about him; their backgrounds and credentials were not dissimilar and there was nothing to suggest Dr Chartchai was a riskier option. There were certainly no condemning or bad reviews of him. I had let popular opinion sway me, but then, the options for comparison and research of overseas (or, let's face it, Aussie) surgeons are limited. In person Dr Chartchai was delightful, and probably seemed even more so due to my first experience and to my fears that all of the research and money and time off work -- bugger, how to justify the extra annual leave without a doctor's certificate, and how galling it would be to have to cancel reservations and flights and pay even more for the new ones -- would all be in waste. He was professional and courteous and answered every question with experience and forethought. This time, when the door was locked for the physical exam it stayed locked and there was only one door, so it was only the chaperoning nurse and the surgeon who saw me "naked", and he was much less hands-on, and never even reached for a marker, which was a good thing as I still hadn't gotten the previous day's markings off. He asked who my previous consultation had been with/who had marked me, and said fairly non-commitally something to the effect that he had heard good things about Dr Suchart, but that the markings seemed to place the nipples a little high. Which was nicely professional to hear as some PS patients have mentioned their Drs trying to keep their custom by denigrating the competition. And when I said the nipple placement was probably because Dr Suchart had quoted me a B cup, and that I was concerned as I understood it to be too much of a size reduction, his jaw just about hit the desk and he had to check that I had said B, before confirming that it would indeed compromise the nipple. There were two draw-backs to my otherwise happy consultation, however: Dr Chartchai could only agree to being able to reduce to an E or maaaaybe large D cup, as he only performed "lollipop" scar reductions and never the more extensive "anchor" scar reductions; and secondly, that he was on holidays the next week and so would not be available for follow-up checkups. He explained he preferred to do the follow-ups himself, following the patient through the process, and as he could not, he recommended that I make an appointment to see a Bumrungrad colleague of his who also specialised in breast surgeries and whom he recommended. Furthermore, he also did not have any before-and-after photos to show me, much to my great disappointment. I trusted Dr Chartchai and felt I had a good rapport with him, but the thought of paying $7,000 and enduring surgeries and breast scars and so forth for an E cup was a bitter proposition. I remember being an E cup in my late teens, and I hated it; they'd been much too cumbersome, even when I was still relatively slim. I felt stuck between two bad options: man boobs and possible nipple necrosis with the first doctor, or surgery for what felt like a minor size reduction with the second. That there was a third option presenting itself was of little hope; after all that research, what where the chances I'd be safe with an unknown surgeon? I asked anyway: who did he recommend? And what do you know, but it was the third surgeon on my final list, whom I hadn't thought necessary to email or organise appointments with, because I'd been so very sure of my first two options, and because he had no training or experience overseas: Dr Komwit Kaewchaijaroenkit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Consultation #3: Dr Komwit Kaewchaijaroenkit Three days in Thailand, and three different surgical consultations. I was feeling a bit like Goldilocks with the "too little, too big" conundrum and hoping like mad that the third time was the charm. And what do you know, but Dr Komwit was as close to perfect as I got. Whilst a little more reserved than Dr Chartchai and thus harder to feel an initial rapport with, Dr Komwit was just as courteous, professional and well-spoken, and answered all of my questions to the fullest. I was inured to the embarrassment of the physical exam by this point and even maintained eye contact for the few questions during such. Most importantly, Dr Komwit agreed with me that an "anchor" technique reduction was the most appropriate for my degree of breast reduction, and that he would likely be able to achieve a large D or perhaps DD at the very least, but upon my urging agreed that he could try for a small D. Furthermore, I finally got the before-and-after photos I had waited through so many months of researching to see, and they convinced me. His "after" breasts were lovely, for the most part, with one or two that were aesthetically not to my style, and I talked with him through the photo slideshow so that he could get an idea of what I found pleasing: high, pert nipples, with some minor "side" pointing being okay, moderate sized areolas, and an overall rounded breast shape. I remember saying "perky" a lot, haha. So there I was, finally sure (or as close to sure as I could be) of my choice of surgeon, ready to book the theatre and sign on the line and finally stop carrying about $5,000 worth of Aussie cash in my bra.... and his 'natural reservation' turned out to be caution about my weight. He seemed preferential to having me schedule the surgery for a few months down the track, and committing to losing weight in the meantime. It was funny, really. I had finally committed, but I was back to the beginning with a surgeon who didn't want me. I received (yet another) mini lecture about losing weight before the operation, but the more he pushed for me to be cautious, the more certain I was. I reiterated with him what I'd already said to a dozen other loved ones and healthcare professionals: I've spent the last eight months aware of the need to lose weight before the surgery, and trying to do just that, but life keeps getting in the way, the same way it has for the last ten years that I've been steadily putting it on, and the only thing that's going to change is if I lose the breasts causing me pain and limiting how much and what exercise I can do. Besides which, I wouldn't be able to schedule this much time off work for at least another year, maybe more. I'm not sure if he was just playing hard to get (doubtful), or if my pushy Western insistence was too much for his cultural bias to polite agreeability, or if what I was saying made sense -- and after all, he had before-and-after pictures of women older than and just as fat as I -- but it didn't take more than a moment's perseverance to have him scheduling the operation for later in the week. And after over a decade of flirting with the idea and keeping an eye on advancements in the field; after eight months of mind-consuming, almost daily research and uncertainty and brief, panicked research into Australian options before resolutely returning to the inevitable Thai options; after just as long spent saving and budgeting and planning; it was finally happening. For better or for worse, finally, I had a date: October 26th, 2013.
  13. Hi ladies I am hoping to have breast lift with augmentation and tummy tuck possibly with liposuction of love handles in early 2014 in Thailand. researching like crazy and have read lots of good reviews for Dr Poomee @ Bumrungrad Hospital among others. Has anyone had similar procedures or planning to? should I book direct with doctor or go through an agency? Need friends to guide me on this crazy journey I have finally decided to take.
  14. I dont understand. I have been quoted the breast augmentation package 1.1 inclusive of textured implants for 151000. When I emailed bumrungrad to send me an invoice for this amount so I could wire transfer the funds I was told the amount would be 181000bht (151000 for 1.1 package anf 30000 extra for an ? Areola reduction ? ) which was NOT discussed ?......... Wtf
  15. I (caucasian female 52 yrs old) had a facelift + upper/lower blepharoplasty with Dr Komwit at Bumrungrad facilitated by GHT I am 7 days post op and I am over the moon.................. as I can already seen a massive improvement (no more of the "tired Look", and no more sagging cheeks Yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You can hardly noticed the scars around the eyes, incredible............ Everything went extremely well! I am astounded at how quickly I am recovering! and the fact that I did NOT experience pain after the operation. Only some discomfort (bloody cold ice packs over my face for first couple of days!). I saw Dr Komwit on Tue, had the operation on Wed (7 hrs!), he and the anesthetist both checked on me the next morning and I was discharged that day, taking home antibiotics, sleeping tablets, and pain killers (that I did not require at all!). Went back to the hospital 3 days after for a check up then 2 days later to get stitches removed. My last visit is in 2 days (11 days post op) before I fly out. GHT were very efficient at organising everything at short notice ie a week! I was picked up at the airport, Sugar from the Patient Care Team took me to all my appointments and she knows Bumrungrad inside out so it was very easy. Loverly the registered nurse has been looking after me extremely well and beyond what would have been expected. Although I could have looked after myself, having someone to apply the antibiotic cream behind my ears. In terms of discomfort, the first couple of days were a bit tough, mainly because you need to sleep with your head up and that is not really easy. The sleeping tablets really helped there. Also the antibiotic cream makes your vision blurry so don't plan any reading or work! The bruises have quickly disappeared but my face is still numb on my cheeks and neck. This is normal and it will be a few weeks, possibly months before I get feeling back. Bumrungrad in my opinion beats most Australian hospitals in terms of efficiency and care. So all in all, I am really pleased that I did it and saved about 30 to 40% by doing it in Thailand even considering flights and accommodation. My one suggestion is to have your questions ready at each visit as I found that information may not be given unless it is asked for.
  16. Hey everyone, I'm a newbie and haven't booked anything yet (still in the researching stage) but I'm really interested in going to Bumrungrad Hospital but not sure what hotel to pick for post-op recovery. I'm planning to get breast lift with implants and I'm going alone. After surgery, my plan is to catch a taxi back to hotel and recover in hotel room with delivered food or food I've bought before surgery from markets or 7-11. Does anyone see a problem with this? I wouldn't want to have this planned and then find out that it doesn't work . Does anyone know any good hotels for a budget traveller in Bangkok (i'm actually not picky on where in Bangkok), I've found some nice 3/4-star hotels for $40-$50 a night on agoda near the skytrain, but i am really worried I won't be able to do anything for a few days post-op like get food or even get dressed. Any advice?
  17. Hi everyone, I have my BA booked with Dr Teerasit on the 29th of this month. So excited! A gf and I are flying over and have consecutive surgeries. Just putting it out there to get any advice or handy hints from anyone! Also, does anyone know if Bumrungrad has shared room? Like if my friend and I will be in the same overnight room? Also, I am thinking 350CC (currently an A cup, hoping to get to large C or D) and thinking of periareolar incision. Has anyone got any comments or links to posts for similar surgeries with Dr T? Thanks guys, PS i will update after my consult and surgery
  18. Hi everyone. Im a newbie and I was wanting to get a TT. I was hoping to go to Thailand, preferably Bangkok and preferably Bumrungrad with Dr preeyaphas (Dr P). I have researched to death and read nearly everybody's fab threads which have given me extra ordinary insight to what I am to expect. Therefore, thank you all so much for sharing. I was wanting to just go through the Hospital and do all other requirements like flights, accom etc my self - instead of going through an agency like Thaimakeovers etc. There seems to be enough back up if I go this way and I like the flexibility of me organising most things. My question is this. Whom here has done it this way? And how did you feel about it? - you know were there any problems going it alone etc. I would consider Phukett though I cannot find enough information about TT doctors there (most posts are about BA's) so was not confident enough to book through this hospital. Therefore this is another question I have - does anyone recommend a TT doctor in Phukett? Thank you all for helping me throughout my research. Although you all did not know it you have been extremely valuable to my research.
  19. Ok, so this is where I'm at so far. I have approached BHB directly and they said that the lipo I want (abs, thighs, hips, upper arms) and lower eye bleph will be 200,000THB. I have just sent an email to Bumrungrad and am hoping to get a quote back from Dr Teerasit (heard he's good). I have uploaded my details to GHT but after comparing prices to Bumrungrads website I might be better off organizing it myself. I understand that GHT would have a cut but going by the websites it many thousands in THB???!? So I guess my question now is.... Has anyone organized their own surgery through Bumrungrad? Where did you stay? How easy was it to get around? I'm traveling by myself and don't plan on staying in Bangkok for long after the surgery as I need to get back to Aust for work/kids/life etc.... Where is a good place to stay by myself?? I would love to meet with someone else experiencing the same thing and I know that's what GHT will do but I don't think it worth the extra $3000 to do it.... Any help would be great!!! xx
  20. Hi Ladies, I've been on this site for some months now despite only just joining and I've been scouring the forum for all the information I can get. I'm due for my breast augmentation on the 20th May so not long to go now but I've just been thrown a curve ball. I booked my surgery directly with the hospital which saves me quite a bit of money as there are no booking fees etc and was just going to stay with an aftercare facility until my friend joins me and can help look after me alittle bit. Its about 5 days after so I'm assuming there won't be much I need help with. I originally planned to stay with Bangkok Makeovers for after care but have just found out that because I'm having surgery at Bumrungrad they can't look after me. Does anyone know of a company that does after care or know of a company where I can simply hire a nurse to look after me in a hotel. I thought of staying in the hospital long however its about $300 a night so crazy expense! I really want to get this sorted before I go!!!
  21. Hi guyss im finding it hard to choose a Dr for my TT. Woyld love to hear some TT experiences. Or even better if anyone can send me some before and after photos
  22. Hi guys just wondering if anyone has booked through bumrungrad directly without using one of the agents that organise everything? Experiences?
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