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Found 31 results

  1. I've been contemplating having a BA for a few years now, especially after losing weight and seeing my breasts slightly sag. I don't think I need a full lift since I had small boobs to begin with, I only want to move my nipples upwards and a bit over, and then adding implants to round out the shape and give me fullness. Has anyone else had a procedure like this where it's just a nipple lift and implants, not a full lift, and in Australia. I live in Melbourne but wouldn't mind traveling too much if it means the best results and prices that aren't outrageous.
  2. Hi there, has anyone recently had breast explant surgery on the Gold Coast or Brisbane and could recommend a surgeon and give me an idea on prices?
  3. I appologise if this been asked before - im new to this Please help - im looking at phi, dont know which is the best as far as cosmetic / plastic surgery goes have been told the 12months waiting time can be reduced to 2months if surgery is - medically necessary, self esteem etc falls in this category so can you all please let me know what phi you have, what sort of out of pocket you had, how long you had to be on phi prior to surgery im looking at arm & thigh lift thankyou
  4. Hi all, I'm from Melbourne wanting to get botox for between my brows but have no idea where to go and am scared of the possible side effects .... the internet is full of horror stories. ANY help or experience or links would be excellent. If it helps..im 27 and have had nothing done previously. I booked appointments but chickened out as I am scared! Thank you to anyone who/if replies! Cheers
  5. Thanks to the ladies on here my decision has been swayed to stay in Perth to get my surgery. Only problem is i can't find enough results or reviews to make my mind up. Im also very new to this forum so any advise would help really as i have kept my wanting surgery a secret and havent got any advise on it at all though ive done all the research on what bad thing could happen but it all seems worth it to not feel like a boy anymore. So please ladies, let me know. Who was your doctor and was there a reason you chose that particular doctor, if any? Price? All inclusive? Hidden costs? Any problems? Worth it? Bigger, smaller or happy with your results?
  6. Hi there, I'm 34 years old girl based in Adelaide SA - no children. Surgery - BOTH Majora & Minora I have been bothered by my lifetime of discomfort/pain whilst sitting, standing, walking, riding bicycles - it gets stuck 'down there', chaffing and removing my underwear hurts! Don't get me started on the attempts to tuck it in and the toilet paper issues... ? Its absolutely embarrassing to see the bulge & outline in my workout pants - I'm restricted to selected Lorna Jane pants. All can see everything through my bikini bottoms - I have about 15 pairs in effort to find a way to conceal it all! Can anyone please send me recommended & experienced plastic surgeon - perhaps even share your experiences with me for both Labia Majora & Minora procedures? The surgery locations are preferred to be based in South Australia and/or Victoria perhaps Melbourne area as well? How many trips would I need to make OR how long to stay in Melbourne etc? Can I book the consultation and the surgery ahead in close proximity of each of the 2 appointments? Are there any tips or guides you can provide me? Cost guides, techniques/methods used, type of aesthetic suggested, healing process, downtime expected and preparation I'll need? What questions are key to achieving what I want? Including the removal of dark coloring on the lips from the chaffing..? As I'm so embarrassed, I'm going to see if I can keep the procedure quiet and take care of myself. Is this realistic? As with everyone, it's so important to get it right. Its taken me the longest time to even get the courage to ask about it - but I was rudely shut down by a GP during my last Pap smear (which I'm well overdue for). Does medicare or my Medibank Silver Prioity offer rebates? Do I need to stay in hospital? If so, how long for? ANY advice, reference points, shared experiences you can provide me is completely invaluable and appreciated in advance! ?
  7. Hi everyone, I have wanted to get my breasts done for years and years and have finally decided to get it done this year. I have found there are more high end surgeons (usually in the eastern suburbs) that charge approximately $10,000 plus for a breast augmentation. I understand Dr Miroshnik, who I am considering, charges around $12,5000. However, there are a handful of places in Sydney that have all inclusive packages for $6,000, $7000. My question is, do you think that the end result is better when done by a more expensive surgeon? Of course the office will be nicer, in a nicer location etc but i am just curious about the actual end result. I can afford $7000 right now, but will have to save for quite a bit longer for $12,000. Thanks in advance, Lilian
  8. Hi guys just want some reviews and costing for a breast augmentation with dr Chris Allen??
  9. Hi everyone, My first post wahoo! I am in Brisbane and have been contemplating going to Bangkok for lift and implants. I haven't seen my GP for a referral get, how wet have been researching as much as Google allows for the cost is Bl and BA in Aus. Most sites that come up are in Sydney. Can I be bold and ask if anyone would mind sharing their experiences in Brisbane or any other of our capitals for BA & Bl surgery. Dr? Costs? Overall experience? Recommendations? I am curious if any of the major cities have cost differences for the same surgery? I don't have a child under 7 so I am not eligible or looking for information on the "mummy makeover" rebate costs. over the past two years o have lost half my body weight and as a result little to no breast tissue hence the need for a lift and augmentation and the cosmetic clinics are not able to do the surgery I will need, I would need a plastic surgeon. wow that was long!
  10. Hi Ladies, well I had a rough morning.. I'm due to have a consult with Dr Moko on the 9/3 but sent a couple of pics over the net to Dr Travakoli to see what another doctor had to say.. Anyway his office rang me back and said I'd be looking at having to get a lollipop lift then would have to wait 6 mths until I could have my BA done and all this would cost upwards from $21000! I almost fitted & threw up a little in my mouth! I'm not all doom and gloom. I then phoned Sherree Mokos office and they said a rough estimate if that was the case would be around $12000, which is stretching it but a lot more bearable.. I'd love to hear anyone else's experience with needing a lollipop lift.. If they had surgery at the same time as their lift? What costs were involved ect?. I also got conditionally approved by Mac credit today on the basis I hand in more paper work (2014-2015 tax assessment) which is another pain in the bum.. I hate sorting paper work.. It's been a good news bad news kind a day today..
  11. Hey there, i'm wanting breast redection surgey as i have 14g-h breast the rest of my body is a size 10-12 so i look extreamly out of proportion. I'm currently on the nsw waiting list for a breast reduction and have been for a year originally i was given an estimate of around october this year but now they cannot give me an estimate, i have been trying to contact st vincents hospital with the number i recieved on my letter to find out more infomation about the waiting time and it keeps going o voice mail. has anyone else been on this waiting list and how long have you been on it? I'm at my wits end i have serve back problems and am contemplating paying for the surgery but the cost is daunting me. How much did it cost you if you paid? And if i was to pay is it cheaper getting private health insurance? I'm so unhappy with my body and have been since 14 and i have always wanted smaller breast. I can't really buy clothes anymore as the only thing that are comfortable are baggy tshirts and jumpers, i can't wear nice clothes because everything looks rediculous on me without fail. TIA
  12. I am currently an F cup and want to stay around that size.... id also be happy with an DD/E. But i also want perky breasts that look great without a bra on. Being a natural F cup gravity has obviously won the battle.. not tooo much but enough for me to be self concious. Has anyone had both a reduction and implants? Or a reduction/lift/implants? Any info would be so helpful, Surgeons? Cost? I have just started the journey and know very little. Im in melbourne but happy to travel interstate. Or even overseas. Ty xx
  13. Did some quick calculations and it seems like I will be able to afford a BA as early as Feb next year! However, I don't have private health cover and I know little about what they include when you choose to have a surgery and whether it's worth it (or cheaper) to have it before surgery. What is covered by PH if you get a BA? surgical costs or anaethetists? Does having insurance cover you in any damages or problems should they occur? How much is it and did you have to have it for a year before making a claim? What category do BAs go under so I can make sure that I would be covered should I get PH? I may be eligible for medicare items, does that change anything? Sorry for the spam of questions but googling didn't help me very much and I don't know anyone who has been through anything similar. If anyone has any advice or recommendations of providers I would be very grateful. Thanks so much <3
  14. Hi I am asking advice on A. is it worth getting a ba if I am only going up a cup size and a half? and B. any tricks or tips on how to save up for this operation? I am currently a full 10 C, however, depending on what contraceptive pill I'm on, sometimes I'm a measly B cup. I am happy with my breasts at the moment however, I think that as soon as I change pills and/or lose weight I will be so keen on getting a BA again. I am 5 ft 4 inches (or 164 cm), 46 kilos... I think that's about 110 pounds? I am quite slight, however, I have hips. Anyway, I am thinking of saving up (ahem they are expensive!) to get 10 D implants. I think DD (10) would be massive on me... A 10D would probably be: round moderate 225 c. Or I could get moderate plus 225 c which would be like a DD... Another question... How did you girls save up for it?
  15. I had major orthognathic surgery two years ago for a severe overbite. Normally a genioplasty is done as part of the surgery, however at the last minute my surgeon told me that I probably wouldn't need one and I could always do it later. He deducted $500 from my bill to compensate. Now two years later, even though my bite has been fixed I still have a recessive lower jaw which makes me look like I have an overbite. I kept asking my original surgeon for the genioplasty but he kept "fogging" me off. So i went to another surgeon (plastic) who agreed that I definitely needed genioplasty because my upper jaw had been brought too far forward. He quoted me $7500 just for his fees. I thought this was too much. Recently I went to another oral surgeon and he also agreed that I needed an genioplasty (8mm) but also gave me a quote for $7500. This seems like an awful lot for a minor surgery and more than I can afford. I see other people getting quotes from $1300 to $4500 but certainly not as high as mine. Any thoughts?
  16. Has anyone had surgery in Thailand with Dr P? I have had a chat to a few girls and they say it was a great experience and the job was greatly done but i cant find many pictures? id prefer Australia but going overseas doesn't phase me just after reviews/ opinions and pics if you have had surgery with Dr p at Bangkok makeovers! Thanks
  17. Hi ladies! I'm hoping for some general advice and/or feedback! Im an 8G and have been for about 15 years now (I'm 32) and this has been a long journey or aching back/shoulders and extremely painful breast as they are just so huge! And very lumpy too. So my GP gas referred me to Richard Martin for a reduction. Does anyone have any idea how much I'll be looking at paying?I have top cover private health but I know that doesn't cover much. Also, anyone had this surgery done and can tell me if they were/weren't able to breastfeed after? Thanks ladies, I appreciate ANY help or advice! TJ
  18. Hi, I'm new to this forum so am after some advice particularly from students who have had rhinoplasty and paid for it themselves. In Jan of 2014 I had double jaw surgery but now I am unhappy with my nose which has changed as a result of the surgery. As the jaw issue was as functional as it is cosmetic, I cannot see my parents reacting positively if I were to tell them. My main concern is my flaring and widened nostrils when smiling. I'm 24 and in my final year of uni studies. I have about $10k saved in the bank but I been seeing some people have paid as much as $19k for their rhinoplasty. How have you funded your surgery? How complex was your surgery? How many surgeons did you see?
  19. I'm not exactly swimming in cash, but I've wanted rhinoplasty since I was 11. Any tips / advice? Also, is it worth getting private health insurance? What are the cost differences?
  20. Botox in Adelaide for jawline contouring
  21. I'm starting my research process all over again! I got 570 HP textured round unders 3 months ago in brisbane and i want to go bigger. I'm going to thailand for a holiday at the end of the year so i thought id look into revision over there. has anyone been to thailand to go bigger? Who'd you go to/how much did it cost? I dont need to correct anything I'm just greedy haha
  22. hi,I was told by tci I was borderline lift so before I booked in I thought I would get a consult in bros to get another opinion. I saw Dr Harwood and he says I need a lift otherwise my nipples would face down with just a implant and still sag. As my nipples are in line with my crease. So now I'm after a highly recommended Dr pref in qld but will look into nsw too who does both and how much it costed. I'm a deflated saggy b after breast feeding 2 kids and I'm 5'5 and weigh 52kg and only want a d cup. Please help.
  23. My mother had her eye lids done and the doctor cut too much skin out , she couldn't close her eyes for months, as a builder I have to give a warranty on work and I don't get paid until the client is satisfied., like most transaction in our society. Now my mother had to pay for her eyes to get fixed by another surgeon, hospital bills, etc, it would be good to have legislation that makes the surgeon remedy the problem at the surgeons cost. Why not?
  24. i really want rhinoplasty to remove the large hump on my nose. i live in the brisbane area and was wondering who you went to. im also wondering how much it cost as i want to make sure i have enough money saved up before i go for a consultation. i know each case costs are unique but im still interested in the general costs on each surgeon. thank you
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