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  1. Hi everyone! I'm booked in with Dr. Edmund Ek on the 28th/9 (only 16 days to go, wooo ) to get lipo to my upper and lower abdomen, outer thighs and flanks, teardrop 325-350cc textured implants and an areola lift. I'm 23 with no kids and approx 80kg. Boob wise leftie is a C and rightie is a D/DD. Does anyone have the same surgery date as me? Or is anyone booked with Dr. Ek? If so I would love to read about your experience and/or see before and after pics! It's close to 1.30am and yet again I've spent hours on my phone googling pictures and stories.. I think that I've been running
  2. Hi 🙂 Has anyone had successful fat transfer to the breasts in Australia? particularly interested in Cosmos clinic experiences. Who was your surgeon? how many cup sizes were you able to achieve? did you retain most of the fat? do you have any lumps/calcification in the breasts? how have your lipo areas healed? thanks 🙏
  3. Hello, I'm not sure how many people are from Australia on here. I was wondering who has personally used Dr Lanzer Brisbane clinic, which Dr they used there, and how the experience was? I'm looking at getting lipo and a few other procedures. Many thanks
  4. BEWARE - He has a special condition on his medical registration I went to see Dr Adam Najem for surgery – Vaser liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift - in August 2017 at his Illuminate Cosmetic Clinic. I am now suffering depression since the lead up to wedding. My tummy is full of dents from the lipo he performed, and my shape is uneven plus there is absolutely no change to my bum, not bigger, nicer, plumper, nothing! All the fat that he put in has disappeared and my bum is the same. The lumps on my tummy show through my weddin
  5. I had my first liposuction surgery this Tuesday 23/4/13 done by Mike Szalay at Precision Cosmetic Surgery in Brisbane. He was very thorough in his consult and pre op chat, and after surgery I felt honestly so great! He uses twilight anesthetic so you are not fully under but to me it was just like a general, never noticed a thing! The advantage is huge, afterwards you just get dressed and go! The nurses were funny and chatty and sweet and helped me get dressed and waited for my hubby to pick me up. Post op check up the next day was good too, I really thought I would feel very sore and bashed up
  6. Hi, can someone that had a liposuction experience with Dr Georgina Erika Zelmira Konrat give any good recommendation? Or maybe share a bad experience? I had one appointment with her to discuss about the procedure and get a quote, but she did not went through many details so I am thinking to book a second appointment before confirming the surgery. Any information would be very helpful. thanks.
  7. I had Vaser Liposcution at Cosmos Clinic in 2013. These are my diary entries that I wanted to share with you About me: I’m 21 years old and have always struggled with my weight. I was a very chubby and unhappy child and that carried on throughout my teen years until I hit about 16. I lost most of my excess blubber a very unhealthy way through starving myself and excess exercise. Although I did this, I was still miserable and it wasn’t an easy thing to keep up and I was still never able to loose my belly fat! I put about 10kg of weight back on a year later mostly on my inner t
  8. Put them in here please am hoping to go over in January to get lipo and veneers, have a friend who wants to come so awesome So far I have: dr Piyapas at Bangkok Phuket hospital. He is $$ and I can't find a direct way to get a personalized quote? dr boonchai at PIAC pretty well priced what other PIAC or Thai docs to my list?
  9. I am looking into liposuction of the banana rolls (under the bum around up into the hip) and thighs. I was very interested in Dr T & Dr M in Sydney however one never got back to me and one only offers lipo with other surgery (BA). Reviews of Dr Lanzer all comment on his bedside mannor. I'm not phased by a blunt dr. I am more interested in the quality of work. Has anyone had recent experience with Dr Lanzer and can detail if they are happy with the end results? I am happy with his prices over phone consultation but really want to be set on the 'after' stor
  10. I dont know what happened and why. Liposuction went well, but now I have a big red circle on my stomach, that is itching as hell. Doctors are ignoring me, clinic advisor too. IDK what to do, what can it be? Can smbdy give a good advice?
  11. So I’m getting lipo for the very first time on 16th May with Dr Chen at Ashbury. I haven’t seen too many topics for lipo around Brisbane over the last few years, so I thought I’d add my story in the hopes it will help someone else looking to take the journey. I’ll update as I progress. So to start, I had a consult with Dr Chen in March. He is lovely and friendly to talk to. He also wanted to give me a realistic expectation of what the lipo can achieve. He let me know that because I’d had a child I won’t get a flat stomach. I’m not too worried about that as I’ve never had a flat sto
  12. After much research, I have booked in for a BL and BA with Dr. Preeyaphas Nilubol in early December 2016 via Bangkok Makeovers. I know two women who have had BL and BA with him and love them, so I'm confident he is the doctor for me for that surgery. However... he also does liposuction, and during the same time can smooth out my shape for a little more $$$. Doing it all at once is tempting, but I can't seem to find any reviews or photos of his liposuction work. Only one of a tummy tuck. Has anybody had any liposuction with Dr. Preeyaphas?
  13. Hello! I'm commencing my research into cosmetic surgery but feeling pretty overwhelmed and hoping to get some real info from people who've done it. I'm 26, from Melbourne, and I'm looking to get surgery on my breasts and also liposuction on my arms and inner thighs. I don't necessarily want my breasts to be big, I just want then to be a bit fuller but predominantly a much better shape and also I want my areolas to be smaller. I have always really disliked the shape of my boobs but in particular my nipples - while they're okay when the nipples are erect because the areola puckers, I reall
  14. Hey ladies I am hoping to have lipo surgery on my stomach and thighs I live in Cambodia, so I am thinking to have my procedure in Bangkok, as I understand that the surgeons there are very experienced and it's a short flight for me, plus I've visited Bangkok numerous times and know the city Can you please share your own lipo experiences with me? surgeon recommendation Hospital recommendation can I expect scarring afterwards? What was your recovery time? I don't particularly want to use an agent / company, as my partner will be escorting me and staying wi
  15. Hello, just wondering if anyone has had great experience with any doctors in Brisbane in regards to lipo? I have been in contact with Ashbury Cosmetics, as I have seen their before and after gallery and was impressed. Does anyone recommend them, or any other clinics. Thank you for your time. Nasrin.
  16. Any have experience with Dr Gavin Sandercoe? I have plans to get 'the works' done... but I only know people who have see Dr Tav, Dr Tim and Dr Miroshnik. I like Dr Sandercoe's understated-ness and the fact he is an experienced trauma surgeon and has run a Plastics Department before. Plus the experience in reconstructive surgery is great - it is a skill to make something beautiful out of something that is not so much. I am really excited about seeing him soon but want to speak to any previous patients for their opinion.
  17. Curious to know what your thoughts are of Dr Ellis Choy, pictures would be great. I'm looking into tummy tuck, breast reduction, liposuction. Struggling with finding a surgeon ? it's starting to frustrate me and think negative about the whole thing. is it really worth it?
  18. Heyya there, I'm 24 and wanting recommendations on a surgeon based in either Sydney or Canberra who is good with sculpting thighs, especially inner thighs and knees. I had started gaining weight a little before my 23rd birthday due to antidepressant medication and a LOT of excess chocolate (I made it as a hobby but gave it up because I'd much rather have a nice body), but at my biggest I was only a little bit chubby for a young adult (although I did end up with very large breasts, went from a C-cup to over an F-cup) , but have been and still am losing naturally since I stopped the medication a
  19. I am in need of advice I have seen both of these Doctors and was very impressed with both. I would love to hear any feedback on either please. Both are offering Vaser and Dr Kim can offer Hi def and lets be honest who would not like a six pack, but it does also come at a slight price premium. I am also having chest and back done. I would welcome advice from anyone who has any experience and please post on her or PM me, i can send a pic if you think that will help. I appreciate that there are less men who have utilised their skills, but i am interested in how any patient male or f
  20. Hi ladies, I'm interested in recommendations and experiences of ladies who have had liposuction in Melbourne - names which I'm particularly interested in are Dr Gavin Chan, Dr David Topchian, Dr Bruce Fox, and the surgeons at the Avenue. I'm 24 y.o., 165cm, and ~63kg (size 8 but very pear-shaped). I've had one consultation so far for liposuction of abdo, thighs, and calves, and would love to hear firsthand advice - there aren't many recent posts that I can find! Thank you in advance! <3
  21. HelloThis is my fourth post-surgical day, I did Liposuction in my back, waist and abdominal area and tummy tuck because i had some extra skin , it took me almost 3 months to lose some weight because when I started searching for a Doctos I knew All the weight that I should lose before having surgery,other wise I couldn't get the results I wanted, so I found Bestplasticsurgerydestination web page and I started asking for the recomandations and I send my pictures, then this company contact me explaining that they work in Bolivia , I've seen the webpage prices and it was awsome how cheap it was ,
  22. I'm 5'3 and was over 125kg by my early 20s. I'd been obese since my earliest childhood memory and stayed that way until 2010. Something finally clicked and I lost 60kg through fitness and nutrition, but I was left with a large pouch of loose skin on my tummy, flabby thighs, as well as a fatty mons pubis. I ignored it at first, but it started to get me down because I could never fully escape my years of obesity. It began to weigh me down both physically and mentally... Once I finished uni and got a job, I finally made the decision to go for a tummy tuck and lipo. There were three plastic surgeo
  23. Can anyone share their experience with Dr. Shaz Musavi from the Australia Cosmetic Clinic? I'm looking to do lipo on my abs and flanks with him but can't find to many reviews or photos. I know they use laser lipo but do they do this in conjunction with tumescent anesthesia? ACC's prices are so cheap compared to a lot of other places in Sydney I have called around to as well, is this really bad? Is he board certified?
  24. Hi Has anyone had lipo with Dr Shaz Musavi? TIA
  25. bbug


    Hi I'm interested in having vaser liposuction in Sydney. Can anyone recommend a good surgeon that's reasonably priced? I'm a little concerned that certain "surgeons" are doing the procedure for $1200! TIA
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