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Found 19 results

  1. Hello I want to make a plastic surgery, because I notice more and more that I am not nice enough and I am also very unpopular within the girls. But I do not know which things I can do to make my look better. Could you please tell which options I have? Sorry if my English is not the best, I am from Austria Yours faithfully, Benedikt Ertl
  2. Cosmetic surgery procedures and plastic surgery trends are always evolving. Each year the numbers of Australians undergoing invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures increases. And with recent research suggesting that Australians are spending $1 billion on cosmetic procedures, it’s interesting to forecast which cosmetic procedures will be the most popular in 2018. The top 7 cosmetic procedures we think will dominate in 2018 include: Tummy tuck surgery Dermal fillers Brazilian Butt Lift Mummy makeover surgery Botox Breast augmentation Rhi
  3. Are there any guys here that got work done on their face? I'm a dude and I want to get a nose job. Specifically I want to get the bridge of my nose to stick out more.
  4. Hi Everyone, I've been considering rhinoplasty for a while now and researching for the last year. I've read hundreds of posts and looked at hundreds of photos of patients of doctors from Australia and all over the world. If I'm going to get it done I want a good result! So recently I came across a few pictures of patient who had their noses done by Dr Chatpong in Bangkok and so far they are my favourite out comes. Both the profile and the front view look great (to my eye). Also the tips look great too, I've heard this is very difficult. The only problem is I can only fi
  5. There's a lot of discussion on BA, BL but I couldn't find a Thread dedicated for people going to Thailand for Tummy Tuck. So i created this hopefully to get to know others who's also embarking on this nerve wrecking journey with me..
  6. I have been surfing the internet for a long time for my nose surgery. I am a guy who really been meaning to do his nose and lower face in Thailand. I really need a doctor I can trust and believe he sees what I see. And work on my nose to come out for the best perfect results as possible. I would like to know a doctors vision that meets mine regarding. Doctor nond is very slow and I read lots of bad reviews about him. Doctor kunachak has a very good reputation and gave me that vibe during email consultations. He pays attention to details and this is what I really want. But he is very pricy.
  7. CChenko

    Dr Ian Tassan

    Hi Ladies of Townsville and Mackay, I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with Dr Tassan at QPS? I am looking to have what I believe is quite a simple Otoplasty surgery but I can't find any reviews of his work for anything including BA... Thanks heaps!
  8. Anyone has done Tummy Tuck with Dr Chartchai ? His quoted price was 285,000 bahts @ Samitivej Sukhumivit Hospital but he uses Hospital package if practise at Bumrungrad at the cost of 249,300 bahts. I have so far found no medical agencies that he works with for his service.
  9. Anyone has any idea whether Dr Amorn Poomee engage any medical agency for his surgeries ?
  10. Hello everyone, Actually I am Indonesian and I am considering doing plastic surgery in Korea, There are so many topics about plastic surgeries in Thailand but not Korea. Is there any of you ever did the surgery in Korea? Any suggestion where to go?? FYI I want to do breast augmentation~~
  11. i wish to have my nasal tip reshaped because it looks like i have a button nose. I would have wanted something smaller or finer, and i know how delicate the procedure is, so i want to make sure that i have it done by the right surgeon..can anyone advise me on someone who might be able to do the job here in sydney?
  12. Hi ladies, As a young teen I was pretty chubby with a C cup, I had my daughter at 17 and now at 18 I am only 47kgs and 5foot6 tall with pops of stretchy skin that don't fully fill an A cup. I want high profile, maybe a D cup. But will it be too big? Would I look funny? I don't want too small because, let me be honest I probably wont have the time or money to do this again anytime soon and I'm sick of being disappointed in myself when I look in the mirror as I've done everything to make myself look atleast my sort ok.. you ladies will get what I mean.. :/ Soo, how big would be too big? P.
  13. Can any body who has experiences surgery at South Korea or Thailand share and debate? These days I was mentioned about getting surgery at Korea from my cousins. Are they good tho? Some one said "for face, go to Korea", "for body, go to Thailand" Do you agree with it??
  14. Hi Aesthetic Seekers I've been wanting to ask this for a while. I'm temped to increase the bridge of my nose and reshape the tip, and from my research the best option is to get cartilages from my rip and implant them into my nose. Just wondering if the change that will be brought about from this procedure is permanent? Assuming the surgery is successful, do I need to have a second maintenance procedure 10 years later because the rest of my face has changed, and my nose didn't or something like that... I have also heard that donated cartilage from cadavers would cause complications
  15. So I'm just over three months post op now YAY! I had my three month post op check up with Dr Harwood last Thursday and he was really happy with how they're going no sign of double bubble and the scars are healing well. I also got measured properly finally so my end result is 10DD from 10A which I'm so stoked about! I'm currently applying bio oil two times a day to the scars, Dr harwood told me I didn't need to scar strips so I stopped using them. I've just posted updated photos and have another checkup for my six month mark in June (:
  16. I've decided to have surgery in Korea at the beginning of this year and I thought I could share my experience here in this forum~ South Korea is fast becoming known for its beauty industry including cosmetics and plastic surgery, and I'm guessing many visitors to this blog are also interested in Korean Plastic Surgery. Please feel free to ask me anything as I am of Korean ancestry and have visited the country a few times. I will try and share a few pics, but just to let you guys know I had surgery on my forehead jaw nose eyes and a fat injection on my face.
  17. Hi, I am having a breast augmentation done next year in Prague, Europe. I can't find anyone who would insure this surgery. I am worried if something goes wrong and I would have to be admitted to the hospital because of some complications, travel insurance wouldn't cover this. I am kind of desperate as I have contacted so many insurance companies and no one goes beyond travel insurance. Can you please tell me if you know about anyone who does it? Many thanks
  18. Hey Ladies, I am at a stage where I need to have my boobs redone and the Dr who did mine, Dr Rigg retired quite some time ago and I am not at all familair with who is the 'New favorite' on the GoldCoast. I have seen Dr Dilip Gahankari from iplasticsurgeon.com.au and Dr Doyle from Goldcoastplasticsurgery.com.au and I am pretty happy with them both so far. Does anyone have feedback for me on these guys and any others you have been too, results etc. Much appreciated Thanks
  19. Females 36-50 years wanted for Discussion Group Tuesday 8th March at 6pm in St Leonards, Nth Sydney - $100 CASH $100 cash is being offered for 2 hours participation, including small homework task We are looking for Females 36-50 years of age who have had Breast Enhancement (implants) performed in the last 5 years Contact me on 0411 474 443 to discuss further - Donna - Yourviewpoint Market Research Recruiter
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