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Found 52 results

  1. I only had my surgery 4 days ago and I'm feeling a bit down. I was indecisive about getting the Motiva Ergo Mini (moderate) or Demi (moderate plus). I didn't want anyone to notice I'd had implants so was worried the Demi would be too big but at the same time was worried the Mini would be too small. I left it to the surgeon to decide in surgery which way to go after showing him photos of my desired outcome. He went with the Mini 310cc (my full BWD of 12.5cm). Now I think they are too small. I am already kicking myself that I didn't ask for the Demi (moderate plus 360cc). They are similar to me breastfeeding boobs. I had thought they would be a bit bigger. The rice sizers definitely looked alot bigger. It is constantly on my mind. I have my one week follow-up appointment on Thursday. I've even had the thought of having another operation already to get the Demi ones. The surgeon wouldn't charge anymore but I would have to pay the hospital and anesthetist fees again. I can't believe I am even considering this. I wish I had been confident not to care that people might notice and just get the moderate plus. I doubt they would have noticed now that I have seen the moderate is no bigger than my push up bra. So do you think I will get over this feeling and just be happy that I do have full boobs (just not as much projection as I'd like). I know I could still wear a push up bra to make them look bigger when I want to.... but kind of defeats the purpose of having implants! I'm happy with how they look naked but with clothes they get hidden too easily. I feel so conflicted. I know I should wait and see but I want to get back to normal life as quickly as possible and not go through the recovery twice so if I was going to get a larger implant size I'd rather do it now. Has anyone else felt like this and did your feelings change over time?
  2. I am scared of going too big and scared of going too small. I don't want anyone to notice, but I want to notice! I have a BWD of 12.5cm and starting with a deflated b cup after breastfeeding two babies. I have decided on Motiva Ergonomix round unders, but can't decide between: Mini - 310/290 cc Demi - 380/360 cc I would love to see some photos of people that started out with similar stats to me, and how their augmentation looks and what they used to get those results. Please!!
  3. Hello Ladies! I am off to get my surgery in under two weeks and I am struggling to decide on implant size. I would like to be a full C small D but still look natural. I am 50kg 163cms tall petite with a small frame and waist. I am a 10A at the moment. My breast are okay in shape but small. If anyone has any advice or picture that would be amazing and I am so unsure!! xx
  4. i was wondering whether any gals out there have started with a medium-ish amount of breast tissue before their augmentation - what advice have surgeons given you in terms of size, placement etc? i know i should be happy with what i have but i want to be closer to a D/DD to balance out my frame (i am quite tall and have broader shoulders) TIA xxx
  5. Hi I’m wondering what size everyone thinks Elyse Knowle’s implants are? Do you think they are round or teardrop? I think they really suit her and look very natural. Iv got 330cc and I think hers look smaller than mine in some of her pics. I’m looking at going smaller so trying to decide on cc’s Thanks!
  6. Hi ladies, just posting to seek some solidarity and to know I'm not the only one going through this... I am nearly a month and a half post op with 450cc round HP overs, and I'm EXTREMELLY unhappy with my result. They're SO SMALL, they look so out of proportion still with my body and there's a huge gap inbetween my boobs. The outcome is not at all what my surgeon and I had discussed and now i have to pay all over again for a revision to go to a bigger size that'll actually look like I've had something done. I think I need around 700cc to get the look I want which is what I've posted the two other photos of.. they're my goal boobs!!! I'm so upset ☹️ I'd love to hear some stories and get some support. X
  7. Hi ladies, first time posting here having my BA in 26 days I booked in November last year and it just snuck up on me! I'm booked in with Dr Lee at TCI Bondi 10th March 2017 My initial consult went well and we agreed on 415cc and 405cc hp, with an estimate size DD I didn't take any pictures when I tried them on I have lost 8kg since November so I've decided to go in for a second consult on 21st Feb as I'm freaking out about the size, how do you know if your picking the right one for your body type? My concerns are that they will be too big/ too small I'll have back pain/ won't be able to run ( i love running ) / will looks silly I'm 27 have BF two babies and I'm 162cm and weigh 55kgs. Any advice on how to pick the right size? trying to find images of someone with similiar stats with before and after pics is near impossible! , two of my mummy friends who have had BA'S have concerns that I'm going to big, as thats what they have but they are both larger than I am. Help please/ nervous excited x
  8. Hi Girls, I'm a newbie here and still deciding on what implant size I should go as I don't want to go too large. My surgeon recommended 375cc or 400cc round, hi profile, under the muscle. My stats are 163cm, 52kg and current bra size is 10AA. If anyone here has any advice on CC sizing on a petite body type it would be greatly appreciated. I'm so worried that what the surgeon has recommended will make me look too top heaving and will be way too large and obvious. Thanks in advance, BB
  9. Hi ladies - PLEASE HELP! I'm about to book in a consult with Mark Lee's in Perth... My new full tata's should be just a few months away! HOORAY! I'm just trying to work out if I want high, moderate profile. round, teardrop. size ....arrggg so many choices. Does anyone have around the same stats who would be willing to share picys and advice? My stats: 55kg 175cm tall currently deflated 10B Thank you!
  10. Hi, so I had my first consult the other day! And I'm so excited! I decided on 470cc xhp.. I'm not a tiny girl, I'm 70kg, have recently lost 7kg, hoping to lose a bit more before my surgery in November, I'm 160cm tall. I do have asymmetry, and the doctor said that no matter what they won't be perfect, he said I could do like 420cc R and 470cc L, or something along those lines.... He said if I did get the same in each it wouldn't matter too much. He said the biggest I could go is 560cc xhp. I originally only wanted hp, but he thinks the xhp will help the asymmetry... He is going to do my bigger boob dual plane, to help point the nipple up, so they are even.... Now I'm wondering if I should go bigger then 470cc.... I am worried about looking too big, but then I know I am curvy and maybe could pull it off.... Any suggestions or anyone with similar stats? I'm about a 14 c/d cup now, just no upper pole. I'm also thinking of doing a slight difference in the cc's.... Thanks ?
  11. Hi there, I understand that going under the muscle (in my case it will be dual plane….so between the pec muscles, which I'm assuming is the usual under muscle spot) makes the implants appear smaller because they're being squashed more than if they're subfascial. I'm just wondering how much smaller. Anyone have any thoughts, info or experience about this? Thanks
  12. so! i had 2 face to face consult and 1 phone consult. im booked in for 19th june with dr. ellis choy in sydney which is the one i had over the phone. my first consult advised me 250cc mod+ subfascial (over muscle) and my 2nd seems to favour under muscle (dual plane) dr. choy seems to prefer overs too but i'm not sure on that we didn't talk for long. but i'm sure he would be open to my opinion if i wanted under. the problem is, i DO prefer over (subfascial) but i'm quite skinny with very little breast tissue which means i would probably have 250cc max before i start getting the fake boob look. but i'm thinking if that could take me to a C. if i wanted to go bigger, i probably need to go under. any advice? right now im a 8A or AA and i would like a full C. 156cm, 42kg. rib cage: 27". also, i like the round implant better.
  13. Hey Ladies, Is 445cc a big implant? I have chosen 445cc, mod +, teardrop. Stats: BDW is 12.5-13 Current size: A cup, have a little bit of breast tissue Height: 174cm Weight: 63kg I'm wanting them to look as natural as possible. I'm just concerned that they will look too big? Any advice? Thanks!
  14. Hi there, i had my consult last week. I'm in NZ, in my 40's and have a set of sad B cups (sometimes 32a and in Victoria Secret bras I'm a 32c) I've always been small and went to DD when Breast feeding and then back again.... You know the story, but I've finally made the decision to get the op. I'm 5ft 8inch and 64kgs, i want 'natural' and would like to be a C cup, no bigger. So my PS took me into the room and examined me and left my husband in the other room, which I thought was odd. I took him along to get his opinion, maybe he has males who come along and have too much imput??? anyhoo.... He started off with 250cc which I liked then went up three sizes and he settled on a 300cc/320cc combo as I have one breast slightly smaller. He recommended anatomical implants over the muscle. This surprised me as I'm quite thin up top and don't have a huge amount of breast tissue (more saggy skin) but he said I passed the 2cm (or was that inch?) pinch test. He gave me the implants to take home. They feel huge, I know it's because they are new to me but it felt like I was wearing DD's and I don't want to go that big. Trouble is I've looked at girls who've had 300cc and some look small and some look huge. This is sooooo hard!! I'm going away for a month so need to book and decide my size by next week, surgery would be first week of May. I'm seeing him again this Thursday. Any help/advice would be most appreciated! I'll try and attach some photos of what I would like my result to be. Thanks in advance xx
  15. Hi Ladies, I was tossing and turning between 295cc and 315cc moderate profile... I ended up going 295cc. Can anyone tell me if there is a significant difference between those sizes? Was it a big mistake going the smaller one..... Would 315cc over 295cc given me one bra size up if I had've chose it? Thank you, Pollo x
  16. Is drop and fluff likely to make me bigger or smaller as there is quite a lot of swelling but smaller than what I was expecting! No doubt will be 100 times better than what I had before tho!! also how long for things to start looking normal?
  17. Is drop and fluff likely to make me bigger or smaller as there is quite a lot of swelling but smaller than what I was expecting! No doubt will be 100 times better than what I had before tho!! also how long for things to start looking normal?
  18. Hi everyone!! I'm just a little anxious about everything... I had my first consultation with my surgeon in Perth today and I am about 170cm, 62kg, with an A/B cup at the moment... I think he said by BWD is about 13cm. Was playing around with implant sizes, and I thought I was quite happy with the 385cc implant size he had in his office of a different brand, but then said that the 415cc of the natrelle allergan silicon textured 415cc was going to essentially look the same (didnt have an example in his office of the 415cc) and that I have broad enough shoulders and am curvy enough around the hips to not make it look huge. My ideal is about a C to a D cup. When I got home, I tried researching 415cc HP implants online and I thought some of them look too big! Can anyone give me any kind of guidance as to what size I should go, or what I should be expecting in cup size after 415cc implants going from an A/B cup? Thank you! Your highly anxious friend....
  19. Hi I am asking advice on A. is it worth getting a ba if I am only going up a cup size and a half? and B. any tricks or tips on how to save up for this operation? I am currently a full 10 C, however, depending on what contraceptive pill I'm on, sometimes I'm a measly B cup. I am happy with my breasts at the moment however, I think that as soon as I change pills and/or lose weight I will be so keen on getting a BA again. I am 5 ft 4 inches (or 164 cm), 46 kilos... I think that's about 110 pounds? I am quite slight, however, I have hips. Anyway, I am thinking of saving up (ahem they are expensive!) to get 10 D implants. I think DD (10) would be massive on me... A 10D would probably be: round moderate 225 c. Or I could get moderate plus 225 c which would be like a DD... Another question... How did you girls save up for it?
  20. Hey ladies, if any of you have seen my previous posts you know how much Im struggling with size selection. After much research and consideration a bit the bullet and paid about AUD $140 to get my photos made into 3D and get a simulation of sizes. Please follow this link to see them as 3D, alternatively ive screen shot still shots below! Please help me decide https://my.crisalix.com/services/161976/shared (Im definitely keen on the 275cc and 325cc) Obviously nothing can be 100% Accurate but this definitely helps with the ability to try on implants simulations.
  21. Hey ladies, if any of you have seen my previous posts you know how much Im struggling with size selection. After much research and consideration a bit the bullet and paid about AUD $140 to get my photos made into 3D and get a simulation of sizes. You upload photos of front and sides plus put in some measurements. Please follow this link to see them as 3D, alternatively ive still shot some below! Please help me decide https://my.crisalix.com/services/161976/shared (Im definitely keen on the 275cc and 325cc) Obviously nothing can be 100% Accurate but this definitely helps with the ability to try on implants simulations.
  22. I've just recieved my first recommendation from Dr B based on the pics I sent via email, it was quite vague. Is that normal? He mentioned I have a wide gap between my boobs that he will 'try' to fix. Has anyone else had this? I don't fancy implants sitting on the outside half of my rib age! I have also noticed that my nipples are noticeably uneven, I asked if this could be repaired and he said that it wasn't something he felt very necessary to do as it is quite normal. Is it? Has anyone had a nipple realignment with this Dr? I have sent two emails with a few questions, nothing demanding but just a few things I wanted to ask about but the responses are very brief and vague. I feel confident I've chosen the right Dr based on reviews I've read but am concerned that he may be so busy that he will do a bit of a rushed consultation and then procedure. Any advice, reviews, past experiences, before and after photos of work from this Dr would be greatly appreciated! I have had three children, my eldest is 19 months and I am worried he may be only interested in dealing with fit, young women that only need an extra boost rather than have boobs 'ruined' from breastfeeding! I am 36, 175cm and 65kg. So not super unfit but the old body has seen better days! ? I am after a full C cup to small D cup. Any advice, tips, or past experiences would be great ! TIA x
  23. I'm booked in for surgery on the 11th of august but due to privacy reasons the company can't show me before and after pictures by the surgeon (Dr. Joe Rizk). I'm having my consultation on the 3rd of august however he has suggusted i get silicone 425cc round high profile inplants. I want to go to 10DD/E (i'm not sure how big that really is since i dont have boobs at all :/) I am very barely a 10A, i've searched the whole of google back and front about this topic believe me! Some ladies say pre op they were 10A but appear to be much bigger than me. I have nearly NO breast tissue at all, only a very small amount. Most 10A bra's don't fit me and push up bras literally don't help at all unless i have chicken fillets in... but even then it doesnt do alot. So anyway, i'm hoping some ladies out there can help me out give me advice with sizing and show me some before and after pictures of there own preferablly without holding or pushing there boobs and no bra. I already follow the cosmetic institute on Insta but i'm not going with them! Preferably show me pics if you went from 10A to 10DD or 10E and what size you got etc Other factors: I'm 5'2, 18 years old, smoker (severely cut back for surgery) so if you are similar or went through surgery and continued to smoke please help!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou!
  24. My stats are 54kg and 162cm tall. I'm a borderline patient after 2 kids and went the biggest I could go which is 485cc high profile, round unders. Is anyone else in a similar boat and if so what size did they end up and are you happy? Thanks heaps in advance ???
  25. Hi ladies! This is my first ever post to this forum, so glad i found it, such interesting experiences to read about on here- Thank you all! I am booked in for breast augmentation in the Gold Coast on 24th Feb 2015- Eeeeek 2 weeks!! I am stressing about sizing and wondering if you could tell me post op if the implants do actually look smaller than when initially tried on? My issue is that trying the sizes, I like the 300cc, but do NOT like the 350cc. The surgeon has said I need to have a 350cc to achieve the look of the 300cc that I tried on, (previous consults with other surgeons have told me the implant size you try, is close to what you get). If I liked the 350cc size also, this wouldn't be a problem, but i find it too big. Did any of you choose an implant larger than one that you liked, to achieve the same result?
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