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  1. I have narrowed down my search for a rhinoplasty ENT surgeon to Dr George Marcells and Dr Shahram Shahidi. Does anyone have any information on who will be best? Marcells seems to post less before and after photos, perhaps because he has a solid client base who pay good money and this he respects their privacy. Shahidi on the other hand seems to post lots of before and afters (perhaps offers patient discounts?), which I don’t see as a bad thing but it does make me wonder. I like his work however, but surgeons naturally only post their successes. I did see some people saying to qu
  2. Hi cosmetic journey members, Last month I had a breast lift with implants and wanted to share my experience with others. I hope this is helpful to those considering the surgery. Monday – 21/5 • Operation – lift and augmentation Tuesday Wednesday • Extremely bloated and feeling crappy
  3. Hi everyone I have surgery booked with Dr Drielsma in bondi junction sydney. Has anyone had a BA done by him? I am booked for 22nd February! Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone! I’m looking at getting my nose done. I had a consultation with Dr Shahidi last year and wasn’t completely comfortable with him. I have breathing difficulty and a deviated septum so I will need an ENT Specialist. Wanting to book a consult soon and have narrowed it down to Dr Marcells and Dr Choroomi. Can anyone give their advice, share their experience and reviews with these surgeons? Or recommendations for others. Thanks
  5. BEWARE - He has a special condition on his medical registration I went to see Dr Adam Najem for surgery – Vaser liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift - in August 2017 at his Illuminate Cosmetic Clinic. I am now suffering depression since the lead up to wedding. My tummy is full of dents from the lipo he performed, and my shape is uneven plus there is absolutely no change to my bum, not bigger, nicer, plumper, nothing! All the fat that he put in has disappeared and my bum is the same. The lumps on my tummy show through my weddin
  6. Hi there, I’m currently looking for somewhere to go for filler, likely in the under eyes and cheeks. Wondering if anyone has recommendations? Im currently considering Dr Steven Liew but there’s a long wait time for a consultation. Has anyone been to AllSaints clinic? Or have any other recommendations?
  7. Hi girls! So I'm booked in with Dr Tavakoli in twenty days to get a standard boob augmentation. Im having to travel interstate so haven't as yet had my consult so am becoming really anxious. I think I'm finding it hard knowing I'm going into surgery with some one I haven't even met yet. But from my research online I think I liked his work the most. Can any girls who have had there boobs done with him that have travelled give me any advise? Reasure me? Also received my pre op pack in the mail today and reading all the complications that can go wrong whilst under has me worried to. I no th
  8. Has anyone had surgery with Dr Joseph Rizk? He is advertising $7,900 round implants. Not sure if it is the real deal. It says here he is in Burwood. However the website and google say Stanmore. His Instagram seems good but no reviews on here. www.instagram.com/drrizk_official Has anyone had breast surgery with him. What is it like?
  9. Hi guys, I have a tentative booking with Dr George Marcells for Rhino in November this year but starting to get worried about the lack of reviews I can find about him online. Can someone please help? Has anyone had rhino with him and is willing to share? I am 24YO, based in Sydney and have a huge nose, would love to hear from ladies in a similar situation that have seen Marcells or even anyone with any knowledge of him. Thank you,
  10. Just wanting to see if there is anyone out there that has had a breast lift with female Dr Sawjin Tew in Sydney and how your journey went/ costs and results! Thanks heaps
  11. Just wondering how much everyone has paid for tuberous breast surgery and how much you got back from PHI and Medicare. Also any other tips would be appreciated.
  12. has anybody had their boobs done with Dr Lee at cosmetic evolution? Haven't seen many reviews about him on here. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Girls, I'm from Melbourne and have been recommended by a few friends to go to Sydney for my BA cause I think I need some fat grafting. I'm looking at Dr Tavakoli and Dr M. Has anyone got any advise on who to choose?? Dr Tavakoli seems to be quite versatile in his procedures and uses fat grafting to give such amazing and natural results. Has anyone had BA with fat grafting with Dr M as I havn't seen any of his results. Thanks
  14. Hey everyone! I had my first child in 2016 which left my natural B cups deflated and to put it frankly, disgusting. I am now a size A which I never thought would happen post-pregnancy but here we are I have decided to get a breast augmentation, but as I am petite, I am only hoping to be a large C cup, so kind of like a mini boob-job. My questions to all of you is who do you recommend? What are your experiences? And do you have any advice? I am located in Sydney and was originally going to go to Cosmetic Evolution (previously Cosmetic Institute) but I’ve read some really terribl
  15. Hello, I see alot of people asking about Dr William Mooney both here and abroad. I have booked in my surgery with Dr Mooney and the procedure will take place in two weeks. I plan on updating this thread with my experiences and results in an effort to help other people make a more informed decision. Bit of background; I am a male who lives in Sydney. I initially saw Dr William Mooney in 2014 (two years ago!) at his Bondi clinic. Bit of a mission to find as the Westfield is confusing but once inside greeted by friendly staff and a very nice view of the city. Dr Mooney is a l
  16. Hi Girls, I haven't seen any forums for August ladies and wanted to know if anyone else is feeling just as nervous as I am? I'm travelling from Melbourne and having surgery with Dr Tavakoli on August 16 and would love to know if there are other Dr Tav or August girls out there booked for surgery? Anyone else travelling interstate for their BA?
  17. Hi everyone I'm considering primary rhinoplasty with either Dr Mooney or Dr Nettle in Sydney. I've read a few bad reviews which has made me a little nervous but I'm not sure how true they are as there's no photos for proof. Does anyone have any before/after images of rhinoplasty with them? Dr Marcellas may also be an option. I have a bit of a bulbous tip so want someone thats good with that. A lot of pictures I've seen are removing the nose bridge lump (forget the technical term) so I'd love to see some others. Thank you!
  18. Hi I was wondering if anyone could recommend dentists in and around Sydney area that do effective teeth whitening (and aren't going to try to convince me to spend more money than I need to)? Or do majority of dentists offer the take home teeth whitening kit so it doesn't really matter which dentist you go to? Thank you!
  19. Curious to know what your thoughts are of Dr Ellis Choy, pictures would be great. I'm looking into tummy tuck, breast reduction, liposuction. Struggling with finding a surgeon ? it's starting to frustrate me and think negative about the whole thing. is it really worth it?
  20. Heyya there, I'm 24 and wanting recommendations on a surgeon based in either Sydney or Canberra who is good with sculpting thighs, especially inner thighs and knees. I had started gaining weight a little before my 23rd birthday due to antidepressant medication and a LOT of excess chocolate (I made it as a hobby but gave it up because I'd much rather have a nice body), but at my biggest I was only a little bit chubby for a young adult (although I did end up with very large breasts, went from a C-cup to over an F-cup) , but have been and still am losing naturally since I stopped the medication a
  21. Hi Ladies, I'm hoping someone can give me some recommendations for a plastic surgeon in Sydney or Newcastle for breast augmentation. I don't know anyone who has had the surgery & I'm finding all my research online very overwhelming. I'd just like someone who has had it done with good or bad experiences. Thanks in advance
  22. HI, I want to get lip fillers for the first time and on a budget. I want something that will last long and make a much noticeable difference with 1ml. I really need help about the following: 1. What product do you recommend? I am tossing up between Juvederm Ultra Plus and Princess Gold. 2. Any opinions on Laser Clinics? They are doing thick lip fillers for $600. I want to know if there are any good clinics in Sydney 3. Injectable Institute Australia have a deal $450 for Juvedeurm Ultra Plus or $340 for Princess Gold. Any thoughts? Looking forward
  23. Hi ladies, I live in Melbourne & am wondering where is the best place to get breast augmentation done? I've being doing lots of research but would love to know prices especially at the Victorian Cosmetic Institute. Also if anyone has being to the cosmetic institute in Queensland or Sydney please leave a review! I am happy to travel insterstate but need help and reviews! Thanks.
  24. hi ladies! I am interested in getting a BA through cosmeditour but I am concerned that they are trying to upsell me to anatomicals when that isnt the look I want or need. has anyone had a BA with them and paid of anatomicals and ended up getting rounds with a refund for the difference? was it hard to get the money back? cheers Sarah
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