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  1. Hi All, I am planning on getting Brazilian furries with Dr George Mayson in Melbourne. i noticed many of the posts regarding PU implants are from 4-6 years ago. i would be most grateful if I could hear how these implants are going for you now. Also whether heavy lifting chest exercise has been an issue or change to shape of implant. Really would love to see b&a pics, especially with you height and weight and also the base dimension of your implant and the cc. but all reviews on the subject are most welcome. I still have not decided on size yet. thank you so much
  2. Hi, I'm Andrea, 29 years old, mom of 2 breastfed children and wanting to go for a ba this October. I live in Europe and I went for a consultation a couple of months ago, the PS is very skilled and recommended anatomical implants, mentor Cpg, 295 or 330cc but I'm a bit afraid they'll be too firm. I'm currently an A cup and I have read they feel hard when lying on your back. Is that true? Could anyone help me? Are they hard or just firm? Also, do they look weird when lying down as gravity shifts 90 degrees but not the shape of the boob? I really love the results I'm seeing from anatomical implants, I'm just worried about this specific lying down question. I'm even afraid it'll ruin my sex drive bering self conscious of the implants being felt or something... Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. The following is my BA experience...hope it helps someone else wondering what to expect, just like I was when I came across this incredible forum I will apologise upfront that this will be extremely long... I was due at the Hurstville Surgery Centre at 8.30am on Friday, 10th January. I live on the central coast and had decided to get the train down (thanks for the idea Merlin) so I could just chill listening to music and then my husband could come to collect me leaving our two little ones with a friend. Did I get to bed early to get a good night's sleep? No! I was still packing my bag at 11pm lol Then once I got into bed I set my alarm for 5.30am and then promptly woke my sleeping husband for one last hoorah...well who knows how long I'd have to wait afterwards right!? So, got to sleep around midnight and woke at 5am. Felt so calm and happy during the train trip. Arrived at the hospital and it was a ghost town. Just me and the male receptionist. Lucky if I waited 5mins before a lovely nurse came to collect me. Went through my forms, took my temp and BP and got my ID tags for wrist and ankle. Then she led me to my waiting room on the ward where I changed into the sexy gown, booties and cap (just left knickers on). Idled away the time texting my husband, close friends and family. Suddenly it was time to get wheeled into the room just outside the operating theatre. Dr Rastogi was still finishing up with his first patient. Turns out the hospital had only reopened the day before and it was just Dr Rastogi in that day with 3 BA's to do. I was the middle one. Because it was so quiet the nurse told me that my husband could come in with me as soon as I was awake. Next I met Andrew, the anaesthetist, who was lovely. He explained what he would do and what post-op meds I would take followed by a bit of general chit chat. I started to get a little bit nervous in the next 5-10mins and then Dr Rastogi walked through the theatre doors with his warm gentle smile and I immediately felt calm again. I asked him some more questions and he really does make you feel like he has all the time in the world for you. He took some pre-op photos and remeasured my BWD. We had chosen 400cc XHP in my consult, but also ordered 360cc XHP as a backup. After remeasuring me he said he was going to use the 360's as I didn't have much leeway widthways and the implants tend to expand a little once they settle. This may not be an issue for some people, but as I have very little natural breast tissue and was concerned about implant detection on the sides (particularly as I was getting brazilians), he opted for the narrower of the two implants. FYI - my BWD is 12.9 and the implants were 12.3 and 12.8cm respectively. I told him I trusted him and, as the sizes are quite similar, I just wanted whichever one would be best for me. Andrew came back out and injected into my left arm (elbow crease) and then directed me to walk in to theatre. I think there were 5 or 6 people. I hopped on the bed under a warm inflatable blanket thing. There were two bright lights up above, but they were multiple colours (they reminded me of a rainbow) and a good song was playing. Everyone seemed happy and I remember feeling like I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat, but I couldn't get the smile off my face (I tried!). Then Andrew helped me take my left arm out of my gown so he could get a line in and Dr Rastogi helped me take my right arm out of my gown. I was unsure where I was supposed to lay that arm...he grabbed my hand in both of his and said this hand is for me. He smiled at me and I smiled back and then I started waking up in recovery. I hadn't even realised the anaesthetist had obviously already given me something!! I have no idea what I was saying to the two nurses...think I was asking if I'd been snoring and then talking about my favourite breakfast haha I was struggling to stay awake, but felt fine besides that. They moved me to a reclining chair and then my husband came in. I thought it was around 1.30pm. They mentioned getting me a sandwich and I told them I'm GF (they'd forgotten to check my dietary requirements). I then asked where the bathroom was and walked off to go pee. All of the nurses were so lovely and one of them raided her own locker to find something I could eat I had some cheese on a couple of corn thins, a piece of chicken out of a sandwich and an apple juice. Dr Rastogi then came to check on me and said they would go through lots of changes and softening up over the next three months, but said they should look pretty decent in a couple of weeks. He then asked if he could take a look and said actually they look pretty good now lol My husband quickly concurred with that statement after he left Then I got dressed and we left. It was already at least 3pm somehow. I used a pillow for the drive home (thank you Libby) and we were back on the coast before I knew it. I have had no pain besides a bit of a sore back on Saturday. I haven't taken any of the panadeine forte prescribed. I have an antibiotic twice daily, an anti inflammatory, Valium before bed (which doesn't seem to do anything?) and panadol 2-3 times per day. I took my tape off my incisions in the shower on Sunday morning and this morning (Tuesday) is the first time that it feels a little tender (on LHS - maybe some numbness is starting to subside?). I have some swelling and a bloated tummy, but haven't had any bruising yet. My incisions look a little red and feel a bit bumpy in parts. I am allowed to reach arms above head, wash my hair etc. I can only wear a singlet/bandeau for the first three weeks, then softcup bras. I am comfortable on my back (I am a tummy sleeper), but is not easy to fall asleep in that position. Bit of pressure on my chest when I wake up in the morning. Only negative thing (besides that boobs are numb and warm, so feel weird) is I get a bit lightheaded and weak every now and then - eat some Vegemite toast and lie down and all good. Well that's all I can think of (thank god you say if you're still with me!). I am prone to anxiety and quite an indecisive person (what if this, what if that), but I can honestly say that I felt excited about my decision the whole morning and right before I went into theatre I thought "Let's do this!!". So my advice is do your research and make sure this is what you really want and you won't look back. Thank you to everyone that has helped me during this journey (particularly M10972). There are many on here that I have never communicated directly with, but have been kind enough to provide their stories, issues, concerns on here for others to read. This forum has helped me so much and I wish everyone who takes the plunge in the future a positive experience like I've had so far and a speedy recovery xox
  4. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to this forum. So, I've just started looking at getting BA done in Sydney. Keen to get teardrop, saline - implants in a 300-350CC. Naturally I'm a 10D, Height - 153, Weight - 57. I want something natural, not too over the top. Open to your suggestions in finding a good surgeon.
  5. Hi all, I am one week post op. I got 330cc mentor teardrop under the muscle, starting at a small a and hoping for a mid range C. I am a lot bigger than I expected and am wondering if I will find any reduction in the size in the next few weeks? 60 kg 172cm
  6. Hi Ladies, Hoping you can share any feedback/photos from a breast augmentation with Dr Shaz from ACC Thanks
  7. Hi girls, Im so excited I have finally booked in my BA surgery for a months time! My biggest issue is sizing as seems to be he case for most girls doing BA. I'm told I'm limited in sizes because I'm naturally very narrow in the chest and natural breast width is only 10.7cm. I am 170cm tall, size 6 in most clothing, 55kg and have next to no boobs probably a AA cup. I really wanted to get to a nice C cup in as natural of a look as possible. My PS recommended either teardrop 260cc high profile implants OR 200cc round moderate profile implants. These are the max sizes based on my 10.7cm breast width. Im not 100% convinced this is going to achieve the size I want but equally don't want that unnatural stuck on fake boob look. And I'm worried that the high profile will look too pointy! Anyone else with a similar size to me have their experience to share? I just figure if I'm going to do a BA I may as well get my ideal size rather than go smaller but the most natural...can't I have bigger and natural?! I showed my PS a picture of Blake Livelys boobs which I think are amazing and I thought pretty natural, but he seemed to think they had a bit of a "done" look about them Is it crucial that the implant I get must be smaller or the same size as my natural breast? Because that seems to be the main limitation to what sizes I can choose... Everyones help and advice would be so much appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Hi just wondering who has teardrop implants? I currently have round and my surgeon wants to put in teardrop for my revision surgery. I'm just worried about losing the fullness at the top. I would love to hear anyones opinions on their teardrop implants...
  9. hi ladies! I am interested in getting a BA through cosmeditour but I am concerned that they are trying to upsell me to anatomicals when that isnt the look I want or need. has anyone had a BA with them and paid of anatomicals and ended up getting rounds with a refund for the difference? was it hard to get the money back? cheers Sarah
  10. Hey guys, 4 days ago I had my breast Augmentation through CosMediTour in Sydney. Iv been youtubing my experience so feel free to check it out and ask any questions ! I'm super happy no regrets! Here's the link!
  11. Hi ya, my friend and I have been looking into going with Cosmeditour from NZ for BAs. We only know what we have seen on the net. What do you girls find better, we are both realisticly Acup, or small Bs. both 31 with kids and under 68kg. she is slim, I still have a mummy tummy fml. Where do you stay, what do you suggest? What are the groups like? What should we ask for/not ask for? What are the best places to pick? Who did you go through for flights etc. Where do I find before and after pics that arent on their websites?? Thanks so much ladies! So excited, but nervous!
  12. Hi ladies, I am two days out from surgery for tuberous breast correction with Dr Benjamin Norris. I'm having 310cc, under the muscle, textured teardrop implants, moderate profile. I am also having an ariola reduction. I am currently barely an A cup so am hoping that I will reach a C but I'm not so sure... Does anyone know if this will is possible?? I will post an update after my surgery with some photos. Wish me luck
  13. Hi I am a week post op, going for my follow up appointment with dr layt tomorrow. I have been quite anxious the past week as I haven't been wearing the bra only the strap as instructed by dr layt. Has anyone had their Breast Aug done by dr layt or have to wear the strap? How long did yours take to "drop" and settle, I know it is only 1 week just wanting to know how others went and what to expect! thanks
  14. Thought I'd better post this for anyone that's interested and before I forget it! Stats 420cc anatomical implant unders, 10B, 2 kids,163cm, 58kg Surgery Day Arrived 7.30 and taken to share room and told first patient had just gone in for surgery so I'd have a couple of hour wait. Well there were complications in the first surgery so her surgery lasted nearly 8hours so I ended up waiting until 3pm to go to theatre then probably another 30mins waiting at theatre doors. I was very upset by about midday, having waited so long and the nurses didn't know what was going on. They were nice and supportive though. I had a throbbing headache since I'd been nil by mouth since midnight so they got me on a drip. My PS drew on me and said how excited he was, I was just worried that he'd be tired after such a complicated surgery before me! The anaesthetist hooked my drip up and started asking me about me kids and stuff until he ran out of stuff to talk about and asked if I was getting drowsy, I wasn't so he reconnected my drip with some new stuff and left me for 10mins. He came back and I was still awake so he injected some stuff straight into the tube and I was in happy land. I woke up in recovery in about 7/10 pain, they got the morphine going and got updates on my pain about every minute till it got down to 2/10. I then had control of the morphine for the rest of the night. Out of recovery and my husband and mum came to see me. It was 7.30pm by this time and they were worried about me having to wait so long, knowing what a state I would work myself into. Apparently they were both phoning the hospital from about 3pm for updates. I slept fairly well, nurses were doing obs about every hour so kept waking me but my drains weren't getting much fluid so they said I'd hopefully get them out the next day. Day 2 I stopped using the morphine around 6am, aiming to get onto oral pain medication and off the drip. The nurses took the drip out at around 8am and I was free! My breasts were in a compression vest with a layer of foam in it with boob-cutouts. The PS had left me flowers and chocolates (how lovely!). PS saw me at around 11.30 and said the drains could come out at 3pm then I could go home. I was so happy! But he said I'd have no pain relief going home and recommended panadene or panadol. The nurse gave me 2 oxycodone at 2.30 and recommended I check if any family have panadene forte laying around I could use which I'd already done and my sister had some (phew!) I got the drains taken out which I was shaking I was so nervous but it ended up being fine. It was the first time my breast were out so I got the nurse to take some photos before they got put away. I can't expose them until my 10 day post op appointment and so can't shower either. I'm enjoying hubby sponge baths though. One week today and just on panadol before bed and before I get up to morning boob which started day 4 and lasts about 10mins. Only 3 days till my boobs are released from booby prison and I get to see them! I'm getting a bit nervous cause I have no idea what they're going to look like other than they'll need a good wash. The booby prison is very hard to put clothes over so I have very little public exposure at the moment. Monday can't come quick enough!
  15. Hey ladies, I need some serious help! I've got my ba coming up in 10 days and I'm struggling really hard to choose between 245cc and 280cc. I've got a very small chest cavity and shoulder and I'm really worried that if I go with the larger that I'll look enormous. I'm 172cms and around 53kgs, I've currently got a deflated b cup. I'm going under the muscle, with Mentor textured anatomicals. I've read so many mixed reviews of other girls results. Some saying that small implants go a long way for petite girls and then some saying the complete opposite. My main goal is to have a full looking c cup without a bra. I want them to be as natural as possible because I really like my slim look but I just feel lacking with not having much going on in the chest area. It'd be ideal for me to be able to hide them if I feel like it but still have something that's going to look killer in bikinis and cleavage-y tops. Think Bella Hadid, she's pretty much my boob goals. So if there's any girls out there similar to me I'd love to hear from you!
  16. Hi Girls, I saw a lot of surgeons but at the moment my favourite is Richard Bloom. However it's soooo hard to fins some reviews...do you have any feedback about him? Thank you so much! Cheers
  17. Hi ladies I'm new here sent photos through to cosmeditour and they recommended teardrop implants I'm not even a 10A, maybe 8A and compete in bikini division of bodybuilding comps so I stay relatively lean. They said I have a long chest wall that's quite ribby. Interested in hearing from other women who were in a similar starting position, did you go bigger with teardrops? Or how big. Or had tear drops through cosmeditour a total noob and always thought I'd have round implants. Thanks!
  18. Hi ladies, Your posts have helped me so much! I thought I would make a post about my journey to help anyone. I am 20 years old, size 12/14, 73kg, 5"7 and size 12 D/DD breasts. I have wanted implants forever and I work in the adult industry so it is an investment for me. I was thinking about going to thailand to get them done but once I got a consultation done here I realised how terrifying it would be overseas to get done and decided to stick to here in Melbourne I got my first breast consultation at endless solutions and have forgotten the doctors name ( couldn't find him on the website, he must have left) he was wanting to put 500-550cc high profile rounds in me... Thankyou I didn't do that. Next came Dr 8**** ($7000)A girlfriend of mine got hers done there and was impressed so I went for a consultation. I would highly NOT reccomend anyone waste their time with him. While the nurse Doris was lovely she was crazy. The whole thing felt like a circus. Dr **** barely looked at me in the eyes and almost felt like he was on lots of caffeine. He was rough when touching my breasts and had I not done my research I would have gained very little info from him. He was going to put 325 teardrops in (not enough in my opinion). He also wanted me to sign a waiver that if he f**ked up I legally couldn't write about it on the Internet or anywhere public. Notice his name turns into stars when mentioned on here?! What a dodgy surgeon!! I have a consult with Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi ($9000) tomorrow and if I am happy with him I will book the surgery in asap. My friend is booked in with Dr Tim Brown on the 22nd oct and is really excited- said he was wonderful. Will keep you ladies updated and let me know if you have any advice. Especially if you work in the adult industry! Peace xx
  19. Hi ladies! I'm tossing up between anatomical and round implants. What made you chose anatomical instead of rounds or vice versa? I'm really wanting natural looking breasts and I've seen so many with anatomical implants that look great. BUT Now I have also seen a lot of round implants that have produced the same look as the anatomicals! So I'm well and truly lost in my decision now! What implants did you get and why? (eg what look were you after and did you achieve it) Would you change for the other if you could go back in time? Thanks in advance for any input!
  20. Unsure about sizing, I have been to my consult and the surgeon suggested 295cc high profile allergen (teardrop) he then asked what I thought of that for a natural look and I said I think I would like to see something bigger so he showed me 325cc. Which looks really nice on vectra imaging. I really want a natural look in proportion to my body so I'm 173cm tall and 53kgs with wider hips. Just looking for an opinion as some peoples 325cc look huge but 295cc looks tiny on some!!
  21. I'll be getting my implants in December this year with doctor fleming!! 375cc, tear drop, dual plane, Brazilian Really excited! Has anyone else had anything like this or looking at this size and shape? I'm currently a full B cup and looking for around DD result. Any advice is appreciated in regards to recovery and experience Thanks xx
  22. Hi ladies!! So a boob job is something that's been in the back of my mind since I was about 16 (and seriously for about a year and a half now, since joining this forum). I have two questions regarding implant type and post boob job fitness routine. I am 174cm and I believe about 64kg. I have always wanted a natural look due to my athletic shape and therefore have lent towards teardrop shape. HOWEVER, I do have worry that this will not give me much upper pole as I have very little tissue up there currently, while I have a nice amount at the bottom of my breasts. This is not to say I want the 'massive big tits' look (sorry for pigeon holing) but I am genuinely concerned that teardrops will end up dropping a lot and I will have regretted not going for a little more perkiness. Any advice from those of you who were or are in the same boat would be much appreciated! Or even advice from you body experts would go a long way! I have attached a photo for you to get an idea of my shape now? Second question: fitness post boobies Currently I do a combination of reformer Pilates, yoga, weight lifting and pole fitness (and sometimes rock climbing). If there is anyone out there who loves the active lifestyle and had a boob job, how much did it change your routine? Were/are you unable to do push-up or pull-ups? Do you do pole dancing and do the new boobs effect you in any way? Ideally I would like to be able to do all of these at some point after my BA haha? but I have heard some surgeons recommended against them for at least 12 months! I have attached some embarrassing photos for you to get an idea of my overall body shape. Happy to take suggestions from your personal experience ? THANKYOU LADIES!! xx
  23. I had BA surgery five years ago and one of my implants (teardrop) has now flipped!! Has anyone experienced this before? My surgeon said I need revision surgery but I am wanting to find a new surgeon, preferably in Sydney, any recommendations? does this happen often? I'm thinking I'll need to go with round to prevent this happening again
  24. Hi Ladies I had my surgery today with Dr Tavakoli. Arrived at the East Sydney Private Hospital at 9 am. Was seen by the nurse who did my blood pressure, checked my temp, gave me the hospital gown and a Valium to calm the nerves. Was feeling so nervous at this point. I then saw the Anaesthetist, Dr Kevin Lee, who explained what happens during surgery and what to expect afterward. Dr Tavakoli then came in and did some markings on my chest. After that I was taken into the operating theatre and don't even remember going out ha!! I just remember being super nervous. Woke up in recovery - felt so tired I didn't want to wake up. I felt pressure and tightness but no pain. The nurse explained to my husband what to do with the drains and what meds I needed to take etc... I've been back at the hotel for 4 hours now. Feeling really good. No trouble getting in and out of bed - taking it very slow and relying on my stomach muscles to get up. But still no pain. Fingers crossed it stays that way. I even managed to eat dinner and I'm keeping up on my fluids. Cannot wait to get the drains out. i don't have the surgical bra on ATM Dr Tavakoli will put it on tomorrow. So I can see my boobs and I love them already. So high and tight but I love them. Dr Tavakoli and his staff were amazing. I will try and post some pictures soon ?
  25. Hi:) I just had my breast augmentation yesterday with 430 teardrop placed under the muscle. I'm 180cm tall and weigh ~ 65kg. Has anybody else got the same size implants?
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