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Yay I have boobs!!

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Hey girls,

I finally had my surgery with Dr Val last Tuesday and had an amazing experience

My admission time was 7am so got up at 5 and travelled down from the central coast with my mum.

Arrived at the clinic and was met in the reception, filled in a bit of paper work then said bye to my mum and they took me through.

The first girl took me into my own private room and explained the surgery gown and clothing I needed to put on then she left me and said to relax and watch the tv :)

Didn't even feel like 5 mins I was waiting and then I had Dr Val come in, he took some more photos and measurements and we made a decision on implant size (360cc XHP)

After he left I had one of his nurses come in and take my blood pressure and temperature, then the anaesthetists came in and spoke to me then walked me into the surgery room,

As I walked into the room everyone was so nice and welcoming, I climbed up onto the table and the anaesthetists put my drip in and then said "I'm just going to put some medication in" and that's all I remember

Next thing I know I'm being woken in the recovery room, the young girl got me to walk over to a chair and drink some water and eat biscuits, I didn't feel any pain at this stage but just didn't feel my self very sleepy

Next thing I know my mum is there and I'm being taken out to the car to go home

The car trip home was easy, I just kept dozing in and out of sleep.

Got home and got in bed and slept all afternoon. Tried to eat that night but couldn't keep anything down.

The next day was good, I slept most of the day

The next two days I didn't feel a lot of pain just uncomfortable the worst part was the nausea, I just never felt myself but it was no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I'm 5 days post op now and I'm just feeling tight across my chest, the sensation is really weird and they are a fair bit pointy at the moment, but I am so happy with the whole process and the team I dealt with and I can't wait for them to settle and hopefully round off a fair bit

I would recommend TCI to everyone!!!

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