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Calling BREAST LIFT AND IMPLANTS girls, when did you go braless?

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I want to to braless this Saturday for an event. I have a plunge backless dress so. I will be 4 weeks post op exactly from lollipop lift and 320 cc implants.

It could be like 4 hours, no dancing just walking around and a few drinks

My doctor said I can wear regular bras at 4 weeks and all my occasions are closed and healing good with no pain.

Would a few hours hurt? Would not wearing the surgical bra make them sag if I don't wear it for a few hours?

When did you go braless?

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Honestly I only ever go bra less now when I am wearing a good quality bustier top that has good boning/support,

At about 8 weeks post op I attended my Christmas party braless with my outfit I went about 5 hrs and couldn't wait to put on my support crop when I got home as I felt a tad achy...however we are all different and heal at different rates :)

To this day I wear a tight crop top to bec and atleast twice a week I go to bed with the twins set free lol!!!

For me I am not blessed with the tightest skin and want to protect my investments for a few more years :)

Maybe try going braless at home for an hour or do and see how they feel like a trial run persay

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