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I don't understand bra "sister" sizes :-S


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Hi ladies,


Recently I went into Myer to get sized and the lady told me I'm a 10D or 8DD.  Afterwards when I was thinking about it...I was wondering whether one of these sizes would fit me better or are they both equally good?  I don't really understand this bra "sister size" thing at all and am confused about which size is best for me to buy now!!!

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the two cup sizes are the same. Its the band width! LOL.


The width of your back, broadness etc.


If you are carrying back fat you will need the larger size or when you are premenstrual...and when you are skinnier you fit better into the smaller bra.


I bought 12D bra's after surgery....but they now seem a bit loose on the sides under my arms...the fabric is not sitting tight on me.  I have also lost some weight so I am probably a 10DD now. I was a 10C before surgery.


So don't buy too many bra's now! :)

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