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Revision ladies, I need your advice :-)


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Hi everyone,

I'm about 3 years post op and want/need a revision. I have some drooping and likely need a lift. .and wouldn't mind going a little larger. I'm on the gold coast.

I'd prefer to go without a lift ifpossible by increasing my size.

My questions are:

1. Has anyone had a revision to correct droop

2. If so what size increase did you undertake?

3. Anyone who has simply had a revision with or without a lift. .reasons for doing so.

I currently have 360cc Brazilian..love the size. .I'm 5'7" 60kgs and fit. I wouldn't mind larger but it's been so long since I did the research I'm completely out of the loop. I can't go too large as I lift weights and train daily.

Thoughts/opinions and experiences welcome!

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I can't help your lift question as I had no ptosis with my revision so could go larger. I will say you need someone who knows how to remove Brazilian implants or you're in trouble, those things take half your chest if not removed correctly as they adhere to the tissue. I know Terrence scamp has removed and placed/revised Brazilian implants, he's on the GC and offers free consults but he doesn't like large sizes so I'm not sure how much larger you want, he may not do it :(

Who is your original surgeon? They often offer reduced fee for return clients so they may help too

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