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I would suggest not limiting yourself to melbourne but to look at before and after results from lots of surgeons, and in their before/after pics see who has boobs like yours are now and see if you like what the surgeon has done with them after. Also the results will depend on your quality of skin, eg: how much collagen you have left, how scarred they are from stretch marks etc etc. My skin was so bad that two of sydneys top surgeons said that they wouldn't put implants in(because they would drop in a year or two and be saggier than my original boobs), only lift and reshaping, which ended up looking like a subtle implant anyway. It is worth noting that a lot of surgeons will put what you ask and NOT tell you about how your tissue will hold up...it is a sign of an ethical surgeon when they tell you things that you dont want to hear even if they could easily make money off you. before you think about shape and size, you need to decide what you want and if you will need a lift as well, because the price varies massively. Implants can be 10k, lift & reshaping 15k and lift plus implants can be up to 20k. Also consider that you CAN find cheaper but the revision rates are high when the surgeon is shitty (not that all that are cheaper are shitty). So start looking at web sites! you can look in the surgeons section of the forum to give you a head start on some names to google. My Dr is Dr Miroshnik and I also adore Dr Tavakoli, both in Sydney. have a look at their before/afters and you have something to compare to. 

All the best!

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