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Options for BA in Canberra


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I'm very unsure and need some direction! I want to have a BA and have mostly been focussing on TCI and travelling to Sydney. But I have small children and no one to look after them if my partner comes with me. I'm now also looking into Esteem Cosmetics in canberra, however they perform the surgery in sydney. Does anyone know what the requirements are for after surgery? Are u expected to stay overnight?

Finally, I'd like to get an idea of the cost of going with a canberra based PS?

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I looked into tci and for interstate patients their requirements are-

You must have a carer with you. If you are unable to bring someone they can give you details of carers that you can use. Not sure on the charge for this.

Also the flight company you choose will not allow you to fly within 24-48 hours within having the op.

Hope this helps ☺

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Hi there was a member on here who travelled back to Canberra after her surgery in Sydney, then had her post op appointments in Canberra.

I went through esteem as well and had Dr Ali Hussain but I had my surgery done in Brisbane.

Message me if you have any questions about him or the surgery!

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Thank you both! I've read heaps about Dr Ali Hussain and he seems really good. I'm not sure if he performs surgeries in only brisbane or in sydney also? Did u get to choose your surgeon through Esteem ab1990?

Dr Hussain is pretty much the only surgeon doing breast implants at esteem, my friend referred me to another surgeon but he wasn't available so I booked in with Dr Hussain instead. He operates out of both Sydney and Brisbane but I know you can have your consult/post op appointments from Canberra as that's where the head office is located and the owner Rena and admin girl Kathryn are based, they both travel up to Brisbane on a rotating basis when they need to.

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