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Breast Dreams - Am I Crazy?


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Hi guys,


I had surgery almost a year ago and I'm very happy with the results (great Perth doctor, message me for details). 


I'm just wondering if I'm crazy because I have these dreams where my boobs will get squished or punched or dislodged or whatever and I wake up a little bit freaked out, thinking they have moved and I have to go and check them.  This dream happens at least once a week for me and has been going on for a long time.


Is this weird? Has anyone experienced this?

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Haha. I'm 7 months post op and recently had a dream that my implants had fallen down to my knees. I'm serious! But I knew I was dreaming though. And I was saying to myself 'wake up, wake up. It's not true, your boobs are fine'. I eventually woke myself up and the first thing I did was grab my boobs and I was like -phew! They're still there.

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