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Neck pain after BA


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 Im just over 2 weeks post op and have started getting pretty annoying neck pains. Now Im not use to sleeping on my back and I think that might be the cause but its just really painful and considering I cant sleep on my side for 3 month ( I use to sleep on my tummy but I would be happy with sleeping on the side). Has anyone else noticed this type of pain after surgery ? is there anything that I can do to reduce it or help it?

I dont sleep too high up with the pillows Ive reduced them right down but its still painful such that I can't sleep properly and have difficulty the next day with stiff neck. Should I be worried as I dont think this is a normal post op experience ?

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Yes very normal because of the way you sleep and the way you hunch when you walk (subconsciously leaning forward).

Heat packs, shoulder rolls, voltaren and better posture will all help. Even better is someone to give you a nice ole neck and shoulder rub loosen it up

thank you so much this makes me feel a little better, I was just worried since I couldnt find much on this.

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