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Jules Surgery with Dr Kwok


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I had my BA in May with Dr Kwok at TCI Bondi I was an interstate patient so I had my consult on the day before surgery.
Consult was good. Dr Kwok I found very confident & honest. I was not sure what size I would be able to go as I am very petite.
My pre op size was 45kg & 155cm tall. Bwd was 12cm.Bra size flat 10A. He got me to try on 325cc HP & then got me to try on 420cc xhp. We decided on 400cc xhp as the 420xhp was a little too large. He went over all my medical history & over any risks etc.

Arrived at TCI at 9am the day after consult. Was so nervous but the staff were all lovely. Had photos taken. Nurse came & took my BP etc & said she could tell I was a little nervous. Lovely anaesthetist came & talked to me about any previous surgeries. Dr came & drew on me & was happy with how he felt it would all go. Went in the theatre with my heated blanket & was out pretty fast.

Recovery was not great but that was to be expected as I don't handle medication very well. I could not seem to wake up properly & was nauseous. Went home with minimal pain but very tired & unsteady on my feet. The pain was like my milk had come in & my chest muscles felt like they were pulled. Slept ok first night. I only took Panadol for pain as I don't tolerate heavier pain meds. I was very weak & dizzy but my iron levels dropped quite low so recovery has been slow.

I went & saw Dr Kwok for my 1 week appointment as he wanted to check my swelling down my sternum. I awoke with a symmastia bra on & still wearing it for 2 weeks.

I am now 13dpo & starting to massage. Still quite tired but on iron tablets so that will hopefully improve. TCI have been great. My experience so far has been wonderful. You are in very safe hands. I have photos for friends to see. If you want to see please send a message first.

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Hi Melonis. I am not sure what bra size I will be as it takes time to drop & fluff but atm I am measuring a 10DD.

I have photos if you would like in my gallery. I haven't received your friend request as yet. :D

Sorry, still learning how to use this forum. I think I have sent it now lol

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