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Help! Mark Ashton vs Craig Rubinstein

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So I've now had three consults! I've ruled the first one out.

I saw Craig today and going into the consult I was so sure that Mark was the one for me but now I'm confused. I thought Craig was lovely and is obviously very thorough and good at what he does but when I met Mark it was 'he's the one'. They suggested similar sizes, and round smooth.

Does anyone have any opinions / stories / picture / information in general which may help me with my decision??? 

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Both are known to be two of the best surgeons so I can assure you you can't go wrong either way. But two of my girlfriends have had consults with both of them and one of them also had a consult with farrow, and both friends are going with rubenstein: but it's just a personal preference they had. One felt Ashton wasn't as thorough or really listening to her needs. Both said rubenstein was very thorough and is totally honest. 

I'm sure you'll be thrilled with either 

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I went with Craig and have pics up….I had low nipples so mine are a little full in upper pole and my nipples aren't in the middle of my boobs, I don't like them side on but they look good in bra's etc In saying that Craig is working with me and wants me to be happy and realistic so his after care is really great.

Mark Ashton suggested bigger for me and lowering them to correct nipple position but craig warns of double bubble….It's so confusing but I feel confident Craig will get me where I want to be, I have had NO problems such as double bubble or pains or pins or loss of sensation since either surgery (I had a revision to lower them and was super speedy recovery) hope this helps 

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