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Has anyone had surgery with dr rohit kumar in Sydney??

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Hi Elly, Did you end up getting any feed back or did you proceed with Dr Rohit Kumar. I am having the same issue with you where i like all the information i can gather from the professional sites however i cannot find any individual reviews. 

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Hi ELLY, I see this is a really old post so you most likely don't need a review anymore but I recently had a BA with Dr Kumar.

I am now 6.5weeks post op and I am so so happy with the results! Dr Kumar is really lovely and I felt at ease with him from the very first consultation.  He was very thorough and I had the utmost confidence that he was the right surgeon for me. No question was 'silly' and he really took the time to explain everything.

I had no pain after the surgery-  just discomfort which was easily managed by nurofen for the first 3 days and then I didn't require any pain relief at all. 

His staff are amazing as well! And his cosmetic sanctuary.. OMG - heaven!

I HIGHLY recommend Dr Kumar! He is an amazing surgeon.


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