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Juvederm Ultra Filler - $349 per mL

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Is Juvederm Ultra a thick filler?  I just saw a business advertise Juvederm Ultra for (I think) $349 (if it wasn't $349 it was $389 - reduced from $499).  The company is new and is competing with LCA at the local shopping centre.  I'm tempted to check it out.  I don't know if Ultra is what you would have put in your cheeks thought (I can't remember what she used on me for my cheek fillers).

Any thoughts or knowledge?

Ok, I've answered my own question by having a look through the forum (I should do that first).  Juvederm Ultra is generally used for lips as it is a thin filler.  I don't think I need any fill for my lips at the moment and this price is just on par with LCA....

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