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Recovery after BA over muscle- surgery is next week

Sarah j

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Hi girls

im booked in next week for over muscle, 255cc, mod, round, textured

And interested to hear if anyone with a similar BA....how was your recovery experience was?

how long with drains, not driving & working, dressing with ease, sleeping etc ?

i have two kids & hubby will be home for the week, 

thanks xx



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Hi Sarah

I had overs last September and found recovery very easy! I had a one night stay in hospital and my drains were removed before i went left. I spent the next two days taking it easy and not really doing anything but by day three i was able to head out and go shopping for a few hours. I had very little pain post op but would get tired quickly. By day four or five I had stopped taking any pain meds.

I had my BA in Phuket so i didn't drive until I got back home about 2 weeks later. I didn't find sleeping too bad even though i usually sleep on my tummy, i just propped myself up with lots of pillows! 

Good luck for your BA!! :)

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I had overs and while the pain wasn't too bad I still wasn't able to do much for the first 3-5 days. I was sick from the painkillers, didn't drive until 1 week post op (manual).

i had help with stuff like hanging washing until around week 4 and my mum come around and cleaned my floors etc. I could of managed this stuff but I had the extra help so I didn't need to do it.

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thanks girls, I'm day 5 post op & feeling great I've had no pain really, just tightness across the chest and uncomfortable...obviously still a little swollen & bruising...a little itchy where the stitches are which is a good healing sign....but overall a really great experience. castle crag private hospital was beautiful & highly recommend Dr Tew!!!! Am absolutely LOVING my new boobies!

Drains out last night & just lapping up the resting, which is so rare as a mum a of two little ones, Apple TV has copped a hiding!!! Hehehehe xx 

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