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relief for nipple pain

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I had my breast augmentation last week today.

I'm in hell!! 

I have wanted this for years now but never actually thought it would happen so never actually thought about the pain that would be associated with it! 


I have no doubt that in a few weeks it will be all worth it so I'm hanging in.


But my reasons for writing this is to advise anyone who has yet to have their surgery 


Go to your doctors before or after and get numbing cream for you nipples... They will feel like there on fire while being smacked with a bamboo stick!! And the rubbing on the post op bra... Kill me now!!


I received an ointment called xylocaine (it is ment for dental use but still really down help) your doctor or pharmacist might recommend something else but either way... Take what ever they offer for your nipples!


And as soon as you can start taking anti inflammatory tablets... They will help with the swelling and stiffness. 


I'm not saying you'll be be pain free using either of these but they will help a little


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I had that too but all over both boobs (except the one nipple which is still numb). After 4 weeks of hell my doctor put me on Lyrica which helped. Good luck I hope this passes soon for you xx I also found softly rubbing them desensitised them a little also. It hurts at first but it works.

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