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"My Boobs" by Dr Phil Richardson - 6 Aug 2015


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My story to boobs begins with being born with a body without any! It's always been a major insecurity of mine but life had other priorities so it took me to the ripe old age of 38 to do something about it. 

I went through The Breast Institute in Brisbane. Had initial consultation with Dr Ali Hussain but surgeon changed to Phil Richardson after Dr Hussain left that practice. So I met Dr Richardson the afternoon before surgery for a meet and greet, check that the plan would stay the same with the change in surgeon and any questions which I did have but had forgotten the instant I went in there. Confirmed 360cc round textured, unders. 

Left feeling completely confident though and ready for next morning. I was pretty stoked to be having Dr Richardson after hearing so many positive reviews about his work. He has a very impressive and confident manner and I easily trusted his expertise. 

Was first up for surgery and admitted at 7am which was a massive relief as I think I would have had panic attack and coffee headache if I had to wait any longer.  Surgery was at the Gaythorne Day Surgery and all the staff there were amazing. So pleasant. 

Had some nerves going in but the chatty staff did well to distract me by making jokes about my career etc and asking lots of questions. 

Went straight in on arrival and got into gown, underpants on, gaping back. Was freezing cold in there so huddled under a blanket but toes were shortly numb with cold! Didn't have to wait long and anaesthetist came in to see me. Assessed my slight cold and said happy to go ahead but my cold might get worse again afterwards. I expected that and was really relieved as although Dr Richardson said the previous afternoon my cold wouldn't be an issue I was still a little concerned anaesthetist would have a different view and send me home! 

He was a very calming doctor who made me feel at ease. Dr Richardson then came in and checked all the forms, drew on me and took photos. Then I was wheeled into operating room which was a little nerve wracking with all the people and equipment in there bustling around but Dr Thomas immediately distracted me by chatting and making jokes as he did his thing. Needle went into hand followed by what he called "jungle juice" to relax me. Needle didn't hurt though he said it might sting. More jokes about my occupation and then he said it was time to go to sleep. He said "goodnight" and the next thing I remember is someone saying that it was all done and I kept repeating "are you serious?" "For real". Apparently had some further conversation but I don't remember that. Drifted off to sleep again before waking and asking the time which was just over an hour from when went into theatre. I felt some pain after fully waking. Wasn't severe, I scored it 5/10 but nurses gave me some endone. They let me wake up properly and once endone kicked in put bra on me and dressed me and walked into recovery room for coffee and biscuits. Felt a little dizzy and spacey then, I assume from the endone. Dr Richardson then popped in to say all went well and they would call me the next day to make follow up appointment. I had his mobile if any concerns. 

Then cleared to leave at about 11:30. My sister got all the instructions as I was a bit loopy and couldn't take anything in. Went to pharmacy to fill script and then home. Had some soup for lunch. Was supposed to leave compression bra on for 48hours until have first shower but naturally couldn't resist and had a sneak peak. Fortunately thanks to this forum I was prepared for the way they looked which wasn't fabulous. Just trusting in the process that will turn out great! 

Its now day two and recovery has been better than I prepared for. I freaked out last night as got a bleeding nose which is very unusual for me and rang Dr Richardson freaking out but he said just a coincidence and only to worry if it didn't stop. So that reassurance was good, hard to not assume every little thing is related to the surgery! He was really nice about me calling. 

Have needed the panadeine forte prescribed so have been taking all pain meds as prescribed. No nausea at all which surprised me as I have before but Dr Thomas said he gave me something to try and stop me vomiting after the GA which obviously worked. I've been a bit dizzy and sleepy after taking the panadeine forte but otherwise just relief. 

I am moving gingerly like I've done a massive workout and overworked. Otherwise feeling okay. Live on my own so important for me to be able to get into and out of bed on my own and to toilet etc but I've had no issues with any of that. 

I basically took on all advice from this forum which I am very grateful for and loaded up on all suggestions as doing this on my own wanted to be ultra prepared. Also have pretty much two of everything so I don't need to move things from lounge downstairs to bedroom upstairs.

So a big thank you to everyone on this forum as thanks to what's on here my recovery going really well. I'm not freaking out being on my own, I have everything I could need and know what to expect. 

I totally recommend TBI to anyone considering surgery in Brisbane. Excellent surgeons, great price and the support staff, Susie and Rebecca are utterly fabulous! 

My only regret is not doing this years ago! 

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I am so glad to hear that you are happy and doing well.

If you feel like it, you can post this review in the Review's section of the forum. That way it attaches straight to Dr Richardsons profile and makes it much easier for people to find when they are searching for a surgeon. 

Cant wait to hear how you go once your even more healed. New boobs are so much fun, bra shopping is an entirely new experience. Have fun

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Thought I would write a short update. It's post op day 4. I'm having what I would describe as a pretty text book recovery according to what I've read on this forum etc. pain uncomfortable but not unbearable. Swelling and bloating is gross. 

I'm concerned with how far apart they are currently sitting and hope that improves as swelling goes down. They are torpedo and high and frankenboob and everything I've read so trying not to freak about how they look right now. It's easier said than done though I think! 

First post op appointment tomorrow.Am hoping for that reassurance about how they look! 

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  • 3 weeks later...

How is everything going Pepper9? 

good thanks cuddly bear. Will be three weeks tomorrow. Had a bit of a scare yesterday as my right boob got quite swollen over a short period of time. I massaged in morning and all was how it has been then felt them at lunch (as you do!) and the right one was noticeably bigger. I spoke with Phil and they booked me in to get an ultrasound yesterday afternoon. That was fine so I'm now on another course of antibiotics in case it's an infection. The swelling has gone down today so hopefully it was something easily resolvable. Will see what happens over the next few days! 

Definitely showed me how important it is to contact the surgeons office with any concerns. I don't want to be a pest so don't want to bother them but about an hour after I called I was in getting ultrasound done so clearly something needed to be checked!! 

The doctor and office have been absolutely awesome dealing with this hiccup which I hope quickly resolves!!  

As far as everything else it's all going well. I can see from massaging that they are starting to come in and I think I can kind of tell the position they will end up in and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be very happy with the end result. I think they are a bit bigger than I anticipated but I decided I wanted to err on the side of bigger to make sure that they suited my frame and weren't too wide apart. I really didn't want boob greed either and don't think I will!! 

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That's great that they are looking after you so well and all my fingers are crossed that you don't have any further issues and that antibiotics clear it up. I'm yet to go for my consult but have pretty much decided this is where I want my boobs done. So it's great to hear good feedback.


yeah they really have been great. Would definitely recommend them. Best of luck with your consult! Have you booked one in yet? 

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Nope not booked in for consult yet :-( our life is in limbo. Hubby works in construction and likely to be laid off very soon and our rental property is sitting empty. Feeling a bit sad and sorry for myself tonight.

that sucks, sorry things are rough. I'm sure your time will come and at least getting all this research underway!! Fingers crossed it all works out for you! Xx 

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