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WARNING Tropical Rejuvenation Perth

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TROPICAL REJUVENATION: Gosh I wish I'd known about this Forum before going on a group tour with Tropical Rejuvenation in August this year, 2015. I specifically went with them because I was alone and was promised Wendy would be there when I went into surgery and when I came out. I had a seven hour surgery, Breast augmentation & lift and major tummy tuck. I was meant to have a facelift as well but everything was way more expensive than my quotes and I had a tummy tuck that was more extensive than usual which I didn't know about until I reached Thailand as Wendy had never mentioned it. They wanted a further $6000 for the facelift, I was very upset and Wendy said the Dr had said he may do it free for me but she came into his office with me and I was too upset to speak, neither of them mentioned it and she never did again after that. All up this cost me $21,000au. She was not there for any support in the instances she assured me that she would be nor when I went back to surgery for losing too much blood. Four days later I was sent back to the hotel around 8.30pm, there was nobody to meet me even though I had had major surgery. Three days later after going two with no food except my sultana bran because I had no phone credit ( I had asked Wendy to get me some, it came 3 days later) and couldn't get to my glasses in a bag on the floor, to use hotel phone for room service because of underarm and stomach wounds, I experienced pain on a phenomenal level in my calf, straight away I was concerned about DVT. I told Wendy and at the hospital was separated from her for four hours whilst seeing a medical Dr and having ultrasound. I was alone and terrified that I was going to die in Thailand. Finally I got a nurse to call Siri a hospital employee who assists Wendy. I was sent home very very frightened but nobody met me and I spent a very frightening night wondering when the clot would dislodge and kill me. The next day I told her and she said she had looked for me in the hospital wondering where I was and rang Siri who told her where I was. She never rang me which would've made more sense and knowing how afraid I was, she never contacted me (this was before I got nurse to ring Siri). With the help of other guests at the hotel I began the process of making sure I could fly home a few days later. It was a nightmare because the 'I love Wendy' club (the rest of the group), then decided to punish me for being unhappy with my treatment and daring to say so, so they began ignoring me and pretending not to see me at breakfast, all going to another table. One young girl came and comforted me but by later that day had obviously been spoken to and did the same. This mature and supposedly supportive group behaved like catty school girls with no idea or interest in how it was for me. I am single earning my own living and not well off but everyday I thank god that I am a caring loving person and the only time I look down on people is to offer my hand to pick them up. Shame on you grown women! Hotel staff were so caring it makes me cry remembering just how much they helped me offering me a seat when I could hardly hobble to the lift, rushing to open the lift door and press the button for my floor, the cleaners helping me to sit before walking to my room. With the help of these beautiful people and especially Ani & Neil from NZ, I made it back to Australia and am doing well.

Dr Anuchit also said a stitch wound was open and gave me antibiotic cream and dressings. After ten days of it staying moist I went to my Dr. here in Australia, it turned out it was a rupture with dead tissue inside blocking the healing. I have had a Silver Chain nurse to dress it every second day for two months. The wound area is revolting and the scar will be ugly.

Two others that I know of in my group have been admitted to hospital since arriving back in Australia.

I needed a wheelchair for the airport and prayed with every inch of my being not to die on the plane. We arrived home 30th August. I live on my own, in a caravan not 10 minutes from where Wendy lives, I have no family here  and only know a few people as I haven't lived long in WA. The people in the camp cared for me. Wendy rang to see how I was on the 6th October saying she'd had a throat infection for 8 days on arriving home and lost her voice! This was 36 days later, I have a potentially life threatening condition which I am on medication for for the next four months and her reason for not contacting me was a sore throat, as if she couldn't email, SMS, call around or write a letter or get her husband to!

Tropical Rejuvenation made a great deal of  money from my pain, fear and misery. She must be being paid by the hospital for bringing so much wealth their way or otherwise it wouldn't be worth it for the $800 the client pays. Wendy talks about the other companies doing the same thing and how she feels sorry for people going with them because they get to Thailand and get dumped with no support. Whats that about pots calling the kettle black? I see that someone has been threatened previously for posting here but it needs to be said, we are people not cattle and we are trusting that we will receive the care and support we are assured of and pay for. If this happens I will deal with it after all I survived Thailand. 

I cannot fault the hospital, the cleanliness, the staff and the genuine care I received at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital.

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I went with Wendy and Tropical Rejuvenation to Thailand in 2017 and Dr Anuchit was also my surgeon. I have to say I cannot fault anyone or anything. The support from Wendy and her coworker Tammy was second to none and to me Dr Anuchit is a legend! He transformed me, FDL, tummy tuck, breast lift and arm lift. The hospital and its staff were professional and would run rings over anything you’d find in Perth. 

Im sorry you had such a bad time but I had the total opposite. I am planning more work and will use Tropical Rejuvenation and Dr Anuchit again, without hesitation. 

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