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When did you drop and fluff?

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Is it even possible to tell? Can anyone tell me what it meant for them?

And sizing: do you generally get bigger or smaller?

I'm post op day 6 and feeling fantastic. My boobs are squarish and solid, but I don't mind, I know there's a lot of change coming.

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My first BA it felt like I had long hard rocks for ages, I honestly didn't notice anything for about 12 weeks.

After that time mine just began to sit not so in my collarbones, they just looked rounder, a lot squisher, they just ended up looking like large natural boobs and not deflated up top. (Natural was not what I was aiming for)

I thought mine seemed significantly bigger after I noticed the changes. 


I'm only 4 weeks into my second go, they're still sitting up in my collarbones, a lot more oval shaped rather than round. Sometimes they just take a while.

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I am 6 months post op & I started to notice them dropping around 6 to 12weeks post op. Even at 6 months they are changing. 4 to 5 months they had dropped a lot more & they felt a lot softer. Everyone is different & it depends on your natural shape before & how much tissue you have before your BA. :)

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