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Prune juice?

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Hi ladies,

I've never been backed up before,  day 2 post op and I'm starting to get some sharp pains in the stomach

Just wondering how much prune juice I should drink for it to be affective? I just don't want to drink too much and then be stuck on the loo,  you know? Haha

This is completely new to me. Please help!


Thanks a lot!

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I had coloxyl & senna from the chemist from the first night post op (for around 2 weeks), then sipped prune juice & pear juice, ate chia seeds & tinned peaches, and also heaps of water! I did this from day 1, and was back to regular by around day 4/5. I have a terrible reaction to meds & ALWAYS end up constipated, so tried to get onto it before it was an issue.

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