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Confused!! TBI vs Enhance- Dr. B..


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I'm booked with Dr Broadburst for BA on the 18th December, and my consults have been through Enhance Plastic Surgery - and I'm paying $10,600 all up. 

I've just seen Dr. B also does BA through The Breast Institute and on the website it says BA only costs $6490..... Now I'm confused and feeling a little ripped off to be honest!!!! 

Who has gone through TBI and what's the $4000 difference??  I must not have done enough research :( Annoyed...

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Dr Broadhurst runs TBI with Dr Richardson I believe. I think it was supposed to be similar to The Breast Academy where senior surgeons oversee junior plastic surgeons who perform the surgery. A few of the surgeons from TBI haven't seemed to stick around for long which is why Dr Richardson and Dr Broadhurst have been peforming most of the surgeries lately. The downfall with TBI is that you cannot guarantee which surgeon you get. The one you consult with is randomly allocated and is supposed to do the surgery. I have even heard of women getting a different surgeon to the one they had their consultation with. It's an awesome price and a massive saving but I would rather pay the extra $4000 to guarantee that I get the surgeon I want. It's also a very long wait list to get a consult. I wanted my boobie ASAP. This is why I went through Enhance :)

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