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BA before or after kids?

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Excuse the little novel but want to get some opinions on BA BEFORE kids... Yay or Nay...

So I'm 25 NO kids & needing a BL, BR & BA. I have a bit of a complex case where my asymmetry is quite bad (apparently) and I require a Breast Reduction and a Lift in my right breast (only), left is fine - if I want to go ahead with getting a BA, getting implants on their own will only magnify my differences and make my nipples severely un-aligned & uneven.

I was initially told I was borderline BR & BL by DR Tang at Parra TCI (said they would still do the surgery but I'd have "sub optimal results) so booked a consult with Dr. Miroshnik, saw him on Monday and he confirmed what TCI initially told me. Basically I could get away with a slight nipple lift I went with a smaller implant but since I want to go a bit bigger (only 450cc L and 330(ish)cc R) it's recommended I get the reduction & lift and BA in one.

Miroshnik as also said that regardless of whether I have kids or not I will need revision surgery at least another 1-2 times in my lifetime due to the ageing of the implants... What I'm more concerned about is needing ANOTHER lift once I'm done having kids (once I have kids which is at least 2-3 years minimum away). 

Has anyone got any personal advice/experience they wish to offer - anyone had a lift and implants BEFORE kids and are happy/unhappy? Wish you waited til after kids?

Thanks heaps xx ^_^

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Hi there, 

I initially had a ba over the muscle and what a mistake that was. A lift should have been done but I was told implants alone would lift me. I went on to develop cc, my anatomicals partially rotated (original ps did not pick up on this), I had visible implant edges as overs on me was not a good idea and when I went in asking for a lift which I was prepared to pay for he straight out refused saying I looked great and there was nothing wrong with them. 

I then found Dr Tony Connell and what a difference. He told me I required a full anchor lift, diagnosed cc and explained why he wouldn't have done overs on me. I had the full anchor lift and switched my implants to partial unders as the visible implant edges bothered me. Unfortunately my right did not lift enough and my left refused to drop. I had my third lot of surgery. Bennelli lift and mini reduction on right and manually released my left muscle as well as lowered my pocket by 1cm. 

I have one daughter and need another full anchor lift (confirmed by 2 ps although the 2 ps in the US I consulted with think I only need a Bennelli. I'm not done having kids I don't think so I'm waiting to have this done and I'm choosing to replace my implants at the same time to larger ones and also because I have no upper pole anymore although that could be because I'm now saggy again. Oh! My nipples were raised 8cm. I'm so happy I had it done as I was very unhappy and kids were not on the cards then. Also I hate to think how saggy I may have become had I not had the lift back then. 

I'm sorry my post is so long but my boobs are a long story. Even though I now sag which is disappointing I don't regret the 3 or 4 years I got out of my lift before falling pregnant. 

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Thanks for sharing your story & thanks for sharing the thread - super helpful. 

My partner of 7 years says go for it haha and I really want to as who knows when I'll actually have kids - so may as well do it now whilst I'm young I guess? Regardless I'll be up for some sort of revision down the track and who can even predict what my girls will do when I have kids...

think the best thing I can do right now is ask as many questions as I can to my PS :) 



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