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The standard width of the Chin ?


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Hello Everyone ..

I want to explain the reason of my question on the title, My Brother, 27 years old male, his tall: 172 cm .. I discovered lately that he is psychologically uncomfortable because of his face :confused: and specifically his width of his chin, he thinks that his chin is thinner than normal ..

so I hope if any specialists here can provide me if there is any standard gauges for the accepted common width of the chin for his tall ..

and if he was right of his feeling, what is the suggested procedure to improve his condition ?


Thank you previously .. 

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"Assessment of chin symmetry and asymmetry has been described in Chapter 19 . The width of the chin is variable. In frontal view, the transition of the lower border of the mandible from the gonial angles, along the lower border to the chin anteriorly
follows a relatively smooth contour in women, ending in a single light reflection.
There is greater angularity in men both at the gonial angles and the transition between the lower border of the mandible and the chin, ending in a double light reflection, which indicates wider and more rectangular chin morphology."
Facial Aesthetics; concepts and clinical diagnosis. Farhad B Naini (2011)

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