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How Good Is This Site!!


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I'm so thankful for this site. I cannot seem to find the post, but a few women posted their pics of like Day 1. 1 Month, 4 Months etc. I am blown away how much they change. If I had not seen this, I probably would have wanted the surgeon to remove the implants a week after getting them!! Hahhaha!! I have read over and over that they have to drop and fluff but I didn't know what that actually meant. So thank you to all those ladies who braved your pics openly in the post.
 I think its 25 more sleeps!! Sooooooo excited!!!

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I agree. It has been fantastic and such great support and reassurance from all the ladies sharing their own journey ? i can try and tag you on the thread if you like ?

Thanks Pru, that'd be great :-))))

Yea ? it's the d/f post :)

Oh right! Thanks Katewell :-)))

I only found this site the day after my op.i was kicking myself that i hadn't found it sooner but still greatful i  found it at all especially during the recovery otherwise i would have really struggled 

Absolutely!! I'm such an impatient person when it comes to things like this. When you see breasts that are no where near each other and look like a fairly small implant, then blossom into these gorgeous bazookas hahahaha I love them! It's made me ten times more excited to get it done <3

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