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Referred pain in back after BA


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Hi ladies,

Repost as I accidentally posted in the wrong forum!

I had had my BA This morning at 7am. Feeling fine from the surgery itself and the pain is really manageable around the incisions with only a little pressure. The panadeine Forte prescribed is doing just fine for this.

Unfortunately I had spinal surgery 5 years ago and  have two long titanium rods and screws through the length of back - used to straighten a 65 degree curve..

Both surgeon and hospital were made aware of this and were only concerned about my ability to lay flat etc which is all good. 

I do however now have stabbing referred pain into the left side of my back immediately behind my chest :( the panadeine forte isn't cutting it, and never has with my back problems.

should I be contacting my surgeon or going to my local GP? Not sure what to do, it really sucks because boob wise, I'm feeling great!

thanks ladies xx

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Since you only had surgery today, I would be contacting your surgeon and asking for a prescription for stronger analgesia. When they put the implants in, they use a fair bit of pressure and manipulate them a bit so it may be that has caused your back to flare up a bit. How were you planning on sleeping tonight? You might do best sleeping upright? I slept my first night bolt upright on the couch with my feet on a chair. 

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Prettyoriginal I had my BA yesterday morning and I am experiencing the same kind of pain - an aching pain in my left breast that's seems to go all the way through to my back. 

I was taking endone and that seems to help the pain when I am lying down, but I noticed that if I do sit upright the pain subsides. Have been sitting and napping upright most of today and find I don't need the pain meds so much. 

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Oh poor you Msmelbournian :( though im glad to hear I'm not alone, makes coping with the rods easier haha. ah I wish I had endones I always found they targeted my back pain much better than anything else. 

Both of you ladies are right about the sitting up part - it does help! Though it ether straight upright like you said or flat laying down, there's no inbetween for me because I can't curve!

Perhaps il ask when they call me tomorrow what they suggest and then get my GP to write the script because it's closer.

Thanks for the advice ladies! I don't know what I would do without this forum. Freak out about everything no doubt!xx ?

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