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What to expect post op


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Soooo one of the biggest factors that has made me put off my rhinoplasty for such a long time is the down time.
Honestly, how long will it take for me to look acceptable?
I just have this horrible fear that I am going to have to walk around looking hideous with a swollen nose for months on end and I know it takes time to see the final result but I am so scared of regretting it which I know is going to be normal if i am still swollen for ages.

I am in need of some reassurance. Will it be weeks or months before I am willing to show my face in public?

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It's really going to depend on how much 'work' you are having done on your nose and also a big factor in how long you need the bandages on for is how conservative your surgeon is. 

In my case I had extensive work done- straightened my septum which required breaking my nose, reducing the hump, lifting the tip and reconstruction of the cartlidge in the right nostril. 

Some surgeons will have you leave the splint and bandages on for 2 weeks. The minimum is 5 days. I was 5 days surprisingly. 

Honeslty the swelling and bruising is definitely evident but not hideous. I am the type of girl who would never leave the house without full makeup on previously however I went out to the shops straight after getting my bandages off - no makeup, bruising, swelling and all. 

I only felt like the shop assistants who were serving me directly had a bit of a look but no one else noticed or cared! People are kind trust me ? Worth it! 

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Like the above poster, I also had an open rhinoplasty and had my nose fractured. My surgeon also had to rebuild my nose using cartilage from my rib. People seem to respond to the bruising and swelling quite differently. In my case, I had black eyes and yellowed upper cheekbones for about 2 weeks which had completely faded by the 2.5 week mark. I had splints in my nose and a cast. The splints came out Day 6, the cast after 2 weeks. The cast was the worst as I couldn't wash my face due to all the tape or wet my hair etc. I had to go to uni for 2 days so I got a lot of stares but I had no choice! Most people were concerned rather than judgemental. I had the most disgusting oily blackheads from 2 weeks of no washing! 

when I had my cast taken off at 2 weeks I still had a lot of swelling and the majority of this subsided by Week 6. They say it can take up to 12 months for the swelling to totally resolve. I did notice about a month ago that my tip had shrunk down again but really, after the initial swelling goes, it's really only the trained eye that can spot any remainder.

honestly the recovery was more inconvenient than painful. My BA was very difficult pain wise but this wasn't too bad. I'm glad I had it done. 

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Thank you so much for the reassurance. I am just so worried that I wont want to leave my house or be seen by other people until the 12 month mark when the swelling has fully resolved.

I am reassured to hear that it is only the trained eye that can really spot the difference after a couple of weeks.
If i plan for 6 weeks to look and feel myself again, is this realistic?

I dont need a whole lot of work done. My nose is straight, I am having a small bump removed as well as some lifting of the tip (its slightly droopy).

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That sounds like a very realistic plan. If it's only minor work it may be even sooner than 6 weeks too. I had 4 weeks off work but that was mainly because of my boobs and lifting. If it was just my nose I wold have been back after 2.5

This is very reassuring. I have my consult with George Marcells on the 14th March, pretty excited. I am thinking that either I wont be able to have surgery until October but maybe just maybe i can squeeze it in sooner

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