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Post Op Bra Fitting

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Quick question to all ladies finally out of the hideous post op bra - where did you get fitted for your new sized bra?

I quite a way off that yet, but my mum said that Bra N Things are useless and just shove you into the limited sizes they carry. 

Before my BA I never even bothered getting measured properly because there was nothing, but now I want some nice and supportive bras when I am able to wear them again.

Any opinions or suggestions are welcome, if you have had a good experience at bnt that would be awesome haha

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My first bra fitting post op was on holidays at a bnt, they didnt have a big range 6months ago for larger sizes but it is still my favorite tshirt bra (10G)

And at my local bnt one girl was useless but one was amazing. I usually just get them to check the fit as with different cuts/styles i need an F or occasionly a G. 

I found myer ok, but they didnt really have anything in my size that wasnt a granny bra.

Honey birdette is great in my experience but limited sizes in most styles.

The worst place i have been was a small boutique. Barely had anything above a D and tried getting me into a 14E which definitely didnt fit.

So I guess its really hit and miss store to store depending on the experience. But definitely dont dismiss bnt without trying :) 

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I find them pretty useless at bras'n'things. (Well the one l went to the girls seemed more interested in talking about Saturday night then helping customers so l got pissed off and walked out lol) I get fitted by an awesome lady at Myers, she is abit older but knows her stuff and finds exactly  what l want. She is honest and if she doesn't like something on me she says "that doesn't look right" instead of just trying to get a sale. Anyway, thats just my experience! 

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