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Yes hun a tenderness to the incision site and general heaviness in the boob area is pretty normal, i still feel the heaviness in my boobs especially when i take my bra off, you will also still be quite swolen around the boob area. I just had my 6wpo app today and my sergeon said i was still slight swolen and still had some bruising around the sides of my boobs all which is totally normal he said by 3 moths it should have all gone, hope this has given you some reassurance ?

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3 weeks post op is still early days. When I went to see my surgeon at the 3 month check up, he said I still had a bit of swelling which I couldn't see. I found by the 3 month mark, I wasn't so sore. I still had nerve regeneration pain (zingers) up to 9 months post op. The healing just takes time. :) If you have any worries though, definitely contact your surgeon even if it is for peace of mind. x

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