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Hi Lovely Ladies  had my revision this past Wednesday January 17, 2018 all went extremely well quite a bite of soreness for the last couple of days. My concern I have a large about of bruising under and to the side of my left breast.  My left breast had been detected 2 years ago of a possible small rupture. I called the nurse and asked her about the bruising; the nurse said we should be more concerned about the excessive swelling of each breast rather than the bruising; don't be shy; need to ask questions about your concerns.  When things like this occur if you are like me all kind of things race through your mind.  She told me the small rupture was there and removing it possible caused the extra trama leading to the excessive bruising. On my first augmentation there was just a small amount of bruising.  I hope this has been a help to any Ladies that might have had excessive bruising. 

Hugs & Kisses 

( . ) ( . ) PBB


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