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How long stay - interstate

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For those who flew interstate how long did you stay post op? Also does anyone know how long you have to stay if you add in a tummy tuck? I believe it's a 2 night hospital stay. I don't want to bug ps office when this is still at least 12 months or more away, just a curiosity thing on how long we would need to stay. Oh also in Sydney are there any apartments you could recommend? Having 2 kids I think a hotel room even if we got 2 x adjoining rooms would get boring for them really quick. Plus cheaper to cook meals most of the time, etc. 

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I stayed for 5 days, this was really more than enough time for a BA. Tummy tuck I’d probably want longer. It really won’t be nice to be stuck in those shitty plane seats with a huge scar across your tummy. Ouch! Also depends how far you’re flying too. If you’re doing the long haul to Perth, you could get one of the big qantas planes with the sky beds, so you could be more comfortable. Other cities you’ll be stuck with a terrible economy seat, or only recliner for business so either way you’ll probably be uncomfortable.

I’d probably want a min one week? But maybe ask what’s recommended.

I travel to Sydney a lot. I always make use of the Meriton apartments. Spacious, decently priced & great locations.

My favourite is Bondi Junction.

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I've stayed at the Meriton on Kent St apartments and they were really nice! It had a really decent kitchen and was pretty spacious for the price.

Not sure where your PS is located in Sydney, but the Kent St Meriton was closer to Darling Harbour rather than the top end of Sydney/near the Harbour Bridge.  I'm sure any of the other Meritons would be just as good though!

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4 hours ago, Moderator said:

I believe your looking at 2 week minimum for tummy tuck - some surgeons dont perform tummy tuck on fly in patients due to the aftercare thats needed

Omg! I can understand why you need to stay so long it is major abdominal surgery after all. Not to worry a long family holiday for us ?

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