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Second patient of doctor William Mooney dies

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'He had many dreams': Second patient of doctor William Mooney dies

The NSW Coroner has asked police to prepare a brief of evidence after the death on Saturday of another patient of well-known eastern suburbs cosmetic surgeon and TV personality, Dr William Mooney.

On 15 February, during the course of what was a routine operation to alleviate sleep apnoea at Strathfield Private Hospital, Dr Mooney allegedly nicked an artery of his patient Pouya Pouladian, according to medical sources.



Pouya Pouladian died over the weekend having been operated on by Sydney doctor William Mooney.



Mr Pouladian, 24, died last Saturday after a decision was made to turn off his life support. That day Fairfax Media revealed that in December, underworld figure Alex “Little Al” Taouil, died after nasal surgery performed at East Sydney Private Hopsital by the same surgeon. Dr Mooney says Mr Taouil had a post operative stroke that was not directly related to any trauma from the surgery. This case has also been referred to the coroner.

Dr Mooney who claims to be “Australia’s leading ENT [Ear, Nose and Throat], specialising in Facial Plastic Surgery” as well as “Sydney’s Premiere Rhinoplasty Surgeon” has unspecified conditions placed on his practising certificate. Such conditions may relate to the practitioner's health or personal circumstances and are therefore confidential, said a spokesperson for the Medical Council of NSW.

After the death of his father six years ago, Mr Pouladian had been working long hours at two jobs to support his mother and younger sister as well as to pay for aviation training to become a commercial pilot.

“He had many dreams. He wanted to be a pilot, to do something for this country,” said Mr Pouladian’s mother Sisi.


Recurring sinus problems made sleeping difficult. “Pouya loved his family more than anything in the world and he would do anything for them,” said his girlfriend Pilar Mempin. He was keen to have the surgery so that he could sleep better and work harder.

To help raise the $6000 he needed for the surgery he turned to crowd funding. “I am a student pilot and work 2 fulltime and a part time job to just support my family and myself,” he wrote on the crowd-funding site GoFundMe. He said for years he had been “desperate” to have the surgery but had never been able to afford it.


His long-awaited surgery took place around 2pm on February 15. Nurses told the family that Dr Mooney would come to see them after the surgery. That night they waited until 8pm only to be told Dr Mooney had gone home.

“He never came,” said Mrs Pouladian. The family says that in the two days Pouya was in Strathfield Private Dr Mooney did not see or speak to him or his family.

Within hours of his release on Saturday morning, February 17, he began to vomit blood. Ms Mempin said she the emergency number they had been given for Dr Mooney’s clinic went unanswered as did her calls to his Bankstown clinic.

Mr Pouladian collapsed and was taken to Canterbury Hospital by ambulance. Ms Mempin said that it was only after enquiries were made by the doctors in emergency that they heard the allegation that Dr Mooney had nicked an artery during the operation.

He was transferred to Concord Hospital at around 8pm and in the early hours of Sunday of morning, Mr Pouladian suffered another major bleed and went into cardiac arrest. They were told that there was no hope for the 24-year-old.

“It hadn’t even been 24 hours and they were saying he has suffered severe brain damage, there is no chance of him recovering… We couldn’t even grasp what was happening. People were telling us he wasn’t going to make it, that he wasn’t going to survive,” Ms Mempin said.

Dr Mooney came to the hospital on Monday. He told the family he had done six surgeries that same day he had done Mr Pouladian’s and all of them were fine. When they raised the allegation about the nicked artery, Ms Mempin said Dr Mooney suggested it was nothing and that “he’d only lost 50 mls of blood.”

Dr Mooney said it was “a freak accident”, Ms Mempin recounted.

Dr Mooney did not reply to Fairfax Media’s request for comment. Strathfield Private HOspital has commenced an investigation, a spokesperson for the hospital said.

A spokesperson for Concord Hospital said the matter had been referred to the Coroner and that “a root cause analysis investigation will be conducted by Sydney Local Health District.”

“For privacy reasons, we are unable to comment further but wish to extend our deepest condolences to the family at this distressing time,” said the spokesperson.



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