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hello everyone my name is Rui Gomes from Portugal I'm 33 years old. I as a child had an atrophy in a right lower leg muscle that was smaller than the left one! I've always done sports and bodybuilding and I've never been able to make muscle grow. I did not feel good about myself and I decided to research and perform calf implant surgery! I had in several clinics, unfortunately the clinic I wanted was more expensive and it took a long time to have the operation! so I decided another cheaper one and with less waiting time so in the summer I was ready to show my new leg (big mistake) I then checked the operation and my doctor said it would be very easy and everything would be okay! I was operated on and the next day I went home! I stayed at home a week with aches and could not get up! One week later I went to my doctor with a very bad leg and my doctor said it was normal !! Last 1 month the same thing !! always every week I went to the doctor already with fear that something goes wrong and doctor saying to me to be calm and to force the walk and I to say that I could not that it had very swollen and with pain, walk was impossible. I then searched the net and found that it could be a thrombosis (my doctor thought it was a joke). Then I went to another doctor where he told me to do an ECCO DOPPLER result deep vain trombosis and to find out that if i follow my doctor advice maby im death! This was done in 2015 and my life has changed for the worse! I'm limited I can not drive more than an hour without elastic stockings! in summer I am always with an swollen blue leg I had hospitalized to take injections and xarelto20.  my life has changed for the worse. this 2 pictures are from my Leg now after almost 3 years Now in winter!! in summer or if i walk alot always SWOLLEN.





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